Accelerated Financial Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Accelerated Financial Solutions / scam - something was bought with partial information of mine and it was linked to me

Apr 25, 2018

I was told that a wireless phone iPhone 8 was purchased from K & V Wireless and that I owe 1170.00. However, when this claim was originally placed, it occurred before the iPhone 8 was even sold. This collection debt is old and was suppose to be removed. I went to the Police about thi...

Accelerated Financial Solutions / phone call harassment from representatives

Feb 27, 2018

I made an online inquiry about their financial services. I have changed my mind since then as it was a while ago that I made the inquiry. I am constantly being harassed with phone calls by their representatives Anthony and Eric. I'm not even sure if those names are real because their...

Accelerated Financial Solutions / Collection agency


This agency called my mother and disclosed an alleged debt to her. Next they refuse all my written requests of FDCPA validation and FCRA 623 inquiries. Next every time I dispute with the CRA's they verify the information as accurate. Anyone ever deal with this CA ????