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5/9/2022 Panola Rd I ordered from the drive-thru and it was a not a busy night but still a long wait over 10minutes for them to acknowledge I was ready to order and still another 10minutes once i placed the order. I paid for the order, and I asked for strawberry jelly and the cashier handed me the bag. So, I opened the bag to check it (you got to check the bag these days) And for sure items missing. So, I sat at the window patiently finally the same cashier (young girl) came opens the window and said what's wrong? I told her the sides are missing. She said ok and turned to tell someone behind her and she closed the window. She came back to the window and handed me 1 container, and I grabbed the container and went to look at the item and looked back at her and she closed the window. As, I looked down at the item it was not what I had ordered .. this was mac & cheese and mine was cole slaw and mashed potatoes w/gravy. So, she finally comes back to the window and was like now what's the problem. I told her 1st of all this is not what I ordered and I wanted to speak w/a manager. So, she was trying to argue w/me and I again told her to just get me the manager because I was tired of them always 4getting items and I wanted what I paid for and not what they wanted to give me. She was still arguing and said you had 1 side in the bag and I said again just get me the manager. That's when some other lady walks to the window and said what's the problem and I asked her was she the manager, and she sd you got the side already what else do you want (very rude) I asked her again was she the manager and she asked me why was I making that face. I said just your not the manager and she said finally no I'm a worker. I said well, you can't help me. She was very rude and the manager walks up said her name is Vicke, I told Vickie/Mgr that I was very upset w/all this back and forward wthose 2 workers and I had paid for sides and still not getting what I paid for. And again the other worker yelling that she had put 1 side in the bag. So, I told the manager Vickie, regardless if that is so, why would that worker put 1 side in the bag when she know it was suppose 2 be 2 sides. Seems like a whole lot of making up going on and I wasn't going 2 put up w/all this. Now the cashier is back at the window w/the mgr and she is back yelling. I told her that she gave me the bag she sd she wasn't responsible for what is or not in the bag I told her neither was I. So, she sd that I was the one that was rude because I kept saying my items are missing and she keeps giving me the wrong sides. I told her that she could check the bag before handing through window she didn't like that. Then she wanted to talk about me and my hair and that's when her manager told her to step away from the window and was help guide her away and she told the manager not to put her hands on her. These folks are 2 much. I told them I will come inside. Once I made it inside the so-called worker yelling out from behind the fryer area at me as I was explaining to Vickie/Mgr again everything that happened. I told the worker that I was recording and she sd she didn't care and didn't care who I was going to report it to, even if it was Jesus. Now, this just show you the mentality of the people in this location. Finally, Mgr /Vicikie gv me the side items I paid for, and I left.

Crazy part is when I got home, I was still missing something. A 2nd biscuit, she gave me grape jelly and I asked for strawberry. I'm just drained from this whole experience

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