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Popeyes Chicken Complaints & Reviews

Popeyes Chicken / Inventory shortage

Valmitzy on Feb 21, 2017
I visited Popeyes-Boiling Springs SC on 2/11/17 (approx. 6 pm) & on 2/12/17 (approx. 1:30 pm), both dates I ordered corn on the cobb & 1 gal. lemonade. On both dates I was informed that they were out of these items & wouldn't have either until their truck delivered. Then I visited on...

Popeyes Chicken / Product

Pamela Marsh on Feb 17, 2017
Came to the Popeye's on 166 Dash 24 Hillside Avenue at 1 o'clock. There was no chicken it not one piece and every food product was old. This particular Popeyes lacks professional and product knowledge they also have horrible customer service a real disappointment for this chain. Popeyes number for 4550. The only thing good is at the store is clean.

Popeyes Chicken / Service

Erin1982 on Feb 12, 2017
So today I went into the drive thru today. On Broadway in Garland tx. The drive through person already had a mild attitude because I asked today's special because this particular one doesn't show it. Then he had the nerve to cut me off when I asked another question And said just drive...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken burnt and dried/old

Ayumi Akiyama on Feb 12, 2017
I waited for this meal for 20-30mins the restaurant was not busy. I had to pay $21.46 for 10 pieces of chicken that's all brunt and dried out is totally ridiculous.I asked for spicy chicken instead I got dried/brunt chicken.It's located inToronto, Ontario(Canada)Telephone 416-530-0123Store...

Popeyes Chicken / The material

Natalie Gates on Feb 4, 2017
I visited the union city Popeyes on a Wednesday night for lunch. I watched one of the employees dropped a piece of chicken on the floor, pick it up the chicken breast and placed the chicken breast in the brasket with the rest of the chicken. This event took place in the Union city, GA...

Popeyes / Popeyes

Ungeller Bright on Jan 20, 2017
This was in Gramercy LA !!!Look I went to Popeye chicken place 5nites ago ND we had had order a 3piece meal two of them ND a 2piece meal without the drinks...Well we had to wait like 45 mins for our meal ND when they did give it we still had to wait cause they had pick or jump over us..So...

Popeyes Chicken / The food and the employee

JoS1981 on Jan 20, 2017
I went today (01-20-2017) to purchase the 12 piece chicken @ 104-13 Lefferts Blvd South Richmond Hill NY 11419? I place my order got my chicken open the box at the counter to see my chicken. The chicken pieces was so freaking small like the legs and the wing the breast was just mostly bone...

Popeyes Chicken / Workers and managers

Drew413 on Jan 18, 2017
I'm a employee with all I'm not disclosing my name due to situations at work place.. I have been with all almost 2 years now. I love working at the popeyes Louisiana chicken on Rogers av in fort Smith Arkansas. . I have the ran into issues.. I been noticing inappropriate behavior going...

Popeyes Chicken / Service

Cwfike on Jan 9, 2017
Incident at Store # 11798. Phone 423 386 5982. 6105 ringgold road east ridge TN. At 3:25 on 7 Jan 2017. I was screamed at and called racist names by afro-American employee at my car when I ask her what they were going to do about shorting me 4 biscuits the last time I was at Popeyes. My...

Popeyes Chicken / Customer service

Vitagirl33 on Jan 7, 2017
Very rude. No customer service skills. Came in ordered got our food. The rude girl at front counter didn't give us condiments we had to keep going to counter and asking and she got an attitude because we did have to keep asking i'm sorry if you don't want to do your dam job...

Popeyes Chicken / Wrong order given

Kina King on Jan 5, 2017
Went thru the drive thru at division and burton st in grand rapids michigan. I asked for cajun fish po-boy sandwich and I received a po-boy shrimp sandwich. They asked me to return the sandwich in severe weather so I asked for a manager. Janisa the manager told me there wasn't anything she...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken

Karen Bland on Jan 3, 2017
I ordered a 2 piece white meat chicken meal with 1 side (Fries). When I got back to work 4 minutes later, the fries were cold and the wing that came with the meal was spoiled chicken. Good thing I did not bite into it. I broke the wing away from the drumette and the inside was a disgusting...

Popeyes Chicken / Chicken

corbin washington on Dec 28, 2016
Gm lenel at starting and essen tried fight me in front of customer after he keep saying he slept whit my brother that mess up because he work at popeye's I quit because of all was saying at work after gm lenel telling everyone he slept whit my bro I told my bro at end of day that's my bro...

Popeyes Chicken / Uncooked food

Anonymous2oo on Dec 28, 2016
Today - 12/28/16 at 3 pm, I stopped into popeye's chicken located at 1959 w. Howard street (Chicago, il) to grab lunch. Upon entering the establishment a customer was complaining about how long she had been waiting for her order, while an employee was also dealing with another customer in...

Popeyes Chicken / Service

Sxb on Dec 27, 2016
My family and I went to popeyes in orleans, ontario canada and after waiting over ten minutes while the employees were fooling around behind the counter I was told it would be another 15 minutes before our chicken would be cooked. I also witnessed them giving a man the wrong order, the man...

Popeyes Chicken / Employs felons

jason.unknown@aol.com on Dec 12, 2016
I went to there location in Victorville Ca off of Bear Valley and saw a person who is a training manager that I know for a fact was arrested placed on felony probation and just recently got off for stolen checks and identify fraud, Her name is Kayla. She also has been arrested for battery...

Popeyes Chicken / Store #11504

Tony R on Nov 7, 2016
All, I visited your store in Pflugerville Texas after church on Sunday November 6th 2016. First my family order of chicken strips took over 45 minutes to complete. This was after waiting the drive thou line for over 5 minutes first, then walking into the restaurant to make my order. I...

Popeyes Chicken / Unethical behaviour

lilsgonz on Nov 2, 2016
10/30/16 so I visited a Popeye's joint in Seffner Florida, that is in the TA gas station and as I was ordering food a cook walked out to get a drink I noticed a very foul odor to me it smelled like pot. i'm not sure if that is allowed but I think its unfit and not appropriate for a family...

Popeyes Chicken / Service

33KSF on Oct 25, 2016
On several occasions I have gone to the Popeyes on Tower and Green Valley Ranch BLVD in Aurora CO and have been treated very poorly. The customer service is horrible and when you ask to speak to the manager you understand why. Customer service trickles down hill. If you have rude...

Popeyes Chicken / Food and manager (Chris) - who says he is also the owner

Angelag1 on Oct 2, 2016
Popeye's Restaurant, store #7336, Sale number 409101, Sunday October. 2, 2016 @6:23 PM. Order number 401. I am requesting a refund of $11. 00 I placed an order for one $5 box that was missing my side of Cajun fries, and 6 whole wings that were suppose to be spicy but were cold and mild. I...

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