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Resolved chicken was not fully cooked

I brought chicken from popeyes there 2 - days ago and the chicken was not cooked preoperly it was half done amd I got sick and thrw up I did not go to the hospital because I love pop eyes and eat there ball the time. All I want is my money back. I bought two ten piecies at broadway and myrle in brooklyn

Resolved shift manager very rude

I arrived at popeye's at approx 1:45 pm and went inside to get food to go, I had ordered the promotional...

Resolved bad service

We placed an order at the drive thru which should have been our first clue just to leave. It took u...

Resolved should be closed

I have tried, lord knows i've tried to be patient and understanding. But even though I always get lousy service and sometimes lousy food, I still go back to popeye's and "give them one more chance" to do it right. Once again I went to a popeye's chicken store in shreveport, la and got the same crappy service and lousy food. When will I learn???

Well, now i've had enough. I really wish there were a way to "purchase" this corporation so I could personally fire every single employee that works for any of the stores nationwide. Most of them need to be shuttered and sell the assets. This would be for the overall good of the brand identity. The recipe for their chicken is wonderful, and their sides are really great too. The big problem is with attitudes. The attitudes you get in the store (From apathy to downright disrespect) is largely a result/reflection of management. This applies from corporate management all the way down to the store level. I know that you get what you pay for so when you pay minimum wage salaries you get minimum wage work ethics or worse. There is an inherent problem with the work force available to this restaurant chain apparently. I see employees more interested in talking on their cell phones or visiting non-stop with their "friends" that are ever-present at the side of the counter (Yes you've seen them, right?). So maybe, as others have opined on various complaint board websites, i've really walked into a crack house. I wonder what could be so all consuming that would require a "friend" to hang out with you each and every day while you are "at work". And since when is it appropriate to wear your bluetooth device while working. Where is management? Are they even on the premises? I've heard of a time a long time ago where a store actually had a manager that wasn't trying to run a pimp house at the same time but I think that was actually an urban legend and is not to be believed.

What would convince a franchisee to buy into this system is beyond me. I assume that maybe i'm missing out on the absolute best investment franchise in history because if you can open a store in this economy, offer this type of lousy service, trash a wonderful chicken recipe, and still make a profit, then sign me up. Just imagine the millions i'll rake in by simply hiring and managing a few people who actually care about doing their job and not scoring a meth or crack sale. I've managed many, many employees over the years and I know that while there are certainly occasional unexpected challenges to be faced, most situations can be handled by utilizing "active management" techniques. The management of today is actually just another employee behind the counter schlepping fries or doing other job functions that should be covered by an hourly employee. I am a firm believer, and it has been proven time after time that managers should manage, workers should work. There is a reason why baseball doesn't have player/managers any longer, football coaches don't suit up and play, military generals don't take up arms. You cannot manage or lead others if you are up to your ears in doing menial work. You cannot anticipate the problems before they arise, you cannot hear the improper interactions with you paying customer, you cannot see that an employee is having a difficult time and needs additional training or instruction.In order to lead you have to be able to step back and observe. Like a great conductor leads and directs the orchestra when he hears something he doesn't like, you must direct the action, you monitor problem areas and take action to correct issues and most certainly in today's hyper-competitive market, when problems arise, you engage in customer satisfaction (I. E. Damage control).

It is sad actually to see apathetic kids trying to impersonate a person who actually cares. They ask for the job and eagerly nod their heads, promising to be the best popeye's employee ever, saying anything to get the job knowing full well that they'll settle in to the same routine that their friends told them about before they even applied for this "job". But then again, the manager conducting the interview also knew full well what the end results would be. They came from this same environment. They too are simply "working the system".

Alas, if only I had the ability to purchase this corporation, I would be the absolute king of fried chicken. All of the ingredients are already there except the proper people to do the job.

Resolved employee

I have been to popeyes on Thinderbird and 83rd ave several times to see illegal activity going on with...

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Resolved awful customer service

We visited Popeye's in the Providence Place Mall--Providence, RI on Th. 12/17/09 at 4:45. The girl at the counter was far removed from greeting customers in a friendly manner. She was in a slouched position, looking sideways--no greeting whatsoever. After being greeted in this manner, I said, "Are You Here?" She barely responded to me--took our order in rote fashion--didn't set it up for takeout as requested-- in addition the second side was missing. In general, the experience was miserable. With all of the people out of work these days, it would be good to have better representation of Popeye's and the services available to your customers. We are not frequent fast food buyers, but customer service elsewhere is far superior.

  • Ja
    Jamil Rhodes Apr 09, 2010

    I purchased a 3peice breast and 2 large Redbeans no rice my total was around 16.00 dollars for my food when I got home my food was old and cold I called and asked the manager for a replacement meal the person I talked to told me he was a manager but after hearing my complaint he said he was not a manager and there was not one avalible so for almost a week I finally spoke with a manager named Shawn she apologized promising to replace my 3 breast and sides when I went there she didnt do what she said instead gave me a wing, thigh, and drumstick without replacing the sides her response was
    there wasn't anything wrong with your sides sir because I had no receipt but remember its been a week later and she already said no problem she'd replace the whole order still leaving my unsatisfied

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Resolved cold & bad food

Goodevening, My name is Steve wise, today, December 16th 2017, my wife & i order food from the Popeyes in...

Resolved pathetic service at drive through window

I visited popeyes chicken at 350 hwy @ raytown road on today and I sat at the menu in the drive through after being acknowledged and told she'd be with me in a moment. Ten minutes later i'm still waiting for someone to take my order. The drive through is horrible at this location as once you've entered and reached the speaker to place your order you cannot get out of the line until you've driven completely around the building past the window to pay. I drove on through with the intent of just leaving without placing an order as at this point I no longer wanted to patronize the restaurant. I drove around to find another customer at the window with what appeared to be a complaint as well. I sat behind that vehicle for exactly 23 minutes before the car pulled off but it didn't leave the establishment it just pulled out far enough that I could get out. I stopped at the window to voice my complaint with the fact that I sat in that line for a total of 33 min not to have ever been afforded the opportunity to even place an order nor could I leave. I believe that any customer at that window should be asked to pull up or come inside if they are unable to resolve a dispute in a reasonable timeframe. 33 min in a fast food drive through window is utterly ridiculous and I plan not to go back again, especially since my last visit about a week ago was not good either. I ordered a wing combo and the menu stated it's price as $5.99 but I was charged nearly $8 as the gentlemen working the window disagreed with me telling him the price of that meal. He finally spoke with a manager who clarified that indeed the price on the menu was correct and instead of refunding me the price difference they offered me a larger drink. I just want someone to look into how this store is being operated as popeyes is losing business at this location due to the mis-management of the restaurant.

Resolved bad service

after working a 6 day week and not getting home untill 6:30 on saturday from work i decided to order popeyes chicken for dinner, for my family. I ordered the food and after an hour called to see where it was. They said the delivery guy left 15 minutes ago, i only live 5 minutes away. so after another 20 minutes the food arrived... when i checked the food it was cold as ice, and they forgot to give me my shrimp that i ordered... When i called them the girl said that she packed the shrimp herself and to check again... that pissed me off even more because i already checked and a box of shrimp could not just disapper, any ways i told her my food was cold and she said that the delivery guys do not speak english and they had alot of complaints, she said the shrimp was on the way, another hour passed no shrimp, i phoned she said that there was a miss comunication and she thought i did not want it and they were gonna give me a free one next time i ordered ... now how is it free when i paid for it and still never got it.. well i wanted to speak to the manager, she said he would be in tomorrow i said okay missed him on sunday because he was attending a popeyes chicken meeting... i guess they really thought i was stupid bottom line there giving me 8 peices of chicken and free shrimp... i never want to order from them again... and by the way how is it free shrimp when i paid for it and still did not get it ..., ...

  • Md
    mdntrbaa Sep 28, 2011

    popeyes has the worst service ever, i expect to expect the same specials from any of the popeyes, then im told im not cuz they are ind. owned, thats not my concern, i want what the other popeyes is offering. then the 8.00 an hour worker blocks me from calling the store, sorry, im taking this all the way too the top

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Resolved th chicken

Isent my daughter to get me a three piece, dark meat meal with a red beans and rice side, I also asked her to make sure they were all thighs. She did as I asked but what she brought back was not three thighs, wht she brought back instead was three pieces of thighs that had been cut in half and sold as full pieces of chicken, THATS CALLED STEALING, I want my money back and please believe that the next complaint letter I write will be to the BBB. If you guys can't afford to be in business without stealing from your customer, you should close up shop. Stealing from your customer is never the answer, perhaps you guys should try installing some good business practices into your corporation and training your staff on how to make ends meet. Stealing from your customers will only result in loss of business and possibly a class action suit. I am a restaurant owner in Southfield Mi., and more than that, I am a decent human being with the common sense to know that the people who pay my bills, (the customers), are not stupid, they know what food is supposed to look like, and I also know that anybody dissatisfied with my product can and will spread the word quickly.Popeyes have been around for a long time, maybe you think you can do anything you want to your customers and they will continue to patronize you. Well I am one of those people who want exactly what I paid for and I am not just a stupid, blind consumer who will except anything. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Please know that I will never shop at another Popeyes again, I will complain until I get satisfaction, I will let everyone I know about what the Popeyes Corporation is allowing to happen, and I will inform the Better Business Bureau of your activities. If you would like to respond to this letter, my name is Renitta Wicker and my email is [protected]

Resolved service

Went up the counter to order, the girl behind the counter does not say Hi, just looks at me and does not say a word... After a minute or two of just looking at each other I ask about the combos and she just points to the menu and does the same after I ask what side orders they offer. I ask for two sides then she tells me it only comes with one. Gives me my total and that was it, not a thank you or enjoy your meal. I paid almost 9 dollars for 2 little wings and a breast and a side, what a rip off. I was amazed to see that this young lady with no guest service skills was a manager in training, WOW! Won't be long before they close the doors on this one.

  • Mk
    M Kovac Sep 03, 2009

    Ordered 8 piece dinner. Side was large mashed potatoes and gravy. When order arrives we don't have any utensils given to us. Had to go back and ask for them. Also not given a container to put our mashed potatoes on to eat. Went back again and we were given small boxes to eat from. Totally unacceptable. Went back again and insisted on individual serving cups. Derek who waited on us needs to be taught how to deliver your product, and the utensils that go with it. Extremely disappointed with Popeyes'

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  • Ch
    Christiansaved32 Sep 21, 2010

    This complaint is about not receiving customer satisfaction or a receipt with purchase. The incident happened at store #192 in Atlanta Ga. I understand employees not being happy while at work however, people need to remain courteous and professional while in uniform in front of customers. This incident took place on September 10, 2010 around 10 am. I decided to place my order at the drive thru window. I placed my order and the sales associate failed to give me a receipt. I noticed and gave her a second chance to reply. She replies with attitude and an strong neck roll of anger stating that store 192 has not been passing out receipts for the past week because all of the machines have been broken. I decided to ask for her name and store number . I even pulled over and parked so she could give me her name. As an valued customer I believe in Total Customer Satisfaction. Popeye's Restaurant is a huge franchise that makes enough profit to keep each store running properly and effectively. I also believe management should really start paying attention to their inventory, cash flow, and profit sales. I have field a complaint by calling the 1800 number however I have not received closure, apology, gift card nothing!

    This is for F.Y.I Purposes,

    not satisfied customer

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  • Va
    vascuk Jan 04, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband & I just went to Popeyes and the cashier was very unprofessional, without a personality at all. We waited 20 minutes for our food and the place was not even busy. It was the dirtest place I have ever been to and the chicken was old and they did not have any coleslaw. I don't understand what's happening in the food industry but find this a lot in the fastfood business where the workers are very unprofessional and lazy! I wish I knew how to offically complain and actually see a difference and postitve changes in how this Popeyes is run. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to hire people with respect for the customers and to keep a place clean!

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Resolved fraud

April 22nd 2009 Popeye's advertised 8pc chicken for $4.99. I went there after work and as expected everyone and their mother were there to take advantage of this offer. There was a Popeye employee outside taking names of customers who were unable to receive their orders because they had run out. We were told by the young lady taking our names that we have to redeem our orders within one week. We were asked if we wanted one or two boxes. I said two. I called Popeyes on Sunday 04/26/2009 to verify they would honor their raincheck. I planned on using it today since I had invited company over and had planned to supply company with 16 pcs of Popeyes chicken. I was told by the mgr that corporate office has to program their computers or registers so that they will ring up orders at the $4.99 price and that we can only redeem the orders on Tuesday. This is a lot of baloney. Anyone with a bit of common sense would have expected a turn-out like they had when you offer a deal that they advertised and should have had a contingency plan prepared knowing that possibly these stores may run out of product. Popeys as far as I'm concerned used false advertising, they did not honor their rainchecks as I was told by one of their own employees that we would have to redeem our chicken within one week. I wish they would honor their rain check per the info given by their employee. Not everyone is available to run down to their store this Tuesday.

Resolved scam alert

I visited your store at 2710 lee blvd on june 8 2009 at 5:23 pm in le high acres florida. I drove a half of an hour to get chicken for my families dinner because of the wonderful chicken you make. But was very upset to find there was no chicken to buy until late that night after 10:00 pm when the truck came in. The kids working were very sorry but what kind of mangement does not have chicken at dinner time to sell? I live in toledo ohio and was visiting my daughter and family and rave about your chicken. I just think thats poor mangement for a chicken place to be out of chicken at dinner time when there the most busy, don't you? What a incovenience for me!!

  • Wp
    Wpayton5599 Mar 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My God!! You drove a half hour just to get Popeye's chicken?? Wasn't there an old tire nearby that your family could share? J/K...That is bad that they didn't have any chicken...They can't really call themselves Popeye's Chicken now can they!

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Resolved employees with attitude

I went get dinners for my employees today 8/5/09 I had ordered a 8 pc meal with an order of fries. Well when...

Resolved poor service/wrong order

I passed two other chicken establishments to go to Popeyes because I wanted spicy chicken. I went through the drive-thru and had to tell the person three times what I wanted to order. When I got to the window, I had to tell her again twice what my order was. She then said they were out of spicy and did I want to wait. I said I would wait, so I paid and she said pull around front and they would bring it out. They brought out my food and I took it home without checking the order. Needless to say, they had my husbands order wrong. This particular restaurant has bad service which is why we very seldom go there, and after today, I probably won't go back. Are two simple dinner orders that hard to understand? And where do you find such stupid employees?

  • Un
    Unhappy Musline Customer Aug 04, 2009

    I am a muslim and eat halal meat. However, I whole heartedly agree that some of the Popeyes chicken outlets have the worst customer service one can imagine.

    Since these are franchise outlets and the outlets are run by the owner and mostly by the family members of the owner, the team does not have any regards for cusomer service. Bad mouth, poor attitude, slow service and wrong orders are normal.

    I had a personal experience with the popeye outlet on Matheson near Heartland Town center in Mississauga. I ordered chicken and the girl on the register continued to enter wrong order and i had to repeatedly correct her. She got annoyed and retaliated by stating that she knows what she is doing and does not need advise. The order was entered and took what i ordered home to find that biscuits and fries were missing. I went back to the store and spoke to the supervisor on duty who dumped the two items on the counter and commented "When people want more they come back with complaints". The same girl on the register also started shouting. The complaint was filed with the head office, who responded that since these are franchise outlets there is not much they can do.

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  • Hh
    Hharryoo Jun 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went to drive up order a 3 piece dinner with red beans I did not get the beans could not go back at that time when I call they said that my name will be put in a book so I will have a problem 3 days later I went to get the beans my name was not in the books I have to wait 30 min they make feel like I was trying to steal a side of beans I just wanted what I paid for I left I do not play does type of games I never got what I paid for I did not wanted chicken and biscuit or beans 3 days later I wanted a 3 piece dinner with red beans at the same not 3 days apart.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Howard Jun 03, 2016

    Went to Popeyes Chicken yesterday order sweet tea and the sweet tea had a awful smell. I want my money back. The expire date had 0613.

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Resolved wrong order

My name is carla moye. I have a complaint from friday, june 19, 2009 when my mother and I stopped by popeye...

Resolved very disgusted

I visited your new location on a friday night about 900pm. The restaurant was a mess and when I asked for...

Resolved terrible place

I have been to this Popeye's location a few times, but lately the service has gotten worst and worst. During the Holidays, my husband and I went through the drive-thru and placed a large order. When we got to the window it was a young african american male asking us to just give him a certain amount of money and we could get the food. Meaning that he was giving us our order for a lower price which was about $20 dollars less. We thought that he had lost his mind and we paid our normal price. After this, we have been to the inside dinning area to eat-in and both times we have had to wait for about 30 min. for our food and we kept seeing other people getting their orders. We did not say anything until last night. We were a total of 11 people, 4 adults and 7 children. We went to this same Popeye's simply because is the closest to my house that is open late and we arrived at around 8:15pm to this place. We placed 2 separate orders which mine had the 16 piece meal with sides and some other things. When we arrived, the trays of chicken were full. The young lady who took my order continued to take other orders and I stood by the counter for about 10min, then I sat down and my husband stood there. I realized that since we had placed our order not one item was put on a tray to start our order, but I saw other people getting their orders and leaving. Lastly, after a good 30 min. my husband calls me to the counter and tells me that the young lady told him that there was no more chicken and what was on the trays was all there was...

I got so mad at the fact that we waited for so long and these people saw us the whole time waiting for our food and not one time told us about this situation and mind you that the trays of chicken were full when we got there and all the people that were getting their food before us that had left already. I feel discriminated big time because even the girl that served us had a smirk on her face the whole time as if this was so funny and not one time I heard an apology or any concerns. Something needs to be done about this!!!

  • Ca
    carol wooten Apr 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently went to popeyes drive-thru used my debtit card and got charged twice! I just happened to check my bank account and caught it. when I call the restraunt, they denied it! No "I sorry" nothing! That is the last time for Popeyes. I dont want to check my bank everytime I go there.

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  • Lc
    lcbranch711 Aug 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Terrible place is not the word, if you wants to be disrespect and get treated like dirt, work for Popeye's Restaurant, Popeye's managers treats their shift manager and crew members like a piece of crap, I would not advice any one to work with Popeye's Restaurant if they want their dignity.

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Resolved false advertisement

I went yesterday to avail for thier promo.. 8pcs chicken for $4.99.In the drive thru theres a note that the...

Resolved rudeness to customers

An advertisement was presented on local as well as national TV stations announcing a special of 8 pieces of mixed chicken for $4.99 in honor of administrative professionals day on 04/22/2009.

Upon my "attempted" patronage to the Rayville, LA Popeye's to participate in this wonderful deal, I was met with rudeness and curtness the likeness I have never experienced before. This particular franchise chose not to honor this deal - which I can respect however; upon my asking why, I was met with hostility and rudeness by a couple of the staff that frankly baffled me. A simple courteous answer explaining that the owners have the option of honoring any specials or not the franchise may offer would have be sufficient and I would have been satisfied and ordered my chicken at the regular price. However, it was not presented as such and confirms with me that good customer service is something of the past.

Based on the treatment I received, I choose not to patronage this particular Popeye's ever again and will seriously think about going to other Popeye's in the future. A business of this nature should recognize that repeat customer satisfaction is a necessity if they expect to continue to be in business.