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This is very important information for all PNC Bank customers!! Listen up...
I am recently a PNC Bank customer, of course right after National City became PNC a few months ago. Well on August 3, 2010 I checked my account online then to come realize that I had a balance of negative 2, 599.00 dollars on my account!!! I was totally chocked because 2 days before that I had only $11.00 in there and of course I would have never made out a check towards that amount. So right away I viewed the of the check scanned and it was a PNC check with a total fake signature that did not belong to me!... So I call the bank right away to have them check out my account and tell them that I never in my life authorized a check for that amount and that the check was totally fake, because I have never even received PNC checks at all since I still have National City checks in my possession. Not only that but this check had the wrong information with out the new PNC account...
After I get out of work I got to my PNC branch and make another dispute and show the printed copy of the processed check and tell them to solve the fraud going on my account. The banker told me that I will receive a letter in the mail that I will have to send back and that it will take 10 days from that day. So the next day I checked my account again and I see that the bank gave a credit for that fraudulent check so my account was not negative anymore... but wait a minute right above that I see another check posted for the same amount, $2, 599.00 dollars out of the account making it negative again! After this other one went threw and actually posted one more time and then again I only had $11.00 on my account! WOW... I called the bank one more time and went in there again that day, but again all they can do is wait for the investigation to go threw, but other than that I did not understand why PNC was still letting these people cash fake checks for so much money when the available funds were only as little as $11.00 dollars. Before anything else happened I asked the bank for an affidavit that the police station needed for me to go ahead and file a full complaint towards this situation. But the bank tells me that they can't give that paper because of their recent bank change and blah blah blah... So there I was waiting for something to be resolved, without no right for an affidavit to make a police report and exposing myself to more fraud. I could not believe that the bank will actually let this happen, but other than that let their employees get away with stuff like this, because I never lost my information... this had to be an action from one of the PNC bank employees or someone with great power working for this company.

Today is August 19, 2010 and I waited with much patience and finally yesterday I spoke to a person from the corporate office in the fraud department that told me that the person who is handling the investigation for my case is currently in vacation but that it was OK now for me to go and close the account and to get the affidavit from the very same branch where I asked the very first time if I can get it and never provided to me. So my total purpose for this is to have everyone be careful with all Banks or should I say PNC bank... This is a situation to be concerned about and to start realizing that there is people within the same bank trying to get away with serious things like making fake scanned checks and approving them. I am still going to the police and I will point out that they should investigate the very own bank and all the movements inside of it, because they might be the ones trying to steal from their very same customers.


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    casper989 Dec 18, 2010

    I just wanted to explain a couple things that I hope will help you understand the check process. First, a check for any amount may post to your account no matter how much money you have available. This however does not mean it has been or will be paid to the bank the check was deposited to. Such as in your case. The check posted to your account on the 1st day, the nsf system decisions the item to pay or return depending on funds or nsf points on the second day, and on the 3rd day, if the funds were not available, the check is returned and the credit posted back to your account. During this time, the bank where the check was deposited to has those funds on Hold until they receive the funds from your bank...which they wouldn't have. While on Hold, the owner of that account can't touch a dime of it because there never where any funds. This is why when you deposit a check it takes a couple of days to clear, sooner if the check deposited is from the same back only. Second, check fraud is unfortunately very common. It's easier than most think to have your bank info stolen. Remember...every check you write has your routing & account number right on it. So, let's say you write a $10.00 check to a supermarket or to Walmart...well now the cashier/store employee has access to your bank account information. And printing counterfeit checks is even easier. You can go to any office supply store and buy them. They take these checks and with a home computer, print any info / account numbers they want on them.
    I don't think a bank employee would have done this to you. I mean, they have access to view accounts that have thousands or even millions, so it would make more sense to use an account that you know will pay out, right?

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