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PNC Bankcrooks


After veiwing my account and reilized my account has been over drawn a neg ballance of - 340.00 was on this account when a availble ballance of 440.00 shold have been in the account...These charges are up to 1000.00 a week later because of overdraft charge... The overdraft protection on my account that was set up to prevent this sort of thing was not active so i find this out now I personaly went to the branch to set this up..Leaving Pnc under the impression That I now have overdraft protection...I was wrong after many endless phone calls to PNC they will not take responsibilty for there mistake...Now I was robbed 440.00 and now having to take legal action..

will keep posted on results.


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    Ave Joe Mar 25, 2010

    Pnc are just another example of American banks robbing people of their money! Cost me $36.oo for being $0.50 over drawn. Fine dose not match the crime. Its quite alright for banks to take our money to bail them out and pay them selfs huge bonuses then turn around and rip us off again! Time for all of us to make a stand on corp America! And by the (Tired of stupid) over draft is offered for a reason in case of emergencies. But your prob work for one of those crooks and are part of the problem with this country.

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    PNC SUCKS! Nov 10, 2010

    Yes, PNC bank is nothing more than thieves taking money from the general public. In the old days did they have overdraft fees? no. For example, I just spoke with a PNC rep. Because of the new legislation banning banks from charging overdraft fees on check cards, they now offer an option where the bank card is not overdrawn and the transaction is simply denied, without fee. So I asked them if there was that option on my bill pay. They said that wasn't an option of course. Or maybe setting up a warning system to let you know that a pending transaction will overdraw your account. Now thats a real service. These guys need to be hung, and hung high.

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    Gesia Rosenberg Dec 27, 2011

    I have also found the PNC Bank ib Scranton. Pa to be extremely crooked. Also very bad costumer service and also being crooked purposely. The PNC Bank in Scranton, Pa had their ATM machine broken for two month and they still had it available to the public. A month ago I went to take my money out of their ATM with my EPPI card. I was in a rush so I took a certain amount of money out and left. When I got home I was missing my EPPI card. I called the bank next day they refused to open the Box to see if my card was there. They told me they would not open the box until 3:30 that afternoon. Later they told me my card wasn't there. This month I went back to this ATM with the suspicion that it had taken my card the previous month. I was right. The Scranton PNC Bank ATM took my card before the transaction was finished.Next morning I went there and the same story. They knew the ATM was broken. They said they had fix it that morning . They refused to give me my card back. They told me they only give back PMC cards! They got to be kidding. Then the head honcho (A woman who is as rude as hell) told me a different version. Well the ATM shredded your card. Then i told her I wanted my card's remains and she refused to give them to me. I had to pay a high price twice to get my cards sent to me plus the inconvenience of not being able to get my money. The night this happened to me there where a couple of people there who had lost their cards there the same way. To who can you go with this one and complaint and stop this people from acting this way?

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    mkeleichtle May 16, 2012

    I have also recently been robbed thanks to the convenient delay between posting ACH transactions. There was a day delay between a transfer and even though it was pending I was still charged 5 $36 fees.

    I am promptly closing my account after being told they aren't going to simply rob me of $180.00 for an honest mistake with no malicious intent on my end. I would suggest everyone else do the same and find a bank that will provide better service around today's changing banking behavior with electronic payments. They provide online banking services simply so you can watch them rape your account while you have no control over the ability to move anything faster. Some common sense on the banks end would have avoided all of this.

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