For the past 4 weeks i have been having issues with losing hands to lower ones which in itself made no sense. I also noticed that after the game had ended, the log mysteriously changed to a different hand.
I have tried on multiple occassions to get the staff to examine how this was happening, but was tild the log is fool proof and my eyes were wrong. Despite my giving manes of culprits and players that witnessed these acts. One Player honestly stated he had no idea how his Full House of 666AA beat my AAA66 and was told by staff we were both confused.
You may say this is just free chips but i am out of pocket to the sum of £2000+, which as a disabled vet, looking for some online fun is a big thing despite your staff making lite of it. I am beginning to feel like i am being conned by your company, when a detailed examination of the system would show me right. I know it is a serious crime to defraud paying players and am prepared to stand up and fight for what i know is right. I also have copies of rude emails a nd screenshiots that the press would really enjoy, but i would prefer we settle this like adults.
Please examine the game and once proven right either refund my money or reinstate to stolen chips which now are over $30B, (this would be the less expence to you i'm sure), Also when a customer uses the cheating player button, do something about it please.

Kindest Regards,

Michael Copeland

Oct 06, 2019

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