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I have expressed this complaint several times to customer support at Slotomania. I hear back from your representative denying this but evidently, upper management doesn't bother to read complaints. If you take a look at my Slotomania account, you will notice as soon as I up my bet at any given time during the last several years I've played this game, I almost automatically begin losing and getting fewer bonuses. I believe Slotomania has set it up so that people can't win at higher bets. I've bought packages hoping maybe that would help me with your company, but that hasn't helped either. It's just been a huge waste of money! I'm very frustrated with this gaming site


I have been playing slotmania all day on the wild horses game. I have been collecting many pieces for the lucy game and I am not getting credit for the pieces. I just need 2 and got 6 but onlt received 1. I should have been at 50 about 15 pieces ago.
My email is email is [protected]@yahoo.com
My name is Donald R Pyle.
I would like credit for collecting all of the pieces.


Playing bingorilla and missing out on payouts due to the game freezing and having to go back out to the lobby, and back in multiple times without getting the payouts. I ignored it for a couple of days but today it's really been annoying. I'd appreciate some sort of a resolution. My grandson was lifeflighted to a trauma center for a brain injury and the days are very long. I can't keep buying coins when I should just be getting them anyhow and it's technical errors.


I had two slotomania games, each registered with a different email address so two member in my family using the same computer could have their own game. I started these games at least 10 years ago... probably much longer than that.

Suddenly when I was playing the game went crazy giving Ace slots cards continually until I stopped that. Then it started saying albums had been completed and was giving the rewards for many of those. When this ended, I learned that I had only one game and had suddenly been connected to Facebook. I never wanted my games to be connected to Facebook.

Each of the two slotomania games I had were linked to two WSOP games. Now that benefit has been taken away. I removed the game from facebook. I can still log into the game with each email but it is the same game. How can two family members play the same game?

One game had a balance of 2.9 Billion and the other game had just reached the 2 Billion mark. I need to have my games back.
All the gain I made on the games for all those years is gone.

I need these games converted back to what they were a few days ago [I don't know exactly what day this happened but less than a wee... perhaps 3 or 4 days ago]


scammers and thieves!

They banned my account for no reason, I have 3 accounts and one of them got banned, I try to recieve details about my ban 3 months already, but no result at all. I spend time and money on this account and for some shady reason I got banned. I dont understand how I use same device for 3 accounts but I got banned on 1 and I dont get any info about it. This company is total joke and theyr employees are idiots that can only send robotic messages. Imagine my frustration to try to recieve a atleast detailed information about my problem and get no answer I requested 3 months. 3 [censored]IN MONTHS!!! But when I use my card to play they take my money so fast. I want to refund but iam afraid its too late because some time had passed already. Anyway this is what I want to tell for them.

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bingo blitz

bingo blitz has been scamming us the players.
I have started a petition and I am ready to take to facebook office in London as we 've all had enough of all the scamming going on right now :
1/all bingo blitz cares about is to make a quick profit
-scamming: fraudulent behavior to make a quick profit
-promoting scam activities: to help encourage fraudulent behavior to make a quick profit.
And that is exactly what bingo blitz has been doing which is again their contract and i am asking if u could review the game, From a free game this game as turned into a paying game and even when we spend our money we get nothing we cannot win anything. been in a room playing for 2 years and still need 1 icon which is non-existent never seen it, all the chest are full of coins or powerups or food but no icons and if we do get icons in the chest it 1, 2, 3, 4.
We the players do not mind spending our money but as a player, I feel cheated by bingo blitz, and when u complain the reply is disgusted by their reply. from a free game, it has become a paying game, a total nightmare game where people like me are totally going into debts. Most of all the players are elderly people who are bored and used to enjoy bingo blitz and now it is a frustrating game that some greedy company have taken over in order to make money and not caring about us the players so i pl ask if u could look into it because as consumers have a rights too

slotomania payout my 5 star ace card 4 same card at different times

Dear person in charge,

I have been playing your clan album recently enjoying the cards and payout.

But unfortunately your card album system been repeatedly give me the same 5 star ace card without hestitate. This is totally unacceptable give me a same card for 4 times.

I hope you can rectify this problem and compensate my time and effort accordingly.
I am a working adult which time is money, please dun waste our time by giving us same card for our loyalty and my patience is running out.

And I suggest your quest must let us choose the ACE card in order for us to play.
see, fun is getting lesser and lesser.

Please act accordingly immediately.
Best Regards,
YF wan

Sloto user ID [protected]

slotomania payout my 5 star ace card 4 same card at different times


Please put the security for purchases back on my account, I'm so sick of payments going through because when you press the close x or the no thanks button the purchase gose through anyway and it takes your money, and at $70 a hit it's becoming a real joke! The First Time it happened I wrote to them through the app, I was refunded and a password was put on my account as to not receive unwanted purchases again. So why was this taken off my account? Who is responsible for this? We need to get this sorted as l like to play this game but cannot afford this stealing for my credit card by this app as it has put me in debt, and I feel I am getting to the point of contacting someone for further advice in this matter. Thanks


While playing Eastern Cash for the quest, the game got stuck on done!! It should of payed me, but because it was frozen on done, I would have to go out of the game and back in. Also, I didn't get an Ace Pack with the supposed aa4 and star cards. It is very frustrating. Also the spin where When you win coins(green semi circle and has the gift in it.


house of fun

Played the Quick Challenge on Wins O'Plenty...won 2 out of three. There was to be a payout for the wins. I got nothing on my computer. Would and can use my winnings please.
Would just like to get my credits. Spent allot of my hard earned points to win twice. Would like to get something back for my wins, as I was promised I would.

Very frustrating when you are waiting for the reward and you get nothing.


Here we go again. My wife and I both play Slotomania. On the daily challenge, one day she has to bet more, and the next, I have to bet more. We are on different levels, and the information I saw was the level contributes to how much you have to bet for most of the challenges.
The challenges are some times so ridiculous. For example, you have to collect 3, 300 club points. This couldn't be more stupid. In order to collect that much, even betting 250, 000, 000 per bet, you only gain 33 club points every 300 spins, which roughly means you have to spins 30, 000 times to get that many points. If you win an ace, which by the way is right now less than once every 600 spins, you have about a 5% chance of winning slotto club points.
Last week we had Bouncing Bunny, and you could win a multiplier during free spins. I watch as I had a 7, a 2 and a 2. The game gave me a multiplier of 4. I don't know how Playtika adds things up, but I saw that as 11, not 4. That was not the only time that happened.
Your games are inconsistent on odds of winning any part of the challenges, from how many times you get free spins to how many times you get bonuses. I am well aware of the fact that these are RANDOM chances, but the term Random mean it does not happen at exactly the same rate, but there are calculable odds, and if for example the normal rate of occurance is once every 150 spins, that is always within 20% of the average.
I am a numbers person and I have a habit of watching odds and calculating averages, so yes, I do know what they are.
I recommend Playtika STOP changing the odds dependent on whether it is an Ace game of part of a special challenge, and allow the games to play out on consistent odds.
By my calculations my wife and I have lost somewhere between 50 and 100 billion points over the past month on these issues.

I look forward to seeing how you explain all of these away with some supposedly simple resolution.

Kevin Moore


Slotomania Tech Team your all messed up! I have been trying to play Slotomania games but that darn blue circle is back, I keep getting the message there is no connection and the WORST THING is once again my coins are gone! I had over 9 billion coins and playing your newest game betting a million dollars each spin it was taking it from the billion instead of the millions! Now I'm down to 10 million and I WANT MY 9 BILLION COINS BACK ASAP! Also on the new game I was watching what numbers came up for the bingo part and I counted 5 I was supposed to get credit for and I only got credit for 1. I finally was able to buy coin's from my monthly SSD check and what did I get for it - nothing but problems AGAIN! Please fix all of this and get my coins back to me
I really don't want to report you but I will if I have to! This is getting so ridiculous!


I have had several issues with this game and had to remove and reload several times. This time it is the cards. Every time I want to go into my cards it crashes the game! I have removed and reloaded and that didn't fix the issue. It won't even load in my Apple Store when I click on it. So I can't even go in there to see what has happened. It just keeps loading. Maybe a new update is needed?

your games on slotomania

What has happened to your games on slotomania. I have played slotomania from the very beginning and right now your games are the worst they have ever been. You can spin for hours and not get any free spins or bonuses. Even the games I go to when nothing slse is hitting won't give me the time of day. I shouldn't have to buy coin packages all the time just so I can play your games. Is it to much to ask to let us have some fun for a change. Please let your players have fun again and loosen up your games. Thank You

  • Updated by Gary Minor · May 08, 2019

    What has happened to your games on slotomania. I have played slotomania from the very beginning and right now your games are the worst they have ever been. You can spin for hours and not get any free spins or bonuses. Even the games I go to when nothing slse is hitting won't give me the time of day. I shouldn't have to buy coin packages all the time just so I can play your games. Is it to much to ask to let us have some fun for a change. Please let your players have fun again and loosen up your games. Thank You

gift cards received from friends

I receive many gift cards from friends. I was under the impression that I would get coins to play with when I collected the gift cards. I never get any coins. What do I need to do to get the coins when I collect the gift cards? This just isn't right. I'm out about 1 billion coins. Do you have any advise for me or should I just quit the game entirely?


Please what is going on with your machines? They aren't paying out and took me from 4 billion to 300 million all because they aren't paying! I love playing Slotomania as I am disabled and can't go anywhere so this is my entertainment but I won't be able to play it soon as I will be out of coins and being on disability I can't afford to buy coins right now. I have tried to play other games but they are nothing like my Slotomania! Please loosen up your machines so all of us can continue to enjoy the games - please please please. I know you can do it because you can control them - Also the scatters and bonus's are few and far between if I get one at all! I played one of the game's and spun it 400 and times without 1 scatter or bonus and that's not right! I don't expect to get them all the time but once in awhile would be nice! Please help cuz I'm going through withdrawals!


Iam so tried of not getting no reply back yes I have done a lot of complaints some not so no e but my brain don't function proper so I am sorry but the dashes have gotten out of hand the amount I have to get is impossible with my daily bonus I swear its. Revenge because of complaints ty all iam asking is make it possible for me to do the dashes cause I love the game but I have lost so many ace package and 5star aces because of this and yes I understand it may because of my level but come on and by the way I have been gold now for 2years I think this is stupid I can't afford to buy packets to level up I have been a loyal player for 7years but this is really getting out of hand ty and have a nice day

vegas words

At 4:24 am 1 may 2019 I received over 48, 000, 000 in coins so I thought I would up my credit to a million coins when I started to play game there was only over 2.5 million please explain why you took the coins back after you sent them to me and give them back!!! Your game also takes too long to start and its always trying to make me purchase coins which I dont on any of the games I play on facebook!!!



User Id: [protected]
Date: 4/20/2019

I cannot collect any rewards. Please help! Also, I couldn't send a message on the FB page either.

When I tried to collect Slotomania bonus coins, my balance did not increase, and my regular bonus didn't add up either, yet I'm able to play. I tried to collect regular bonus (every 3 hours) 550, 00 coins, then bonus coins of 320, 000 million coins X2, a mystery bonus of 900, 000 coins. None of the coins added to my Slotomania bonus.

I would like to receive these coins. Thanks for your help
Sandra Bray
User ID [protected]

caesars slots

On April 27th was ripped off twice on the scratch option, i want a full refund or will be reporting fraudulent activity to credit card company by 29th, too many issues with this playtika will be reporting to better business bureau. I have contacted apple i-tunes on three occasions and they are no help whatsoever. If my credit card company refuses to intercede and get my refunds, i will end them also, they will not want to lose my business.