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3 Jan 22, 2018 Review updated:

My husband works for Planet Fitness as the trainer and ive been going to the gym for a year now and ive never really had any complaints until recently and I feel like because I'm his wife they aren't dealing with my problem. They don't seem to really care. A few months ago there is this older guy who comes to work out around 4pm everyday the same time I go. I was working out by the hip abductor and this older guy comes by me standing in front of me asking how to work machine I was on and what does it work on all the while staring at my crotch. After he realized I wasn't going to talk to him he left and my husband who was next to me told the manager and they put a note on his file and the manager had a chat with the man. Now since then hes been getting a lot more compaints from other people and hes been talked to so many times by all the staff members.

On Saturday 1.20.18 I was working out again with my husband back in the same area on a different machine and of course the same older man comes up and starts talking with me saying the had the same color hair as me when he did have hair and commented about my freckles the whole time looking at my chest!!! I didn't respond to him I was scared. When he was gonna leave he smiled at me the creepiest smile ive ever seen and said Thank you. I immediately left and told my husband and he told the assistant manager on duty and than called his manager. Nothing is being done about this and I was promised a safe environment in which EVERYONE feels COMFORTABLE working out here and that's not the case. I Specifically told them how uncomfortable I felt and nothing came of the complaint. I'm about ready to cancel my membership that is how uncomfortable I feel!!


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      Jan 22, 2018

    Do guys look? Yeah. I have no doubt it happens, but how and why might you expect a gym to address such an issue? Whereas he's not doing anything that crosses the line, I'd just accept it.

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      Jan 23, 2018

    Trust me I understand. I'm having the same issue in where one of there REGIONAL managers harassed me and I've filed multiple complaints and I'm getting no where. This man harassed me over the phone, and no one seems to care. This man was extremely vulgar and should not be working in this company. My goal is that no one has to ever be insulted like I was. I have a recorded phone call and at this point if I don't hear from corporate I am taking it straight to the news. Big Companies only tend to listen and respond when it becomes a PR crisis so maybe thats what needs to happen.

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      Jan 23, 2018

    @bm1234 Communication should always be kept respectful, even when discussing something negative.

    What exactly was said?

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