Planet Fitness Castle Hill, Bronx, New Yorktemperature was extremely hot and dangerous in the gym

C Aug 07, 2018

I went to the gym on Monday, August 6, 2018. When I arrived the temperature in the gym was extremely horrific. I thought that because there were a lot of people exercising, it could have been everyone's body heat.

Well I exercised with my teenager and my teen suddenly became ill. We went into the ladies room where the temperature in the ladies room was cooler than what the gym was. The temperature in the gym was 77 degrees. It felt like a sauna. My daughter lasted several minutes in the ladies room.

Remember, just because your clients are sweating does not mean that they are getting a good workout. In an overheated environment, they could simply be overtaxing their cardiovascular system, which can lead to dangerous physiological conditions.

We had to stop exercising due to how hot the gym was. I would appreciate it if this matter is attended to in a proper manner. I am bringing it up to headquarters. The next step would be to report it to the Department of Health.

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