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Good Morning,

My name is Mark Wandel. I have a "subscription" at the Canton Michigan location. I activated the account in January and have been charged $75 ($25 per month for months january, February, and March) and because of circumstances with my work habmvent been able to actually get in to utilize the program. I contacted the location today since I am going to be able to actually start a work out schedule now and they state that even tho I have never stopped into the establishment I owe over $100 in fees to be current for the months I didnt not use the membership. As I stated...I already paid $75 for months not used. I have no I mentions of paying more for service I never received. This cannot be the business model...but I see that it is. The paying customer that doesnt use the equipment and the establishment is valued because it's free money. Maybe more so than customers that come in to use the machines. What I would like is for planet fitness to waive the late fees and the months I have not used the service...wipe the slate clean, and allow me to move forward from this month. I'll forfeit the $75 paid already. No issue there. But this can not be the way you treat customers...this isnt a winning strategy to essentially say to a paying customer that either you pay for services you didnt use or you can not pay for future use. I am excited to hear back from you. [protected]

Desired outcome: Erase the past due and let me start my membership from july forward.