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I purchased one large pizza from Pizza Hut for $9.99. Then, Pizza Hut added a "Service Charge" of 50 cents. Then, Pizza Hut added state sales tax of $1.08, making a total of $11.57 for the entire cost of the pizza. I ordered the pizza in person at the Pizza Hut establishment and picked up the pizza personally about 20 minutes later. While I was waiting for my pizza, I noticed the 50 cent "Service charge" and asked the employee what the service charge was. She read to me a sentence about off setting California mandates that required Pizza Hut to add a "Service Charge." The employee really didn't understand what the "Service Charge" was either! To me, this added Service Charge " is an added tax on top of the California State tax, and it seems to be illegal. Let's organize a class action lawsuit against this seemingly illegal tax on top of the State Tax. I ordered and picked up the pizza myself! What "service charge" is provided to us? Consumers should be aware of this practices immediately and legal action should be initiated with what appears to be gauging the public. No other food establishment (to my knowledge) does this except for Pizza Hut. What has Pizza Hut done to explain this added cost? Who knows?

Jun 24, 2019
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  •   Jun 24, 2019

    Call and ask the manager about it. It isn’t tax, though, it’s a service charge. Tax is paid to the state and service charges are kept internally. If fifty cents bothers you so much, go elsewhere for your pizza.

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