Pizza Huttreatment at pizza hut in orange, va


On Friday night, October 20, after the football game a group of 14 of us went to Pizza Hut in Orange, VA. I went in first and the man asked if we had take out and I told him that no we were dining in. He said to take a seat and the waitress would be right with us. He asked how many and I thought it would be 10 at that time. I went the table and I heard the waitress yell "10 people: when he told her how many of us it would be. She came right over and advised us that they were closing at 11:00 (it was 10:15 at time). I asked her if she was going to make us leave right at 11:00 if we had not finished eating. She indicated that no one was allowed in the establishment after 11:00 and yes we would have to leave then. I asked if we had time to order and eat. She indicated it would depend on how many pizzas we would order -- which I understand. Then the proceeded to tell me that they begin taking everything down at 9:15 and again it would depend on how many pizzas we were going to order if they could accommodate us. It was evident from the beginning that she had no intention of serving us. You could tell from her outburst when the man told her how many of us it would be when we came in. We decided that we were not welcome there and decided to take our business to IHop in another county. At the Pizza Hut in Louisa, VA we didn't get there until 10:40 after a game the week before and they waited on us, closed the doors at 11:00 but let us finish our meal. I thought the Orange Pizza Hut would be packed since there had been a big football game, but there were only two people there. This is just my assumption, but if customers are treated like we were, I can certainly understand why it was almost empty. I realize that losing my business is of little impact to the Orange Pizza Hut and they don't need my business. However, they will not have to worry about that again. This made me appreciate the Louisa Pizza Hut more. The IHop was glad we came because the 14 of us dropped a lot of money last night and we were treated with the utmost respect. Thank you for listening to me.

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