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G Aug 07, 2018

On 8/5/18 I ordered Large Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Lovers Pizza from the new store in Locust, NC, paying $2.00 extra. When I got Home and the kids started eating and when they got to the crust there was no cheese in it. I was going to let it go as I believe complaining directly to the store would mean never going back due to the specter of revenge for complaining. So I am voicing my complaint now because I have decided that even though I believe Pizza Hut to be superior to all other chains, I will never set foot in this store again. I am so disappoint after waiting with eager anticipation for this store to open. The only other option in this rural town is Dominos and I'd rather buy frozen than go back there. I was so looking forward to my first stuffed crust pizza. Since I ordered online there should no ambiguity as to what I ordered. As for my desirable resolution, keep the $2 and train your people how to read an order.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

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