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11/1/17 approx. 8:15 pm. My daughter had gone to Pizza Hut on 10th Street in Great Bend, KS. Her boyfriend works there. Her boyfriend was on a break. After his break was over, my daughter ordered a brownie cookie. Tina Stout the shift supervisor came over to my daughter, AFTER my daughter paid for her order and yelled at my daughter to "GET OUT OF MY STORE!" My daughter told Tina Stout, that she had ordered something and would leave once she received it. Tina Stout then ordered outside and told her to wait for it. My daughter told Tina to just give her money back and she would leave. Tina told her to "GET OUT!" My daughter had a while back, worked at this Pizza Hut and was chatting with some of the wait-staff. Tina again hollered at her to "LEAVE!" My daughter then went to her car and called me. I went up to Pizza Hut to get her money back. I had to wait over 5 minutes for Tina Stout to come out to see me. Tina Stout approached me, my daughter at my side. Tina looked at my daughter and said, very hateful "Leave!" and pointed at the door. I tried to talk to Tina about what happened, she said nothing it's just that my daughter is not welcome there. My daughter is supposed to stay away from one of her employees. I explained that the boyfriend clocks out for breaks so she can't really tell him who he can/cannot see. I asked Tina Stout for the money back. Tina continued to get very belligerent with me. I again reminded her to give me the money back. She asked hatefully who I was, I told her, "The mother." Tina started walking around the store, mind you NOT one customer was there. Tina accused my daughter again of something that did not happen tonight. I again reminded her to give me her money back. Tina then yelled at me, she is the boss, she will refuse service to anyone, anytime, anywhere and if my daughter is ever seen on the premises in future she will have her arrested. I told her that was highly unlikely and to just give me the money back. I do believe I had to ask Tina for the money back at least 6 or 7 times. The last time I asked, I was then a bit agitated, and told Tina to give me the money or I was calling the police.
Tina went to the phone, dialed a number but then hung up. The whole while, Tina continued complaining outwardly and openly bad mouthing my daughter. No customers in the place, but I asked her to stop more than once. Finally, Tina Stout handed me the money, then looked at me square in the eye and yelled, "GET THE [censor] OUT OF MY STORE AND DON'T COME BACK!" I am not happy for the way this was conducted, both my daughter and I did not raise our voices to her and she totally disrespected me not even knowing who I was.


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      Nov 29, 2017

    If your daughter respects her boyfriend and his employment, she will stay away from this establishment.

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