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K Oct 16, 2018 Review updated:

Was very disgusted when I came in a bigger guy was sitting at the table in a pizza hut shirt I asked my waiter who he was and she told me he was the area coach he was spitting tobacco in a cup in front of employees and guest that was eating I thought that was very disgusting and lost my appetite he was also yelling and swearing at a worker and I didn't think that was appropriate to do in front of quest could of took it in the back all and this isn't the first time seeing it all he does is sit on his computer yelling across the store instead of getting up I have also seen him pick his butt and go over to the oven without washing his hand so unsatisfied and unsanitary and probably won't come back


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    Abbas Ali Oct 17, 2019

    just want to remind you that in abbottabad pizza hut is not going well your employees are not to the standard.and now they have done another beautiful work they invited strippers and they enjoyed for whole night.and people are not welcoming pizza hut.i do have the video evidence.

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