Pizza Hut/Rage Incformer employee mistreated

C Sep 15, 2018

I work at pizza hut currently, trying to find a complaint phone number. I've been there for almost 2 years, started out as a driver then moved up to shift leader. My district manager agreed to pay me $8.25 during my manager training, then after I got my servsafe, I would go up to $9 an hour. So I did my training, got my servsafe, passed it the first time I took it, & I didnt get my raise. I asked him after about a month, when would I get my $9 an hour, he said when you learn to keep labor down. Okay, so over the past 5 months, i've been keeping labor down & doing good & then I brought it up again because i've had my servsafe since march 2018 & he said it was up to my gm. So my gm got mad at me because I asked my district manager for my raise I was promised in the beginning. The next week, my dm comes in & says he will put my raise request in on tuesday. This was 2 months ago. Still only making $8.25 for busting my ass when i'm only given like 4 or 5 employees on my shift. Then she hired an old cooks brother, (he didnt have a servsafe or anything), she hired him to be a shift leader. She started him out at $10 an hour!! Wtf! While I have a [censored]ing servsafe & bust my ass for this cheap ass company making $8.25 you hire someone else & you start him at $10 in training?! I'm being butt[censored]ed for real. Also, we're having a hurricane right now, I live in north carolina & we are under a state of emergency for hurricane florence, & my gm is writing me up for not coming in because I had to evacuate my trailer & my town to come to my moms who was a little further north of the storm in a brick house. The roads are too bad to drive on & alot of areas are flooded. Trees in the roads, most people dont have power. But i'm expected to go to work. When I called her earlier to tell her I wasnt coming in today she started screaming at me & everybody in the house could hear her, all 15 people. & she is writing me up for not coming in during a hurricane. If anyone can help or direct me on where to go it would be much appreciated.

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    Didnt mean to put former employee, I still work there. Looking for a new job tho

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