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A Nov 16, 2017

I placed an order with pizza hut in sherman tx on wednesday night. I ordered 1 stuff crust chicken alfredo pizza with no bacon, a medium pepperoni and a medium sausage pizza. I called that night to inform the company that the pepperoni pizza was warm and tasted old as if it had not been freshly made like the other 2 pizzas. The man on the phone informed me that they would replace my pizza when needed i just had to call. So on tuesday 11/16/2017 i called in and spoke with the manager (tyler smith) and he informed me that he would not be replacing my pizza because it was almost a week. I told him about how the pizza was not satisfactory and i was told i was supposed to call and i would have my pizza. He told me it was too late and he could not replace it. I informed him that i too work in customer service and that this was not how you handle business. He then looked up my phone number and said that i never ordered a pepperoni pizza. This my me very angry because i paid over 30 bucks for this type of service. I then told tyler that i still had the boxes in the garbage if he wanted me to bring them up there i would. He then told me he believed me he simply was just not going to replace the pizza. Tyler is not what you would call a good general manager. He is not willing to compromise and was very poor at searching for a resolution. Very poor poor service in the sherman office. They could lose business if he continues to treat customers in the way that he treated me. Very unsatisfactory.

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