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R Nov 24, 2017

I ordered the large ult. Cheesy crust pizza and a large pizza. I drove 20 mins from our usual Pizza Hut because they were out of the ult. Cheesy pizza. When I went to pick up my pizza I looked at the pizzas and was not given the ult. Cheese, but a regular large. I told them this is not what I ordered and showed her my online receipt and The girl said "they didn't call you to tell you we were out" NOBODY CALLED ME. She then said well we don't have control over the computers... I drove 20mins only for this pizza that I have a receipt for and paid for! So I got my money back and took my large and cheesy bread home and to make matters worst the reg. Large wasn't filled cooked and was NASTY! We get Pizza Hut every Friday and would rather have frozen, at least would know it was cooked all the way and I'm getting what I paid for!!!

Pizza Hut

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