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E Sep 02, 2018 Review updated:

I am writing thisrent as I am really unhappy with the attitude of your staff and lack of ownership and responsibility theyhave shown. I am currently on holiday in Dubai and will be returning to the UK on Friday the 31st of August.On Tuesday evening 28/08/2018 at approximately 10:54pm my daughter made an online order for 3 large pizza's(one mozzarella  and two barbecue chicken) amd a cookie dough ice cream.
We went to collect the pizza's and had to wait for 20 minutes for the 3rd one to be completed. Only to find that the other two were cold so we asked the staff to reheat them, which they did.When we got back to the hotel and started to eat the pizza we found one was just chicken but not barbecued as we had ordered. Them my daughter found the cookie dough had no ice cream. It was now yo late to take the children back out and it was a bit of a walk to the restaurant do we took pictures of the items. The next day when we went and spoke to a staff member and explained what had taken place she replied - she could give us some barbecued sauce for the lack of it being on the pizza and ad for the cookie dough ice cream although they had the advert and promotion on display that this had stopped over a year ago as they don't have the facilities to keep the ice cream cold. Do you really think this is appropriate? - This is false advertising.I feel this is am unacceptable resolution to my complaint and the customer service is a disgrace. As a customer I feel your staff have made it out to be a joke and are not interested in your customers satisfaction of your products and promotions.I am shocked and disgusted by my treatment and the fact a member of staff didnt even try to decently resolve my families issues.Is this the level of service you provide? I thought Pizza Hut was a recognised market leader who prided themselves on their exceptional standards of customer service and their pizza's.My family and I left your restaurant disgusted, unhappy, feeling let down and disappointed  is this how you want your customers to feel and is the way you'd expect to be treated? 
The store ID is 16843 - ca!all center order - [protected], customer number77110225 Trans - 40095.


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    Chris1977 Sep 05, 2018

    Your post is dated 9/2 yet you will be returning home at a future date of 8/31. Good one.

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