Pizza Hutordered online, payment processed online but no order confirmation number in turn no pizza

Z Aug 17, 2018

It happened Friday evening at pizza hut in Te Awamutu. We placed an order online for pizza. It was a treat dinner for my children. Order was placed just after 1700 hours, went to pick up order at the specified confirmation time stated straight after card payment was processed but the order had not been received. At the store the women who served me said you need to go away and brig back confirmation email. After another 20 mins of waiting for a confirmation email nothing was received. I returned to the store and said confirmation email had still not been received. I showed the team member and manager the poof of payment in my bank account, but was told until I receive an email they cannot help. No email arrived at all. At 1830 we rang the store and spoke again with the team members and manager about the situation. Only at this time one and a half hours after placing my families pizza order the team member said we can still process your order, what did you order and we will make it. Due to poor standard of communication and wait time we requested a refund. Which we were told we would have to wait to do until later and someone will ring you back. I rang back 45 minutes later, at this time though a drawn out process ad needing to speak to about 3 or four people and good approximately 20 more minutes of time used up we were told because the payment was made online your refund would take 4 days to be processed.
Not at any stage of the above negative experience did any one from pizza hut take ownership of what had happened and apoligse.
Very disappointed in the overall service 0/10.
One recommendation I would like to suggest and reviewing your online processing of orders, payments and refunds. It should not take 4 days for refunds to be processed.

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