Pizza HutI did not receive the correct thing that I ordered

K Aug 02, 2018

On July 28, 2018 I had ordered three large pizzas and a dinner box. I had put that I wanted the buttery garlic crust on all the large pizzas, which none of them had, they were all plain crust. I also ordered the bread sticks in the dinner box to be cheese, which I had received the normal breadsticks, and the cheese ones cost me extra. I was just upset with how the order turned out and I was really upset that I had paid extra money for nothing extra. This Pizza Hut was the one in Branson West, Missouri and it wasn't the first time that they've messed up my order. This time was just a one-time-too-many thing and I feel like I should've got what I wanted in my order that cost $40.93. Thank you for your time!

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