Pizza Hutgeneral manager chooses favorites.

L Aug 11, 2018 Review updated:

I am an employee and have worked for the company for about 1 year in the same store... the general manager (Natosha) hired her brother(Kristopher) back and as I was deckscrubbing the dining room during down time. He came in and purposefully rubbed his dirty shoes on my clean floor, Natosha happend to be standing there when I asked him politely to not do that, all Natosha could do was laugh at my situation. About 5 minutes later I'm still scrubbing and Kristopher comes back and does it again. At this point I took a more assertive tone with him and told him to stop, his response was as follows "I almost slipped that time, so [censored] off.. Natosha happend yo be sitting in a booth at this time and saw this happen to me a second time, with out any interference. I'm summary my general manager, Natosha, allows her brother, Kristoper, to sit and bully other employees. Allowing him to speak in I'll manners around customers, and employees. Along with bullying, and sabotaging our work day and our general duties..

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