Pizza Hutdelivery/rude manager issue

B Aug 02, 2018

I live exactly 2 miles from Vaughn road pizza hut I live on Vaughn Road after being on the phone with employee for 10 minutes giving her my address 4 times she begins taking my order I aks a question about special that was advertised on tv and sign 2 medium pizzas for 5.99 each and she puts me on hold 5 min and then says what is your address, I tell her and she says we don't deliver there. I said I am literally 2 miles from you on Vaughn road why do you not deliver here the papa John's 1 mile further up the road delivers here, she said I don't know. I said well can I speak with a manager because that is weird, she does not put me on hold I hear her speak to manager and her them say tell her I'm to busy to talk. The employee then picks up phone and says the manager is to busy to speak to you. The job of a manager is customer service, I just wanted a reason for not delivering to a paying customer. I call the pizza hut 3 miles from my house and say hey before I order can I give you my address because i was just told they didn't deliver to me and she pulls up my address and says Vaughn road is suppose to deliver to you. Unbelievable! Pizza hut use to be my favorite but I will never order or attempt to order needless to say Papa John's for dinner

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