Pizza Hutcheesy bite pizza received upon delivery

M Aug 05, 2018

My husband and I ordered apizza from the same Pizza Hut that we ordered last year when they had the cheesy bite pizza out, well we thought Since we don't have our daughter tonight we would get a pizza... well upon arrival we got a (cold) mess, that looked like it was a week old, so messy and oily... the cheesy bites looked like they were just thrown on with all the cheese cooked out, and it was so thin, plus it looked like a Rat was in the pizza havin a party. when we called to complain, the guy said he new exactly what pizza we were talking about, and he had told the workers to make it again(but they did not) so he said that he was going to make a new pizza himself, and deliver it... so we said ok... well we waited... and waited some more and finally that got her A HOUR and some minutes later (WTF) upon opening that pizza, it looked pretty much the same... but we were done we ate it, not good, it was thin, thin it was floppy it didn't hold up and it just fell apart. I don't know but we were really disappointed with our cheesy bite pizza from this location, and 2 times is really unexcetable... when last year we got one that was yummy and looked presentable! The first time, timing was good and the pizza was so terrible, and try 2 timing was really bad and the pizza again was sloppily made, greedy, falling apart, droopy and just very raw like cheesy bites, no cheese in them at all... I'm finished, this location is the worst, we had a problem befor about a year ago... when they took hours to come out after we ordered and were only about 10 minutes down the road. Really this place needs to get new employees, and there [censored] together or be [censored] down!

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

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