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I just heard from my brother that during his last visit at Pizza Hut there was an incident that resulted in him and a group of several coworkers being banned from the restaurant. I was ready to hear a dramatic story but this is what I heard... My brother and a group of his coworkers went to a local Pizza Hut for lunch; they all had the buffet. When done, everyone in the party left a $1 tip and the waitress even kept some of the change ( without asking) of some of the gentlemen. One of the gentlemen in the group dates a waitress (not the same one that waited on these gentlemen) that works at this same Pizza Hut; and she called him after the gentlemen left the restaurant to relay the message that none of the men in this group are allowed back in this Pizza Hut. THE REASON - they are racist because their tip was not large enough (according to the waitress and the manager). The decision was based solely on this and nothing else - no derogatory comments or gestures from these men - just not enough money. Maybe the amount of the tip was possibly based on the service received or maybe in these hard economical times people give what they can and not because of racism. Why do people have constantly stir things up and tear people apart instead of working to bring people together. So now I will let people know how unfair the employees of this Pizza Hut are and hopefully people will come together to change this attitude by boycotting Pizza Hut.


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    Jim Helwig Mar 21, 2010

    Frankly, this is a fairly easy one. I'd google "Pizza Hut corporate office" and once found, would either phone or email the corporate offices and tell them the exact same thing you've said here. A "tip" was in fact left...if the service etc. was unaccepable that could explain the amount. There is no obligation whatsoever to leave a tip, although, even for marginal service, it's customary to do so. This is totally unacceptable behavior on the part of the manager, and in fact, if it's just the "manager" and not the actual franchise owner, you might want to inquire as to who the actual "owner" is and inform him/her of your bad experience.

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