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food never delivered!

Today at 9:50PM I ordered a double order of mild wings and a 2 liter bottle of pepsi through the Murray, UT Pizza Hut to be delivered to my home in Midvale.

i got on the phone, and placed my order and was told it would take about an hour. Here it midnight and still no food, no way to get ahold of anybody to ### at them for their blatant disregard for their customers.

Been searching for a complaint phone number which I know is on the side of pizza boxes. However I cannot find the number anywhere. This is not the first time this has happened, the last time my order was horribly late, i was quoted 30 minutes for delivery and 6 hours later my food finally arrived. The driver complained that I wouldn't give him a tip, and I complained that I had to wait 6 hours to eat my dinner. It is really pissing me off that pizza hut has this stuck in their head that it is okay to allow someone to pay by credit card over the phone, but to never deliver their food.

What the [censored] is wrong with the people who work for pizza hut? They had to have been dropped on their head a few too many times, or perhaps they've been sniffing raw dough for too long. That I do not know, all I know is that i am royally pissed the ### off that this continues to happen to me and my family. I will be complaining to HQ as soon as i can find a number for them.

poor product quality

I visit pizza hut regularly. I like chili flax as toppings. I feel the quality of chili flax (in sachets) is very poor. It lacks real chili flavor, pungency and redness. Each pouch of chili flax at pizza hut needs to be analyzed for quality. It should be tested at Spice Board of India or at any recognized private spice manufacturer to determine the parameters of good quality crushed chili.

poor customer service!

On April 05, 2007, I called our local Pizza Hut, located on Tusculum Blvd Greeenville TN at 7:25pm. I...

lying cashiers

I received 2 have one on us coupons because my food was under cooked. I used the first coupon at the Sandy Springs pizza hut on Roswell Road without any problem. I called pizza hut on Candler Road in Decatur GA, and the cashier said fine. I got there 30 minutes later and I was told that no one by that name called here to place an order. I got the phone number and sure enough I called that particular one. I asked for customer services. Then I was told by the cashier that the order had been cancelled. SHE LIED! I called customer service gave them the cashiers names and all the information they needed while in the store. I have not received a phone call from the store manager,pizza hut or anyone. I was told it would take 72 hours. This happened on feb 17. Today is feb 22. Nasty situation. Shame on Pizza Hut on Candler Road in Decatur GA. The employee should have been reprimanded. Shame on customer service for not taking this seriously. Sue, Ga.

  • Ta
    TARA JONES Sep 04, 2007

    I called and placed and order and was told it woud be and hour before it is delivered which was fine. One hour and forty-five minutes is ouragous. I called back and the manager at store #711029, pissa hut, 7681 southlake pkwy, jonesboro, ga said my pizza is on the way and she would give me a five dollar discount on my next pizza. So i say o.k. Then i finally get the pizza and it's all cold giving everyone heartburn. So i tried to call back three times and have been put on hold for at least 30 mins each time and still know one pick up the phone. I feel i am getting no satisfaction.


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cheated by pizza hut for providing vegetarian pizza

This is regarding a very unpleasant experience that I had with Pizza Hut on 12th Feb 2007. I had ordered...

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pizza hut is ripping-off millions of consumers!

Pizza hut is ripping-off millions of consumers-myself included! What they do with pizza is exactly like a car...

all I got was fired!

As a R.G.M. of a delivery/carryout store for 2 years I never had any problems with employees, customers, upper mgt., or inventory until I was transfered 11-28-06.The store I took over was a dine in/carryout store,I was trained very poorly in how to operate this type of store,having buffet and keeping track of all the product was never explained to me.So how was it accounted for??For several weeks on a daily basis I called upper mgt. to ask for help.Inventory kept coming up short.Then on 1-8-07 upper mgt.showed up he started counting inventory with out me,as I was still working,I helped very little,he did final figuring and entered them into comp. it was really short.He kept asking me if I needed to tell him anything,as if I had done something wrong. Then shortly after that his boss showed up & fired me told me to hand over my keys sign & leave. I wasn't given any opportunity to help try & figure out the problem.I have been treated like a criminal.They are changing locks,talking to the bank & ruining my name around town.When our checks came they refused me mine stating a paid out for personal items was being looked at. Showing me no proof of it on paper.I have also received a message from upper mgt.stating that if I don't stop trying to prove I did nothing wrong that it could began to get worse for me. All I want is to be heard I am not in the wrong I have done nothing but ask for help since day one. All I got was fired!!!

  • Ni
    Nick NA Feb 07, 2007

    You think that's bad today is February 7th 2007 and all the employees from La Raza INC have received there W-2's But non of the Stores Management has received theirs yet I don't event think they have mailed them. My Wife was a Shift manager there (not any more thank goodness). This is a Company that needs to look into maybe finding a larger Franchise to take over! They show a lack of competence when dealing with all aspects of there business and the training they give management is over and beyond poor.

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  • Er
    erik Dec 02, 2008

    i agree with you, their view on training is on the job training, with no trainer, and any questions you might have fall on deaf ears! Well this was my experiance with them and i know where amiee is coming from, been there!!

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  • De
    Deitz Aug 17, 2009

    My wife has worked for Pizza Hut who was bought out by La Raza Pizza Hut since 1985, hired under full knowledge she had a learning disability. Two years ago, she was told that everyone in her store was to be cross trained and being dishonest she was replaced as a full time cook by a younger worker. For the last two years, she was reduced from 35 hours a week to now 2-5 hours a week, without proper training after being transferred to another store while on vacation without consent in the Indianapolis area.

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  • Su
    Susan Stinnett Jan 13, 2013

    My family had worked for La Raza Pizza Inc for over 25 years.They do nothing to help you everyone thinks if you tell upper mgmt that your trying to get them fired when in return they fire you. My nephew passed away a year ago the company did fundraiser to help us out we have yet to receive the money and yet none of my family works there so now they will not even take our calls. As an employee of 9 years for that company I have seen a lot of dishonest procedures done from stealing money to using company products for personal gain but those acts get looked upon as if they are ok but the company will ruin the honest employees names that were terminated for lack of company support or employees quiting due to exhaustion of abuse.

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  • Da
    danny chacon Mar 12, 2013

    well my name is danny chacon i was in your tucumcari pizza hut today 03/12/2013 for lunch buffet.i am a new mexico state police officer.our waitress was great.but the person cooking our pizza"s for the buffet was really dirty.looked like he has not showered in days or weeks.while i was eating lunch i heard him cussing in the back saying f*** this&that.before our group of 4 officer left i asked one of your employee name ted.who was cooking in the back.i was told the cooks name is david.david was all dirty his pants were all soiled his shirt he had cat hair.i hope you can fix this problem.if not i will take our group else where.thank you d.chacon!!

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  • I am a shift manager of a La Raza store in NM. The area coach is a disgrace to management. She has been caught red handed altering books. ( Amount to meet guarantee, also anyone over 30hours) She ( Frona) was reported to HR. Guess what happened...NOTHING! We (management team, Team members) are treated as we are slaves and should bend to their corrupt power like they run the country. FOR GODS SAKE IT IS PIZZA HUT! NOT SOME HIGH PAYING JOB. I do my job well and do my best to support and assist the RGM. The store I work at is a buffet, which from what I have read from previous posts that this is a ongoing problem dating back from the beginning. It is a problem they do not wish to fix or do not know how to fix. I was transferred to this store to help pass an inspection, which if not passed the store will be shut down and was guaranteed my job was safe since I was transferred to help because the previous shift was useless. (That manager is still employed by the way just transferred to take my position at the store I came from with job security) Now Frona and her new boss Director of operations Justin are both popping in and out of the store threatening to fire us because the store is not to their standards even though the store has made huge improvments in regards to labor, staffing, procedures. All that is left is for them to fix the stuff we can not. Now before i came to this store it already failed 2 inspections. If 3 fail the store is shut down and everyone is out of a job. I put as much effort into the job as I can considering my training is limited because no matter what store you work in they never fully train you. They just expect you to know the job like your a damn savant. Frona comes to the store harasses employees says inappropriate things and theres no consequences. I AM FED UP! I need a job but for gods sake man! How much abuse can one take before they say enough is enough.

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complete incompetence! do not order from this store or you will be sorry!

I had a gift card for $20 for pizza hut in (9124 highway 80 w #350) fort worth, tx. I ordered the pizza and it arrived 45 minutes late (1 hour 25 minutes to arrive) I had paid for the pizza by phone using my gift card but the delivery guy had no record of it.

After a long wait on the phone pizza hut finally told me to take my now cold pizza. I wrote a lengthy complaint and got a big $5 coupon. I wrote another complain and the regional guy (Ed) called me and apologized and said that he would credit my account $25. I felt better! A week later I tried to use my credit and ed didn't actually credit my account (I guess he forgot) and since I didn't save his number or his email the store wouldn't give me his #. So I called several more times and wrote 3 more emails and finally got customer service from shaun (#6) who was very helpful and gave me my credit — yeah! Ordered a pizza and should have had $8 credit left — when I tried to use the remaining $8 I was told the hiway 80 store had dismissed the remaining credit. I was told this by customer rep mike who did not want to give me his emp id but finally did #13. I went to the store to ask the manager and he said there was nothing he could do but did give me ed's # this time — yes! Finally I will get some results. I went home and tried to call ed — the manager gave me the wrong #!! I finally give up! This store is filled with complete incompetence! Do not order from this store or you will be sorry — trust me! Oh and there is no way to email pizza hut directly!

  • Ja
    Jamie Jan 08, 2007

    We hear you:

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some customers are just downright rude and psychotic to be honest...

As a pizza hut employee Ive heard most and almost all of the complaints listed below. I understand what some...

pizza hut is a thief!

Pizza hut used my visa on someone elses order, 5375 highway 90, mobile al. I order a personal pan pizza to go...

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