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poor service

I had my daughters party at pizza hut dartford today, i had booked this two weeks ago. We arrived and stood waiting in the doorway for 10 mins with no signs of any member of staff.
I noticed a table set up with ballons etc so took it upon myself to just take it that it was ours, and it was.
After sitting waiting for a further half hour with still not being acknowledged i went over to the entrance where there was now a member of staff. I explained we had waited, the kids were excited so had seated ourselves and would someone be over to see us soon (its a party and the kids parents are picking them up now in an hour and half).
The waitress came over 5 mins later and took the drinks order, our drinks arrived pretty quick (well half of them at least) 20 mins later no one still hadnt come over for our order (it wasnt busy) so i decided to take the orders myself (writing in crayon on the back of the hat supplied) i then took it to our waitress and said heres our order.
I had to keep requesting bowls for the kids salads, when they got them they were so hungry they pigged out on that so by the time our food arrived (it took ages) they wernt very hungry so wasted most (which was good as by now we were running out of time and we had ice cream and the birthday cake do to yet!! we basically had 40 mins to have our salad main and dessert.
As no attention at all was being paid to us, we waited so long for refills that the kids were moaning so i went and filled them my self.
I also had to make a few requests for the ice cream bowls.
I would not recommend having a party here, you will not be able to enjoy your time as you are left running round filling drinks finding bowls, cuttlery and wait ages to be served.
when the kids started getting boystrus i must admit i was so cheesed off i let them run rings round the place

  • Hg
    H.G.V.L Sep 28, 2010

    Once when I have celebrating my tenth birthday after a long time in Llandullas, North Wales, Britian. We were in the nearest pizza hut. My dad was there and he orders us pizzas, I remember it took ages to come and finally in the end we had icecream. After that I couldn't eat most of it. Then I started to go white. So my Dad asked me waht was wrong. Then my younger step-sister who was about six at the time. Started to moan and clitch her stomach. After a few minutes I was the first to be sick in the tolets, then my step-sister followed. We were both ill for two weeks. When I came home I feinted from de-hydration after all the vomiting. My mum who had seen those adverts told my sisters to check me over for rashes and if so then she told them the press a glass tumbler against them. I realised she was so panicked that she was checking me for meningitis. She asked me if I had a stiff neck, I couldn't answer. After that I don't rememeber much except I was ill for a long time afterwards. Now that, is what I call bad suvivce. I mean what was wrong with that ice cream? Or was it the pizza? I have a feeling it was the ice cream beacuse before that I felt fine. To be honest I never had much of the pizza, there were mushrroms and peppers so I didn't eat it. I was always fussy. My pour step-sister though, she got it worse then me.

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ridiculous pricing

Wow! Where do I start. We have ordered from this Pizza Hut for about 3 years now on a pretty regular basi...

poor customer support

Placed an order for pasta with breadsticks, an order of cheesesticks and a 2l of moutain dew, a free pepsi...

employee (store manager)

This is about the Douglasville, GA Pizza Hut on Hwy 5. The store manager, Daniel, is an ###! On August 11th...


My feancea and I were having the buffet. He got a plate and put his pizza on it and sat down to eat. There was a dead cockroach on his plate. I took it to the counter and showed the lady. I said ( Can you tell me what this is?) She said ( I dont know what it is.) I said( ITs a cockroach) she ask ( It wasnt in the food was it?). It should not matter where it was in the food or on the plate it should not have been there at all. She took a 1.50 off our meal. We should not have had to pay for the food. When we found the roach we left. She also ask if everthing was ok except the bug. Come on this shows its not a clean place to eat .Feel free to contact me anytime at [protected]. My email is
[protected] I have the reciept if you need any info off of it.

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layanan kurang mesra

saya tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan kurang mesra, makanan lambat sampai,
bukan itu sahaja, salah satu pekerja di pizza hut sentul raya kurang ajar dengan staf lain dan pelangan.
harap mempertingkatkan layanan mesra terhadap pelangan dan staf.

delivery driver tried to steal my money

Yesterday afternoon was really hungry and I had no car so I decided to order a pizza from pizza hut. The driver came in to my house and he asked me to pay the total which was $13.72 and I gave him a $20+75cents and told him just give me 7 back. From that $7 I gave him a 1$ tip he said thank you and put that dollar in the 20 and folded it and thats all I saw.. So I take my pizza to the table and a hear a knock on the door I openend it and it was the driver he walks back into my house a claims I never gave him the 20$ bill.. So he starts emptying his pockect to show me he doesnt have it.. And I tell him you know im not [censored]in crazy I gave the 20 at the same time I was emptying my pockects to show him to. Basicillyhe was arguing with me claiming I never gave him money. So I tell lets him trace your steps back to your car to see if you might have dropped it he says no I already did that thats why im back here talkin to you.. I turn to him and say do you think im crazy an he says "i dont know maybe my friend. "i then I turn to him and say lets go retrace your steps again he agrees and hes is following me.. I walk from my house to his car checking the floor and we couldnt find anythin. So I decided to lookk away from that path to another dircection and guess what I found the 20. He threw it in the grass off the path to his car. There was no way in the world or in the laws of physics that the 20 fell there from his pocket while he was headed towards his car. If you remember I also to you I gave him a 1$ tip that he folded the 20.. Where was the dollar then huh. This idiot delibritly threw the 20 in my grass so when we traced our steps we wouldnt be able to see it. Lucky I found it because he told me he wouldnt leave my house ubtill I paid him.. He was actully really lucky I didnt shoot for yelling in my house like that. I called pizza hut told them what happened they didnt even apologize all she said that hes a good guy and hung up on me after I aske for her name... I never ate that pizza after that but it looked really good I had 3 toppings jalapeno chicken and bacon... Umumumumum

  • Pl
    playpiano89 Aug 29, 2010

    B.S. You have no way of knowing for sure if he was trying to steal from you on purpose.

    If he WAS then he would have hid the 20 in his car. not leave it open on the front lawn. Seriously, your logic is not there.

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  • Me
    mercy818 Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    for once would you think outside of the box, when people tell you something it doesnt mean its has to be true.

    logic? lets say i didnt go back and traced his steps i called pizza hut or the cops instead to complain because i wasnt gonna give him another 14 bucks. first i already got change from him, the pizza, and the ###ing recite.. then what happened to the 20 it magically dissappeared? why dont you try to use logic? him throwing that 20 in the lawn was last resort if i didnt pay the 20... dont you get it? he would trace his steps if threatened him to call the cops and he wil say "oh look i found it, im sorry my friend".

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  • Gr
    great delivery driver Mar 21, 2011

    If you tipped me $1, I'd do the same thing, you [email protected]#%k!

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drugs and protitution / delivery drivers

Dear Sir/Mam; I am writing to you today in quest of several issues that have been brought to my attention...

bad customer service

I have one hour for lunch, so my husband and I decided to go to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet. We were...

poor service


My husband, son and I visited Pizza hut Restaurant in Jusco tebrau City, Johor Bahru last Saturday, 31/7/10 around 9.30pm. We have experience the very poor service from the waitress and shift manager.The waitress took away the cheese bottle to other table without asking us while we going to eat our meal . Beside that, after meal, my husband "ASKED" one of the waitress to serve us the single scoop of strawberry ice cream for my son, but we wait so "LAMA" until my husband get angry and himself need to go to counter to get the ice cream and seen like nobody realised this. And the shift manager just look at my husband without saying a word sorry. We ready " KECEWA" with this type of the "PERKHIDMATAN".

disgraceful attitude of manager

I took my 4 year old and 6 year old to Pizza Hut after school today as an end of term treat. Its not my kind of thing but they love it. My 4 year old didn't really enjoy his pizza
but did have 2 finger bowls of apple and cucumber. They both wanted the icecream factory (included in the price) and after 2 mouth fulls he threw up much to my embarassment. I was refused help by the staff who gave me the disinfectant spray and kitchen roll and told me I'd have to do it because they weren't allowed. The Manager was shocked that I complained at the lack of help, afterall I was covered in sick, as was my child. He said it was my child and I should clean it. He then told me that it was not his fault that I had fed my child so much that he threw up. Wow, what a great Manager. Great social skills don't you think?? I'm sure he'll go far with such a caring and sensitive attitude. He then asked me what I do for a liviing so that he could tell me how to do my job! Oh my God, how does he stay open with such a disgusting attitude to paying customers.

I have never been so insulted and treated so badly in a restaurant. I will never return and will make sure no one I know does either.

He ruined the treat for my children and then charged me full price for the privilage.

ripping people off

well i ordered small pizza with just one topping extra cheese and i asked over the phone what the total wa...

inconsiderate manager

My daughter used to be their team member. She's 4-yr hrm graduate. She applied for the position as management trainee but unfortunately they just hired her as their crew instead. So as a team member, it was not listed in her duties and responsibilities to assigned her to do all the paper works and to be the personal driver of their manager. Not only that, she should be a trainee for 1 month but how come she was on duty for more than 12hrs. And what was charity work/time all about??? 3 hrs of working but you are not paid for that 3 hrs extension of work?? Lastly, you are forced to work even if its your rest day. Then you cant receive your salary on time. I am calling the dole to be aware of this!!! Employees should not be treated like this!!! Pizza hut is the worst restaurant ever!!!

delivery of a pizza one day old


I ordered a large pizza (Super supreme with stuffed hot dog) on saturday the 26th of june 2010 at 2:00 am. I live in nasr city - end of mostafa elnahas. My phone number is +202 [protected]

The pizza was cold and far from fresh. It was at least a day old. It was obvious that it was heated. It tasted like crap.

This is it not the first time this happens. It's either the pizza is cold or not fresh.

I will send a formal complain to pizza hut abroad (Yum). I will even call them at +[protected] (U. S. ). I already shared the story with hundreds of friends at work and I will publish it on social networks.

Thats's enough, someone has to start talking



Ordered pizza online. After waiting an hour and a half we called because we still did not receive our order...

delivered wrong order

Pizza Hut delivered the wrong order. Immediately called the store to let them know. I was told it would be another 45 minutes before they could get another pizza to me. This was not acceptable. Asked for the driver to return to pick up the wrong order and to have my credit card credited. I was told this could not be done. I drove to the store to deal with the manager face to face. I am still not satisfied that I could not get a receipt showing a credit to my account. I was told that I would have to wait 3-5 business days for the credit to appear. This was a very frustrating experience and felt like I was dealing with inexperience manager as well as an inexperienced customer service representative. Don't plan to order pizza from Pizza Hut anytime soon. My family will attest to that since 5 years ago I had a bad experience with a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant and I refuse to go there. I guess I hold grudges.

  • No
    normaq Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry to bother you guys but i usually like to buy and order beef and peporrini pizza with light sauce and thin and crispy i ordered by phone and i usually repeat my order not get it wrong and what happened when i get to pizza hut they gave me the wrong order i checked it in my truck and the girl got it back and they made me another one but i didnt get a thank you or sorry and they called my name she just put it on the counter and left there so i waited for her to get back to the counter and i asked is this one mine and the right one and she said yes and i told her thank you no respond thank you norma quintanilla and on my reciept they had wrong number and wrong kind of pizza !

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  • Ch
    chevypride98 Jun 03, 2016

    i hope she knows your being sarcastic... some people just arent smart enough to know the difference... lol

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no delivery - waited for 2 hours

I made a order with pizza Hut malaysia ( home delivery) by local time 7.15 pm on 12 Jun 2010. I waited untill for 2 hours and nothing turned up!. And to my suprise when i call then again at 9.20 Pm to enquire, they said their particular resturent is busy amd so i have to wait. A BULL ### SERVICE FROM PIZZA HUT MALAYSIA. My kids waited for the pizza really slept.

When i called the enquiry anf ask the person there, that i need to talk to their manager, The manager was not willing to talk to me, ###, why he is oppointed for ?
Guys i would really say pls go with Dominos ... Pizza hut SUCKS


  • Sh
    sharaj Sep 21, 2013

    I visited pizza hut in Taman Sentosa, Klang, sellangor via docket No. 321273 dated 21/09/2013. As soon as I went to the counter to order take away there was a group of 3 Indian staff buzy making noise (talking loudly in Tamil and laughing) and going through their face book. It was such an inconvenience as even the cashier a Malay lady could not hear my order. Just for your benefit I too am a Hindu but I would not condone this unwanted act. I lodged a complaint with their supervisor (Ms. Fazleen) I assume based on the maroon uniform. All she said was shoo (asking them to keep quiet). Finally I lost my cool and said I was going to lodge a complaint with HQ. Just after that they dispersed. Te supervisor came back later and rather begged for forgiveness citing this was her first day on the night shift. I have had a few and even heard others complaint about this particular outlet's service and stayed a way for over a year. Now I will never visit this outlet again. I also informed Ms. Fazleen that they are wearing the uniform of Pizza Hut which represents the organizations image as a whole. I hope the management will look into the structure of this outlet seriously.

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  • Wa
    wathy Oct 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    pada 15 hb october 2013 pada jam 8.30 malam saya buat pesanan di phd bangsar untuk delivery ke pejabat saya yang berdekatan dengan Kerinci iaitu RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia Angkasapuri ) . saya menunggu selama 2.30 jam dan pesanan saya tidak sampai-sampai. walaupun saya menelefon pizza hot line memang tidak orang jawab panggilan saya selepas pukul 10 malam walaupun saya call lebih daripada 100 kali. kemudian lebih kurang pada jam 11.00 malam mereka hantar pesanan saya dan menelefon saya untuk memberitahu pesanannya sudah sampai. restaurant manager yang menelefon saya tidak mempunyai hati untuk meminta maaf atas kelewatan itu dan dia terus minta saya ambil order saya. saya menolak order itu kerana waktu kerja saya sudah habis. kelewatan dan kecuaian mereka bukan sahaja menyebabkan saya dalam kebuluran the whole night namun sahabat -sahabat kerja saya juga turut dalam kebuluran. kini pada hari 17hb october 2013 perkara yang sama berlaku . saya buat pesanan pada jam 7.50 malam dan sehingga sekarang 10.00malam pesanan saya tak sampai-sampai lagi dan saya kerap call pun jawapan yang sama daripada hotline "kita akan call balik selepas semak". saya memang menyesal sekarang kerana memilih pizza hut sebagai makanan kegemaran saya dan keluarga saya dan saya juga sedih untuk katakan tetapi saya terpaksa say this "memang kini pizza hut tidak layak untuk membuat delivery service kerana bukan memburukkan nama sendiri tetapi menyeksakan ramai orang dalam kebuluran".

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expired baked macaroni

My family (with my wife, my 6 y/o son and my 7 month old baby) along with my wife's couple of nieces went to Pizza Hut SM Bacoor last Saturday 05Jun2010. One of the foods we ordered was the baked macaroni. Since the youngest from the group, my baby, was already hungry, my wife gave a portion serving to him. A few spoonfuls of baked macaroni has already been eaten by my baby and what's left in the bowl was placed in in my plate as well as my wife's.

While eating the first few bits of the said macaroni, I noticed that the food is already expired. I know the taste of a fresh one because we always order the same food every time we visit Pizza Hut. I raised the matter to the store manager and he gave me the contact number to let them know what will happen.

The next day, Sunday, as early as 3am, my baby started to have diarrhea and became very severe throughout the day. Monday, I rushed my baby to the hospital as his diarrhea became much worse. I also contacted the Pizza Hut manager to inform them about the situation.

By Wednesday, my baby's diarrhea subsided. When talked to the manager again, she advise me that Pizza Hut can only reimburse back any expenses incurred during my baby's sickness.

I just wonder why they will just pay us for the expenses like the tests and the medicines?

After all what happened to my son? The worries, significant loss of weight of my baby, 3 nights without sleep, setting all other things aside just to take my baby to the hospital, the disappointment to the quality of food we got?

Pizza Hut doesn't know how to keep their loyal customers.

We were a loyal customer of Puzza Hut and we dine here once every 2 weeks. Our company is also a big customer of this.

But now, I don't think we will visit Pizza Hut again. I'm totally disappointed.

  • Mr
    MR. JAMES Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Jeez... First and foremost, why did they served spoiled macs? So not good. And you can sue 'em by that moment. Don't just take a risk of assessing your child and putting his life in jeopardy. You should have act already. Not wait on what will happen. Errr... Eat Shakey's!

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  • At
    atashafrancine Feb 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also had a bad experience in their very poor service. My 3 kids and yaya had lunch at Pizza Hut SM MARILAO this afternoon. I ordered food and asked for a bottomless RED iced tea and 3 milkshakes for my kids. They served the iced tea first, so i called one of the waitress and informed them for the wrong drinks. As she serving the milkshakes one of the glass fell and spill all over my dress and the worse they're not even managed to wipe the slippery floor until i said so. Our lunch turned out a big mess. I don't mind paying php2000 for that lunch alone huh funny is they put service charge to my bill well after what had happened they still got the nerve to charge me for the service honestly they don't know exactly how they goin to treat their customer nicely. I'm a regular customer of pizza hut even in the UK but never had i experienced such POOR SERVICE in my home country. I am very very disappointed. I hope the management will do something about it. U should still consider the needs of your customer.

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  • Az
    azmodan Jun 16, 2014

    Pizza Hut Philippines is becoming worse by the minute. The wait time just for the bill alone is unacceptable. 5 mins just to get the bill handed to you and another 5 mins for the change. Utter disregard for customers' time. NO all these complaints are NOT OK.

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  • De
    Deierra Johnson Oct 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This what I got last night from Pizza Hut


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service of staff

I am Complaining about the Service of the Staff who work in the Pizza Hut Restaurant in Bracknell - The Point, Skimped Hill Lane near the Bowling Place.

My Complaint is this, and it has happened twice now, when me and my friend have finished our 2 games of Bowling on Sunday night, we go to Pizza Hut for tea, and normally they are quick and friendly, but on these two occasions the drinks came quick, but we were kept waiting for over 30 minutes for the Pizza to arrive, first time the Pizza was barely warm enough to eat, second time it was just about hot enough to eat, and we could see our Pizza on the side to be taken to us, but I had to ask the manager that was on the second time to say that we could see our Pizza and that it was going cold, so a few seconds later he bought it to us, and the manager that brought us our Pizza on the Second time was also a bit mean and rude, and me and my friend we're not happy that it happened again. We appreciate that the restaurant is busy on occasion but feel that the attitude of staff did not help us understand the slow service.
PS: I have got the relevant Receipts

jerks to work for

I work for Pizza Hut and the people that I work with make my job a living hell. I have some neck problems. I have a hard time moving and I have a lot of pressure in my neck. It hurts a lot. The people I work with give me a hard time about it. They make comments and jokes about it. When they want me to do something sometimes they will yell at me if I don't get to it right away, even though I move slowly. Once the store manager humiliated me in front of the other employees at a store meeting. The store meeting was supposed to be about company policy, but the manager made it about me.

  • Ki
    KixStar May 30, 2010

    My motto: If you don't like your job, get a new one. Problem solved.

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