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pizza hut violating labour rights

This branch of pizza hut is violating the labour rights strictly. Very few people work on shifts and always under great stress. Workers work double then they wages they do get. The rgm of this hut cuts secretly 10 mins or 15 mins from each workers duration of work that they have already done in order to save labour hours. This is really pathetic that workers will hardly notice 10 mins taken off secretly from their already done work hours. The rgm use abusive language on any mistake done by the workers. Some favourite workers of the rgm gets more wages than they do the work. Rgm takes all the money from the waiters/waitresses if they have more cash then they have. It is definitely pizza hut's policy to take money but at the end of the day if pizza hut is not down in his money they should give back that money to the person they have taken day before. But in this case money goes directly to the rgm's pocket. There is no transparency and there should a financial audit of this branch. The most important of all rgm of this restaurant takes orders in order to make tips and steal tips of other waiters. There should be secret thorough investigation of all these things.


Pada 22 december 2010. Saya mkan bersama kawan2 di pizza hut pavillion. Kiteorang duduk table dkat orang baru sahaja selesai mkan. Pekerje dye angkat piggan sume. Terus letak menu. Tak lap pun meja yang kotor tuh. Tak kan kiteorng nk mkan dekat meja kotor!! 2nd pasal service mkanan. Saya order air cochlate mint frape. Gelas dye yg tinggi tuh kn. But air saye tuh dorang tukar kepada gelas biase yg ltak minuman bergas! Yang 3rd sye order cheese baked rice. Dorang tuka juga bekas mkanan tuh dri mangkuk yg besar kepada pinggan alluminium! Yang terakhir pasal air kawan2 saye order xsampai2 sehingga kiteorng da hbs makan! Orang yang smpai kemudian da dpt air. Saye complain dkat staff dye. Knape gelas saiz lain. Alasan dye gelas xckup! Kat si2 memeang ad stu gelas je ke? Padahal orang mkan kt situ xramai pun! Psal mangkkuk cheese baked rice alsan dye mangkuk pecah! Tak kan sume mangkuk pecah. Makanan dye bagi pn kuantiti dye xsame dngn yg asal. Harga pn tetap same! !

poor service and dirty dishes

I visited newly opened pizza hut jerantut today and this is the second time I came here. Since living in the small town so i do not have a lot of choice regarding fast food eateries. I've been to other pizza hut and they have buttons on the table to call the waitresses but pizza hut jerantut doesn't have that so I have to waved frantically to gain their attention to ask for anything. All the while they just stand there and making jokes among themselves. The plates on the table are wet and dirty. Is this how you serve people? Please do not take us for granted even though people here are considered 'rural'. My family and I were still inside the place and the workers had already started to eat. That I considered quite rude! At least let the customer leave the place first. Please upgrade your service!

undercooked pizza

1) Deep pan pizza : not very deep, i would say it is a thin as possible
2) The crust of the pizza was barely cooked, that I can cope with, it was the space between the crust, it was still dough, I dug it out, and yes it was very dough like
3) Topping: I think that Pizza Hut went to a lot of effort to remove any flavour the topping used to have
4) Topping: I have more Pepperoni on a £1 Pizza at ASDA (part of Wal-mart) than a £10 Pizza Hut one
5) service was OK

poor service and quality

We always have bad service at this Pizza Hut. We live in Clayton, NC as is the Pizza Hut in Question., and we always visit a different Pizza Hut. Whenever we call for take-out in Clayton the phone is busy for over twenty minutes and when we get through we are put on hold for another twenty minutes. We never can get the specialty promotional pizza being offered, but we can get this pizza at another location besides Clayton.When we have ate in the chairs are very worn out., and they do not serve alcohol. I think we should have the right to eat at a nice pizza hut in the same town we reside in and we do not have this here in Clayton, NC

  • Su
    SunnyDaysnc Mar 13, 2011

    The Pizza Hut in Clayton has terrible service everytime we have been in there they will say it will be over an hour before we can get a pizza and they are not even busy at the time..also they have told us over and over that they were going to remodel and this was over a year ago..the place is very run down plus poor managment etc. they need to either shut down or get a good manger and help...the cashier was also very my family has stopped going there and we drive all the way to Smithfield to get good service etc...

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  • Ma
    Malcolm Morton Bowen Mar 13, 2011

    We do not go to the one in Clayton anymore thank you and never intend to again...however we do go to the one in Smithfield they have good managment and good service.

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rude staff

I went to pizza hut with my family, it was lunch time, but i had eaten so i ordered a coffee, whilst 3 members of my family decided to do the full buffet lunch. Towards the end of the meal my daughter offered me a bite of her pizza. As i took this bite size piece in my hand the waitress whizzed round to our table and said i had not paid for it and that she would take it from me! She was so loud that everyone around us could hear. Later when we asked her about it she said i was stealing the food when she was not looking!

online ordering

I've made an online ordering and made payment thru my credit card, however, the process was taken so long, so I decided to cancell fear that my accounts will be charged for that. Suprisingly, when I received statement from my credit card accounts, the amount has been charged to my card. No one from pizza hut seems to call and inform on the order. All information including telephone number has been provided and should have been recorded in the database. If the payment was charged to my credit card, why they didn't deliver the pizza.
Today when I tried to contact customer service to lodge report, I've also e-mail the complaint to customer.service, I was put on hold and they transferring me 4 times but no ones from customer service pick up the call. I tried again and the same thing happened. My e-mail is also not attended to. Hence my advice is for the customer to be extra caution when decided to go for online ordering with pizzahut.

  • Be
    Bexster Jan 23, 2010

    Had problems with online ordering service on several occasions. Wost online ordering service I have ever experienced. Today takes the biscuit. Go onto online ordering put in postcode, log in as already registered and no option to order online exists today first it told me store not open yet (clearly they were open) then gave me two options to order for collection or to order for later (to collect). What a load of rubbish!! I have been online for about 45 minutes now and unable to order a pizza. Will not be using again. Problem still there even now almost an hour later.

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  • timduncan86 Jan 23, 2010

    Funny thing. Believe it or not, but there is this lovely device called a telephone. I hear that it has been around for quite some time, although nobody seems to have heard of it.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you cancel while it's processing, it's likely that it's already been charged. They may have already processed a credit, but they can take longer to show up than the charge itself. You did the right thing contacting their customer service.

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  • On
    One satified customer Jul 05, 2015

    I live in Laveen AZ 85339 ... Jeff is one of the GREAT guys I talk to each and every time we order Pizza. My son was recently diagnosed with cancer and the medication that he's on has him craving lots and lots of pizza. One day while ordering pizza I was feeling very sad and lost Jeff took the time to encourage me and place my order A++ .Our pizza is great each and every time we order . I wish all team members were like Jeff. He should train new comers to Pizza Huts team. I wish I new a way to have him rewarded for the Great customer service he gives, as I'm sure it not to just me!! Signed a One satisfied customer

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sexual abusse

I very angry because the manager always sexual abuse.I see the manager always call the chinese do things but the malays n indians staff very free n stand there chatting.Before going in the manager say unless have to do 6 hours, maximum is 8 hours.But i heard many chinese staff complain the manager say have to work until closing only can back.The manager (THIYAGO) just know how to ask the staff to do things but he not doing anythings just sit in the office n playing his handset.

The soup there is not enough for the customer, if is enough also gt customer complain because the soup look like water and tasteless.One day i saw some chinese staff want to take a break but the manager reject their permission.

The rule of the pizza hut, staff just can drink the fizzy drinks but why the manager can drink all the drinks some more want the staff make for him.I heard some staff say sometimes the manager n the malay staff n indian staff eat in side the kitchen when business time.How about the chinese staff have to work look like a cow.

rude employees worst pizza

Back in may 2010 I paid a pizza over the phone from work because my child was hungry the driver charged my mom, I was never contacted about mistake it was until I went down there. The girl (African american) had a nasty attitude when I told her I was going to complaint with corp. She laughed and said whatever they was franchised!

Tonight I ordered my pizza @ 7:51 I got it at 9:20
Worst it was cold and b u r n t ! The wings tasted kinda like rubber!
I called to complaint and "stacy" never apologized or faked atleast understanding the issue
I spent almost $40 and the food was nasty !

rude employees worst pizza
rude employees worst pizza

manager in-charge not efficient and irresponsibilities

On 19 November 2010, I order Pizza hut through Delivery Phone [protected] at about 9.00 pm. Waited for about 45 minutes. I called againt asking for status. Suprisingly I was told that my order has been cancelled without my knowledge. I argued that I did'nt cancelled the order. Customer service told me to wait for the Manager in-charge in Port Dickson branch to call me. I waited again for the call but untill I submit this complaint the Manager's did not call me to inform the status.

This show that this manager in-charge on the day was not capable to handle such a small matter and irresponsibilities.

bad manager

saya selalu dtg ke pizahut wangsa maju bersama family, tetapi pada 15/11/2010 saya berase tidak berpuas hati pada hari tersebut kerana layanan yang diberikan tidak same dengan layanan yang diberikan sebelum ini. saya juga mndapati staff2 yang sebelum ini ramai juga telah berkurangan, pada masa yang sama saya juga melihat seorang manager berbangsa india sedang memarahi seorg staff melayu dengan cara kurang ajar atau tidak sopan dihadapan customer yang ramai hanya kerana tidak meletak kan bil di atas meja customer yang berada bersebelahan meja saya. saya merasakan tindakkan manager tersebut sangat melampau kerana telah memalukan staff tersebut dengan nada yang kuat. saya juga telah bertanya seorg staff yang biasa melayan saya kenape manager india itu kurang ajar, staff tersebut hanya senyum dan jawab tak tahu. saya juga bertanya mgapa staff sekarang dah berkurangan..staff tersbut jawab dah ramai yang berhenti sebab tak tahan dengan manager india yang baru ini. baru saya faham kenapa service kt sana dah teruk, staff yang lame pn dah ramai takde terutama yang cantik2 yang selalu senyum dan memberikan service yang bagus, saya juga nampak staff lelaki jer yang ramai, saya rasa managements patut megambil tindakan trhadap manager india tersebut. saya juga akan datang lagi ke pizza hut wangsa maju untuk melihat perubahan yang berlaku.

bad manager

Dear sir/madam of head office branch
I am an employee of the pizza hut of Hammersmith branch. I am working here as a kitchen guy and the name of our store manager is Farid Rofaiel. I am working here almost 9 months and with very sad and misery I am going to tell you that our store manager Mr Farid Rofaiels behaviour with the stuffs are very very worst than it can't be expected or imagine. His behaviour is like he want to hit us or he want to fight with us. The staffs of the front of house and as well as we the back of house are very worried with our work nowadays. All the times he used to walk around us the chefs and disturb us in our work. He all the time tell us that he will fire us and he will recruit new people. We the chefs are always worried and we always stay nervous in our work and as a result our pizza making is becoming mess. He often use slang on us and believe me I am not joking or telling any false on this. Some month ago he had a fight with our supervisor Pedro he is a good guy also Dave. He always used to shout on each and every people. If this happens day after day than soon it will be very tough and hard for us to work here. I have seen the other store and also have some knowledge on the other store, over there the manager's behaviour is not so poor or worst they don't shout on the employee. Sometimes his behaviour with the customer is also very poor.

I am hardly requesting you on behalf of my colleagues staff working in Hammersmith king street branch under Farid Rofaiel, that please transfer him from this store or other wise we cannot work properly and as a result there will be no rise of the customer.

I will be very grateful to you if you kindly please keep our request. Thanking you.

poor service and food bad taste

I have visited to new open pizza hut at pahang jerantut with my colleague. When I enter to the restaurant, and standing in front of the counter, the cashier pretend that never see me. We're very close, just in front of her, but she keeping doing her things, pretend that never see me, never ask me to be patient or serve me. I stand there for more than 5 mins. After that, 2 malay ladies came in to the restaurant, the cashier saw them, and quickly ask them what can help. Is it ur service like that? That's not so many of customer in the restaurant. Their food serve very slow. The soup not hot at all, pizza very difficult to bite and no taste, garlic bread hard like biscuit, the taste of chicken wing also not nice, outside like cook too long, and inside like cookless. I hope that u all can submit this msg to pizza hut hq in malaysia, let them to know that this kind of service, and hope they can reflect on these parts. Thank you.

  • Va
    va ne ssa Nov 29, 2010

    i was had my lunch at Pizza Hut Cheras Giant Taman Counnaught on 28 Nov 2010 (Sunday).
    After we ordered our food and we had wait for more than 1 hour and no food serve, , but there are only not more than 10 tables.
    And then, we have to chase our order only they serve our food and only for half order.
    After we finished our pizza about 30 minutes then we chase again our Seafood lagsana & Garlic Bread.
    Don't know how was the crew arranged their order & service.
    and got 1 more table they wait for longer time than us and they was cancel their order and went to others restaurant.
    Poor Serivice.

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  • Th
    thianmeng Apr 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My pizza still not receive after 12 hours i ordered from pizza hut (bandar puteri puchong). call customer services at 1300882525 at i got bad services from them. their manager say they not receive my money. i call maybank and maybank say my money has been released to pizza account after i make ordered. their manager try to trick me coz their system false. i want to get my refund but they say i need to waiting 7 days. what the service pizzahut give to their customer? order online just 5 minutes? not receive pizza? bad service and low knowlegde manager? need wait 7 days to get back my money? no free pizza ? I also ask to talk straight to their big manager, but their official say the number is secret. Where to complaint about this? If you read to their online site, no policy/inform about 7 days money back if not receive order !!

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  • Za
    zackCMS Sep 16, 2011

    Dear All...
    Based on your experiences at Pizza Hut (Malaysia), all of you is suggested to join and be Mystery Shopper (Secret Customer) for Pizza Hut (Malaysia) under GAPbuster Worldwide. Very easy. You will be GET PAID and GET FREE MEAL AND PETROL. Besides Pizza Hut, GAPbuster have A&W Mystery Shoping and Shell Motorist Mystery Shoping Check. Please register your information at (Be A Mystery Shopper Now column). Then you will be recruit before you are allowed to conduct Pizza Hut Malaysia, A&W Malaysia and Shell Mystery Check. Please do not be hesitate to contact me, Zack for futher quiries. Thank you.

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  • Mr
    Mr Ak Aug 07, 2015

    Please help our worker ! Im begging to pizza hut. I dont have any number or email to make a complaint about our chief manager at pizza hut kota bharu @pizza hut jalan garong kelantan. We as a part time staff tried to satisfy our customer including our chief manager with our kind manner but we get back? She wrote a wrong hour in punch card even though hq already give warning to her. She always do like that to every single staff who work there. I get mad because hq does not take any action just because she has a good result handing a restaurant. It does not fair to our to part time staff. They work in morning to midnight, but just get only a few hour. I will give you some example. If I start work at 4 pm without having break time until 12am, what is supposed to be total hours? It should be 8 hours, right? Why she put only 5 hours? Severe time she do like that, every day and this case is not happened to me only, every worker had done with her bad attitude. one more thing, our manager does not give us break time. we all feel exhausted and hungry. she just give us break time sometime. PLEASE GIVE BACK OUR MONEY THAT SHOULD BE TOTAL CLEAR IN OUR SALARY IF NOT I WILL REPORT TO GOVERMENT TO TAKE AN ACTION ABOUT THIS SERIOUS PROBLEM. Our manager that we spoke is miss suziana from pizza hut kota bharu, kelantan

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  • As
    ashraf1705 Aug 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing concerning pizza hut kuala kangsar. Directed to top management and store manager. If you google pizza hut kuala kangsar..which i did...there is a website where people upload their comments under foursquare If the management can take the time to read the comments i think you will be amazed at them. I have been coming to kuala kangsar for the past 3 yrs ( my son is in one of the school here). The only thing that really made me remember about pizza hut Kuala Kangsar was slow, super slow and extremely slow. Why can't the service improve? As a fast food joint, slow is not suppose to be in their vocabulary. Your food is unique. Please improve for the sake of your customers. I am also in the service industry so handling people and meeting people'ss demand are my line of work Ashraf. Email: [email protected]

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not giving mariage leave

I file my marriage leave but my restaurant manager and my district dont like what kind of attitude is this must be I have 3days leave with pay why al homaizi make this kind of rules not even following by the manager and district manager!!!

  • No
    not_a_chance Nov 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WTF is marriage leave?

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  • Ba
    BAYCITY1999 Nov 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Seriously? No Way!!! No company I know of has a "Marriage Leave". Plus, it kind of ticks me off how often a lot of these complaints are misspelled. It even says to "Please check text spelling before submitting a comment" Hasn't anyone ever heard of proofreading what you write or spell check? Come on people! Maybe people should calm down before rushing off to sumbit a complaint while they are upset. Take some time, think it over, WRITE it down beforehand, THEN submit it on your computer.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's one giant non-sensical run-on sentence.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Exactly Brenda, companies are not required to even give the time off, and expecting to be paid for it is ridiculous.

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  • Rm
    RMS_CH Nov 14, 2010

    at least here in Switzerland the law says that your employer is obligated to give you a maximum of 3 days off (paid leave) for your own marriage. also ie 1 day for a family members wedding. also in case of event of death of a close family member (1 - 3 days paid leave) moving day (1 - 2 days paid leave) and paternaty leave for men up to 3 days of paid leave.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Interesting, RMS. It's different in the US.

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  • Ca
    Catchy Nov 14, 2010

    Just go away and come back when you make sense

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drinking and drug using employees

Went in with my wife to get pizza. We do this once a week or so. For the last couple of weeks there is one waitress named Emma who looks either half drunk or on pills. Her eyes are always blood shot and she sometimes slurs words. She already has a reputation for being an alcoholic and when we mentioned our experience to one of our freinds who works at Walmart it turns out she was fired from there for theft and was having some sort of fling with the third shift manager. We can't bring our kids into this place any more or at least on the week-ends. Pizza Hut needs to drug test and be a little more picky as to who they hire.

  • Sl
    Slaarwalhz Oct 31, 2010

    I agree with *Brenda* there could be something else going on, such as a medical condition, prescription medication that she has to take, etc. And you are assuming she is a drunk. And listening to gossip from someone 3rd party. Speak with the manager.

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One night I decided to take my kids for pizza at the stigler pizza hut. When I walked in I heard a lady...

non-proactive staff/s

I visited the said Plaza Angsana Johore Baharu on the 19th OCT 2010. Was at the Angsana to buy baby food for my newborn. As we frequent the Pizza Hut whenever we visited the Plaza, this happens to be worst experience by far.

Upon reaching the restaurant, we were greeted by the cashier staff and ushered to our table for five. My 15 months boy then started wanting the balloons that was hanging on the ceiling of the restaurant. I dont think anyone can reasons with a 15months old and explain the reasons of not getting one.

I then approached a male staff for any extra balloon that maybe in store. After he approached another senior staff, the comeback answer was the balloon on the ceiling was for display. Was very disappointed with the outcome. This is what lacking in those staff, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
My wife ended going out to another store to buy balloon for my little one. I believe the staff during that period of time need to be retrain or should go for a refresher course. Coming from a service industry myself, the character and attitude of those staff are really unbecoming.

I''ll be waiting for a response.

non delivery and extremely bad customer service

Me and 2 friends decided to have pizza hut delivered to our university halls and booked online to do so. However, after entering the delivery address and all the details we confirmed the order and the website then created a collect from store order, so we had to ring the local outlet to change this to delivery. We did so and they assured us that our pizza would be delivered within half an hour. within minutes the delivery man called to say that he was on his way (how they make their pizzas in that time frame doesn't even bare thinking about) and we were told to wait at the bus stop outside our halls of residence and he would be there within 7 minutes. We went to the bus stop immediately after receiving the phone call and waited for half an hour. Confused and hungry we rang the local restaurant from where it was being delivered to be told that we had not been waiting at the bus stop as told. We spoke to the delivery man and assured him that we were and he passed us on to the manager. The manager of this outlet then proceeded to raise his voice at us, and effectively told us that we were lying, and one particular comment that springs to mind was when he disrupted me in the middle of a sentence and said "you know what, you either come and collect it or stop wasting my time". We tried to reason with him and inform him that we had done nothing wrong and he would have none of it. In the end we decided to ask for a refund but were refused and fobbed off with the phrase "you will have to contact our head office". I would like to interject here that this manager was the worst I have ever come across, in any business sense and I was shocked at his tone, attitude and unwillingness to offer an adequate service. In the end i decided to collect the pizzas and spent 4 pounds on the bus in doing so, and when i arrived I was treated as if I was a criminal and no compensation for the bus fare or our trouble was granted. Here comes the final straw, on getting the pizzas home they were stone cold, when we had been assured that they had put them on a hot plate. Overall the worst home delivery experience I have ever had and I would urge anyone thinking of ordering from the Brighton store in Lewes Road to reconsider their choice. Unbelievable.

  • Ed
    Edward Divers Oct 14, 2010

    hmm... it takes 5 mins by bus and I got on one almost immediately after picking them up. And as for the "miscommunication" why didn't the driver ring us when he arrived - he had our number?????

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horrible card board pizza

We had vouchers through the door offering deals on buy one get one free etc... I thought I would try it out as I normally go to Dominos. Needless to say that I now understand why not only was the restaurant closed down and turned into a take away only but why they have so many offers on.
This pizza was the same price as Dominos and has a much taste as the sole of my shoe!
Pre made base that tasted of cardboard, enough sauce to cover a mouse size pizza and a topping that tasted of nothing. I have never tasted something that tastes of nothing before!!!
My husnand ordered a "meat feast" and got a "hint of meat" instead. What did we pay for??
After a long days snowboarding all you want is food to feed the senses and this was soooooooo not it...
I have read the reviews on Pizza Hut now and wish that I had done so before but honestly thought I was ordering from a large succesful company not the burger stand from outside of the public toilets! I was wrong...
...wasn't I?

manager absha stupid and rude

Manager absha at pizza hut southall makes mistakes and gets rude
I odered a pizza online and was delivered the wrong wrong pizza
When I rang in to complain manager told me to f... Off
And hangd up. I wrang in again and explaind she said do wateva you
Like I then told manager I will come and see u in person as I was leaving
I get a call back stating ur f..In pizzza will be with u soon
I then asked for a refund and found she hanged up on me
I then upset and angry'ly sat down and thought I dont diseerve that sort
Of service as I am paying so wrang in and she told f... You I have spat in your food
What you going to do.

I am shocked and would please like help on sorting out this bully
At pizza hut southall named absha

Any help welcome
Thank you