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bad service

Dear pizza hut fan... just want to share my experience at Bukit tinggi Klang jusco pizza hut... their manager on duty being rude to the client by asking us loudly and with harsh tone to wait outside the restaurant while we already sit at the table for about 10 minutes just because they need to clean up the table and take others order first... just family with a grandmother, a mother with 2 babies and 2 children have to wait outside after waiting and sit at the table for about 10 minutes??... we just leave the restaurant by giving an advice to the manager that he should have courtesy to the client by not asking them to wait outside but should politely ask the client to wait at their table ...

terrible customer service

My complaint that has not yet been addressed by Pizza Hut Canada. Was emailed in a week ago. I am writing...

ripp off's

I called in a pizza and cheese sticks gave them my name and phone number.when it was delivered there was no cheese on the cheese sticks it looked like bread sticks because the cheese was fried.The pizza was lacking on cheese what happend to the good old days where they didn't ripp off toppings and if I add extra cheese it's like how they use to make them.And every time this happens to me is the day I tip very well asumeing my order was good.Instead I pay 26 bucks for a cold pizza with hardley any toppings and breadsticks (cheesesticks).Then when I called to complain they cant find me in the computer because she can't find my phone number because she put it in wrong...(my phone number is a confusing one alot of the same numbers)It just sucked so I never will buy Pizza Hut again.

poor service

I seriously want to complain the poor service pizza hut at tesco alor setar. Issued 1) Last week, i went alone to tesco a/s pizza hut to having my lunch, 1 of the staff serve me the menu & after i made order (1 spagetti & 1 coke), i just saw the other table have a stand plate look like promotion item, then i just take the stand plate & back to seat to read, then i saw got 1 promotion is almost the same with my order (1 spagetti, 1 drink & bread stick) only at RM9.80 (included all tax), then i ask that staff whether i can get this promotion item, the feedback of that staff was really let me feel dissapointed, she said:" oh, sorry miss, the bill was printed out already, is unable to change." Finally, i get to pay RM 16++(is almost to pay double compare to the promotion price). As a customer, i think i have the right to know the "worth" of every cent that i will be to spend, do your parties agree that your staff suppose to give me the best suggestion & my "right" when im being make order?? Issud 2) Today (24th, april), i choose to forgive your staff so that i bring along my husband to there to having lunch 1 more time, we seat inside your pizza hut tesco a/s around 5-10 minute to wait any 1 to serve us, but i don't know whether is't we are chinese or we only 2 person, so that all the staff like never seen us. My husband asking me :"why nobody to serve us?"(that is not peak circumstances because onlygot 2-3 table customer, i think is not so busy hour)..On that moment, i saw a group of customer(5-6person) walk in and seat beside our table, then i tell to my husband:" never mind, we see whether the staff serve them rather than us or not, then we just decide having lunch at here or not here, ok?"..Really really dissapointed, the staff take the menu to serve them than us, somemore walking passed by our table and see us like transparent..i with my husband just stand up & walk out from your PizzaHut tesco alor setar..From the aboementioned of 2 issued, i just want to tell to your parties, although they treat me like this, but i also never scold any staff on the sport at there, "But", i will never never be your cusomer again, & i will tell to my family, friend, facebook friend about this issued...

  • Sc
    scha Jun 25, 2011

    staff at pizzahut sacc mall so lousy and playfull, dont do the follow-up, i got my food when it already cold, i had to remind them for about 3 times about my order and waited almost an hour to get my spaghetti done, yet i paid the service charge but i dont get the service that i wanted.

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  • Af
    afti Dec 17, 2011

    If you want to eat pizza hut, do not eat or take away, do not come near the pizza hut choice Supermall. slow service, long wait. guaranteed 14-minute chase, but half an hour ... sometimes more than that. chilli sauce ... not even the worst

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  • Za
    Zaq17 Feb 14, 2013

    Dear Management of Pizza Hut, I and my family are one of the regular customer of Pizza Hut. Last night we went to Pizza Hut Sungai Dua (near USM), Penang to have our dinner. There were lots of people inside the restaurant and we decided to join them although we knew that ordering may take some time. We made the order and waited. I don't really mind if the food came a little bit late BUT what make me very FRUSTRATED is that the quality food that they are serving is VERY POOR. My son have ordered Spaghetti Prawn Olio and what was delivered is a tasteless Olio, it just like taking a raw spaghetti. We have also ordered Deli Wings and what we get are a very pale look uncooked deli wings. I would like to advice the Management to monitor this kind of quality control on food they are serving. Please do not compromise the quality of food although there were lots of people in the restaurant. Thank you.

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  • Le
    lew.bin Jun 14, 2014

    I m want to complaint pizza hut delivery services. today i m make a delivery order at 9.00 p.m at center but forget the operate name which is the careless guy. after the operator take mine order, he said I can take my food at the Masjid Tanah pizza hut branch after halt an hour(9.30 p.m). when I m reach the pizza hut branch masjid tanah to get mine food, pizza hut staff said they don't get any order from the main center. fine.. I call back the center, the operator said my order had been send to the branch..then no any solution for my case. I m waiting more then half an hour( 10 pm) I m get frustrated and mad, I leave the pizza hut.
    this the fist t time i get the suck service from the delivery center, I m really disappointed with the pizza hut service.

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  • Su
    suhanas Jun 26, 2014

    today i went to pizza hut at jalan padang garong kota bharu kelantan for lunch. have to wait for 5 minutes for them to serve though only 2 tables of people there. don't know what they were doing at that time.then i placed an order with an unfriendly staff.had to wait for almost 10 minutes to get my mushroom soup but garlic bread arrived 15 minutes later. my soup was almost cold back then. i was frustrated as i've always like to eat my garlic bread with a hot mushroom soup.anyway, before that had to ask the waitress why my garlic bread has not arrived and after she asked the kitchen people i can hear them shouted 'SABAR LA!!'.i was shocked upon hearing their response.that was totally unexpected and mind you this will be the last time i will step into the premise

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health and safety

Filthy toilets, in mens, womens and handicap toilets. Toilets don't flush, bins are full of smelly...

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reckless driving

I am writing as a follow up to the conversation that I had with the shift manager, Sean at the Pizza Hut...

what customers was allowed to do at the table

We ordered our pizza and there was a birthday party group there also. The children were running and jumping...

treatment of employees

My experience with npc international/john jay associates/pizza hut was absolutely horrible. Let me simply say, they treated me like I was fecal matter.
I was hired as a management trainee. Well, it took them over 9 months to actually get serious about my management training (Despite repeated requests for a time frame). Would you like to know what actually got them serious about my promotion? Half of the management staff quitting. They had no choice but to promote me, or close the damn store.
Well, I found myself now working as a shift leader, with incomplete training for that position, and damn near running the store, after two more people slated for the position of store manager quit (All management who quit did so with no notice). So, with nobody else stepping up, I did the job, even though I had not been asked to do so. Without training, without experience at the position, I did my best and kept the store afloat for 9 months.
Did they decide after that initiative to make me the store manager? No, they did not. They went outside the store and hired a new store manager from another restaurant in the area. And I ended up having to help him do his job. Did that mean they were going to make me the assistant manager? No, they had someone else in mind for that, too. Someone who, up to that point, had never worked more than 12 hours in a week there before.
Two weeks before christmas, I was robbed, by two masked people, at gunpoint, and beaten. And, because I lost a whopping total of about $120 in that robbery, I was terminated. Fired. For being the victim of a crime.
When I applied for unemployment, they even attempted to deny the benefits. Their bs attempt at screwing someone who no longer worked for them was overruled by the labor relations board, as well as their attempt at not honoring worker's compensation claims for a back injury sustained in the robbery.
Work for this group ever again? Not bloody likely.

slow service, rude staff

Saw my pizza on the shelf waiting for the waiter/ress to bring to me. 5 minutes later no one bought it over so I asked the waitress if she could bring it, she said ok but decided to clean and set two tables, set them and take the order of anothr customer - which took a further 10 mins. She then bought the pizza to me - which was now cold and not cut. When I told it was cold she simply looked at me as if to say 'so what'. Didnt get an apology or another pizza!!

ordering, wrong pizza

My name is katherine dye. I'm writing in reference of a pizza I had order friday night [3/11/2011] . I told...

change of order

i ordered a pizza over the phone from pizza hut for a thin crust well like 2 seconds i called right after i hung up because i was suppose to get hand tossed. they told me sorry they can`t change an order I mean i can see if it was thirty or even ten minutes later. is this true orders can`t be changed in like 2-5 seconds after called in this happened tonight at 8.15 P.M. here in batesville ms

stealing money

I called them for the $10 special but since I wanted thin crust instead of thick or pan it was 2 dollars more, then I had my friend call on his cell and they said the same thing about thick crust. Then they charge me 2.50 for delivery AND they want me to tip the driver. They keep the 2, 50 so they get 4.50 extra on your order and the driver gets no tip because I dont know anyone who will pay twice for delivery. This has got to be against the law its classic bait and switch advertising and they are killing thier delivery drivers because you know they dont pay them whie they are sitting around at the shop.

poor management

I tried to called my order ahead of time but no one answered the phone, so I drove about 10 blocks to my local pizza hut (san juan, tx) about 4 people waiting for their order, (walk-ins had d same story) the dinner was not that busy, there where 2 managers:one in charge of to-go orders and one of the front desk, 2 young new hires cooking, 2 waitresses and 1 delivery boy. we placed or order, payed for it waited 45 minutes cuz d manager was giving out orders without checking who was d next customer.

  • Bo
    BONNIE CARTER Jul 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a gift card and decided to use it for lunch. Well the place was full, the buffet tables were empty, they were out of the Alfredo that people wanted and that poor young man was trying to handle everything from the phone, register, busing tables and getting drinks. Cant Pizza Hut afford to hire enough help? People were getting irate and cussing and yelling around. I felt really bad for the waiter. There was only 3 people in there to run the lunch rush. Not a good thing. I don't know if I will ever go back. Too bad...

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  • De
    debra lewis Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my mom, sister and my little girl and I went in pizza hut the waitress seated us never ask us if we wanted any thing just walked away I went up to the counter ask for drinks she was mad. Then she took our order never came back we spent over an hour waiting then they started to put pizzas on the salad bar I went up to see why our food was not coming she said it's on it's way we finally we said we are leaving because she said our pizzas were half way done so we got up and left.

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  • Th
    Theresa Banks Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To whom it may concern:

    I am the mother of Robert Banks who was involved in an incident on November 01, 2008 at the Newport, TN Pizza Hut located at 802 Cosby, Hwy. I am writing you because I feel my son was treated unjustly.
    If the managers at Pizza Hut had done there job, my son would still have his. The managers Matt and Cathy allowed an employee, Randy to come to work drunk, smelling like alcohol, yelling at not only the managers but other employee’s, and disturbing the customers at the counter. In my opinion, if they had fired Randy or told him to leave at the beginning, the problem would have been solved. The manager Liz and another person named Lisa told me by phone that none of this incident was Robert’s fault in anyway and yet he was fired. Matt, also a manager said that if it was up to him, he would bring Robert back immediately. They said Robert did everything possible to get Randy to leave him alone. My question is, why was Robert fired over something that management should have taken care of the first time when Randy came in smelling like alcohol. Randy clocked out went to the hospital and later called back to work wanting my son to come pick him up and Robert told him he couldn’t because he was working. Then Randy talked to a manager and the manager sent an employee to pick up Randy and bring him back to work which was asking for trouble. Who know's, that employee may have still been on the clock when he or she went to pick up Randy. Robert was defending himself after Randy hit him with his chest. Randy fell down when Robert pushed him because that’s what drunks do. Maybe you should have fired your mangers for bringing Randy back to Pizza Hut and not intervening to prevent the altercation when Randy came in twice starting trouble.


    Theresa Banks
    1524 W Hwy. 25/70
    Newport, Tn 37821

    For questions or answers you may have call:

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  • An
    Anwar Jan 22, 2009

    I am ad from, Pakistan. I have been the employer of pizza hut Faisalabad, I have very big complain for pizza hut, Pls contact my e mail, Thanks. Your sincely
    my e mail [email protected]

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  • Ol
    old customer Jan 25, 2011

    We had my grandsons birthday party at the pizza hut on tenth street we reserved the room for 20 to 30 we get there they stick us in a room barely big enough for 20 because they had sat people in the room we reserved. Then they finally left so we moved to the bigger room. The party ended up costing $136.00 we had 10 pizzas for $6.oo a piece 2 family order of bread sticks with cheese $14.00 the rest was for pop you mean to tell me you charge $1.30 for a little cup get real. we had a party in oct had 10 pizzas for $6.00 an I paid for breadsticks they gave pitchers of pop total price $62.00 What is the big difference? The manager Frank said it wasnt his problem to deal with it. Well I will not eat at another pizza hut an we ate there at least once a week with work for lunch. I dont understand the price of the pop we had 32 cups and they charged for each one. Please do something about this it is unfair that people have to deal with this kind of crap for a child to have a good birthday.

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  • Pl
    playpiano89 Jan 25, 2011

    I don't see the problem. You have to pay for what you ordered. They did no wrong, unless the price was listed wrong on the menu, but my guess is that it wasn't. $1.30 sounds about right for 1 beverage. Some restaurants charge even more than that. Tip for you for next time, instead of complaining to the restaurant for not giving you free drinks, perhaps have your party pay for their own individual drinks to help you out financially.

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  • Al
    Allan22 Feb 08, 2011

    its pizza hut, get over it.

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took my money, lied, refused refund

This isn't the first time they've done this... Google other reviews. I called pizza hut where I ordered and...


pada 20-01-2011, kami sekeluarga ke pizza hut di pasir Gudang, johor bahru.
Di Bars terdapat staff yang telah makan sambil berbual dan bermain, keadaan ini akan menimbulkan masalah kejatuhan imej pizza hut tersebut, ini menunjukkan tidak layanan yang mesra.kami pula berasa malu...

pizza hut gift coupon

I purchased several christmas gift cards at a Walmart in Yuma, AZ. Somehow, the intended gift cards that were mailed to the same individual were never received. I had a receipt with confirmation numbers on all of them. The gift coupons were from Walmart, Kohl's Department Store, and Pizza Hut. It is only Pizza Hut who refused to reissue me a new card, and kept claiming the confirmation number I had on my receipt never existed. Some barely speaking English Pizza Hut employee in the US, took down all of the information and promised to call me back within 3 days, it never happed. Then, somehow my complaint got rerouted to the Pizza Hut company in Australia! Again, I called the US Pizza Customer Service, quite simply, was told Pizza hut policy for lost or stolen gift cards is written on the back of each card. You lose it, or it is stolen - tough, you won't get another one.

imprint credit card numbers

I would like to bring to attention that the manager has drivers imprint Credit Card Numbers into the delivery...

fired for one mistake.

I used to work for Pizza Hut, however an incident cost me my job. I came across two men who were obviously gay. They wanted pickup. So after their pizza was ready we are supposed to say Enjoy you pizza right. Well this day I was not thinking straight and instead I said Enjoy your AIDS. Immediately these two asked to speak to a manager, they were really angry. The manager asked me if this were true. Thinking that if I todd the truth i will not get in trouble i said yes, he said to come in the kitchen and that i was fired because he does not want a lawsuit. Dammit.

cleanliness & attitude

I am writing this complaint about my experience in Pizza Hut, Queensbay Mall Penang on the 4th of Jan 2011. Windows were so filthy we had no view of the outside world, literally blur from inside. The pepper and cheese condiments were so dirty it was rusting and molding. Tables were not cleaned despite restaurant being empty. Manager Kamarul was rude n clueless when asked if they had any chili flakes, his reply was “I Don’t Know”, I don’t expect that from a store manager. We were not greeted when we arrived, had to look for my own seat, wake up get attention of staff for menu, food was served and we didn’t have plates or utensils to eat. Other customers walked in and sat there waiting for someone to walk pass. It took pizza about 35mins to arrive despite only two tables occupied at that moment. Staff were new or either just thick cud not comply with anything and seem not bothered we were there. I had always been a fan of pizza hut but this experience I had was horrible & upsetting. Very high standards have been set by your company I am pretty sure about it, but your employees and manager fail to comply with any of them including the manager !! I am filling in this feedback form to highlight what has happen. Me and cousins were shocked with what had happen we have never experience something like this ever in Pizza Hut it felt like sitting on a roadside hawker stall in Penang road saying that we would have got better service there. I hope someone in charge would take action or further investigate what has happen. I did fill up a feedback form at the store and submitted it to the manager. I asked for the suggestion box but he said we don’t have one just leave it on the counter, I am sure he would have thrown it away.
Email : [protected]

Thank you


too salty

All of a sudden, pizzas are very salty. When I complained to the store, they said they have no control over...