Pick n Pay / twinsaver toilet paper

River park Kuilsriver, South Africa

On the 24th of March i went to pick n pay River Park in Kuilsriver to buy toilet paper. I took them with the price that was writtten on the shelf but when i get on the tills the price went higher. Since the cashier was not having a till packer she asked me to fetch the price so that the supervisor can assist. I went to fetch the price and the cashier called Supervisor to assist the supervisor by the name Amanda was so rude and accused me of changing the price on the shelf. She said she does not have a proof that the price i took was on those toilet papers so i changed it. Was so angry after i have waisted my time and the wrong pricing on the shelf she accused me of changing the prices. I stay in Kuilsriver and i do my shopping there i mean i am a regular customer now how can i just change prices on the shelf? I think its about time i take that pick n pay to news papers as it is for the 2nd time i had a complaint there.

Mar 24, 2019

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