Pick n Paytoy machine

I walk into your shop about 18:36 with my son of 4 years old we came from spur where they had a toy machine my son realised that there is another toy machine in pick n pay and decided that he wants this toy in the machine I went to the cashier made change so that he can play the game or win this toy the security ask me what's wrong I told him that the toy didn't cum out of the machine security told me to go to the manager manager told me to speak to the supervisor got to supervisor she didn't even look at me was busy doing her own thing now im already frustrated supervisor finally looked at me didn't ask what's wrong nothing I explain to her she decide to pull her face but I sore her looking at my sons hand while shes doing that finally she have the nerv to ask me what's the complain if your son have a toy in his hand dear God he had to help me that time will I walk up and down for a 5 rand and take a attitude if I had the toy the toy wasn't from your machine it was from spur and are you saying we are a thefts I am fed up of the way people get treated in the shop you really need to look into this its pathetic they look at your face and decide how to treat you that's not all than she have a nerv to talk about me in Xhosa not knowing I understand cause I work at the high court in cape town not sorry nothing she ask the cashier to give me a 5 rand its not about the 5 rand its the principal the fact that u judge me as a supervisor u really need training disgusted

Oct 01, 2019

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