Pick n Paybad, rude and unpleasant service from cashier

Fp Oct 01, 2019

So today I went to PNP Wynberg and did my shopping like I always do. Stood in the line and one of my friends came to me and ask me if I could pay for their things, as it was just one thing none of the customers behind me had a problem with it as I was dine paying for his and mine things the cashier tells me that I should never do that again as it it unacceptable. I look at her and asked her politely if she could tell me what I did that was wrong. The cashier then start bashing at me shouting and causing a scene at the till as I was asking her where in the company policy it states that I cannot pay for another persons item and show just got rude I then called one of the managers and explained the situation the manager then told me if the customers behind me didn't say anything then she doesn't see what the big deal is. The cashier ( Marlene Lawrence) continues with her disrespectful behave. I then told her she is rude and disrespectful she then tells me "loep net voor ek myself verloor" as she was much older then me I kept my calm and just told her she was rude and the service here is bad. She didn't even give me my slip and card she threw it on the counter and moved on to the next apology nothing. I then speok to another manager and he apologized and understood where I was coming from. And told me that reporting it to the store is not really going yo do much as she keeps getting away with it and a formal complaint should he raised. I always do my shopping at PNP and I was disgusted by the service I received from Marlene I was shaking and embarrassed as she did it in front of all the customers. How many other customers did she not give this type of service to and got away with it. Its making PNP Wynberg look unprofessional and not good service. I knew felt or had that type of service in all my years shopping in retails store. I would really like this matter to be taken further. Hoping yo get feed back soon.
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Pick n Pay

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