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A Sep 08, 2019 Review updated:

Flight from Bangkok to Manila to San Francisco on July 3, 2019 flight numbers 731 and 104. Booking ref. LQUQXL
I always am allowed to take my guitar on the plane with ALL other airlines. It's expensive and fragile. I was NOT allowed to take my guitar with me on Philippines Air, but online I read that I could. I was assured they would handle my guitar carefully.

When the plane landed in San Francisco I was coincidentally seated on the window looking at the baggage being unloaded. To my shock my guitar was allowed to run off the conveyor belt ONTO THE GROUND! Where it could be stepped on or run over!

My picture clearly shows my guitar on the ground, I also have video. I suggest you offer me a free business class flight from Bangkok to San Francisco next July to resolve this matter. Otherwise I will take it to social media. I am a songwriter and have studio experience. I may even write a song about it. Check out the YouTube hit "United Breaks Guitars". Bad PR for United. I could cause the same bad PR for Philippine Airlines. A free flight could be the least you guys could do and it would cost you next to nothing with always an empty seat on those long haul flights.
C D Bell

Philippine Airlines


  •   Sep 27, 2019

    The claims of the passenger regarding the damaged baggage should be presented to the air carrier or to the agent of the air carrier not later than 7 days following the finished flight.
    This is not the air carrier site, but the site for the public complaints.

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