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Virgin Australia Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Virgin Australia Airlines / missing luggage

Oct 04, 2019

File Reference : SYDVA75624/04OCT/19/0808GMT. Flight/Date:VA859/04OCT. One brand Ragdoll dark blue 24" hardcase luggage from Melbourne airport to Sydney arrival 5:45pm was missing. There is no update at all and nobody pickup the phone.It caused very inconvenient for us. Please help to...

Virgin Australia Airlines / baggage handling on va935

Oct 03, 2019

Virgin Australia AirlinesRecovered bags at Sydney Australia international airport to clear customs and recheck bags at the Virgin transfer counter. Our Lipault brown wheel bag was in complete working order. When we arrived in Brisbane and retrieved the from baggage carousel 1, the bag was open and one of the back...

Virgin Australia Airlines / velocity flight points

Oct 02, 2019

Can you please explain why flights are more expensive when I try to use my velocity membership to redeem flights? Without using my velocity membership, flights on two specific dates range from 125 to 159 one way When I go through the "redeem your velocity points on flights" the minimum...

Virgin Australia Airlines / customer service

Oct 01, 2019

Hello, On Tuesday 1 October at approximately 3.35pm the woman manning the Virgin priority (staff) baggage check at Brisbane airport was difficult, rude and patronising to the three people directly in front of me. I'm sorry I didn't get her name as I was being pushed through a busy baggage...

Virgin Australia Airlines / food service in business class

Sep 27, 2019

I was a passenger flying from Gold Coast to Adelaide Thursday September 26 leaving 1215. I was in seat 1 D. When we were asked about our meal choice within half hour of take off 2 other people before me ordered. I wanted a salad I was told by male host who had not introduced himself that...

Virgin Australia Airlines / injury caused by virgin australia airline flight attendant.

Sep 24, 2019

Virgin Australia AirlinesOn Friday the 13th of September on flight VA91 to Rarotonga, Flight Attendant Christine crashed the food trolley cart into my son's leg. Initially she apologised but then went on to make the following statement; "but you need to to get your leg out of the way, we are busy here" Christine didn't...

Virgin Australia Airlines / lacking service

Sep 21, 2019

We just arrived on our flight from Melbourne to cairns flight VA1295, we flew Business Class We were served our meal, 8 seats 2 occupied by children in business. I was ignored firstly & then when asked what I wld like (last, but that's not the problem) I had no choice but beef curry, ...

Virgin Australia Airlines / How dare you make us wait 8 hours for a connecting flight

Sep 13, 2019

I thought I was happy to have booked on Virgin airlines ...your Australia line to be exact appears I was mistaken. How dare you not rebook customers before they leave Australia when you KNOW that they will miss their connecting should at least advise people that they will...

Virgin Australia Airlines / meet and assist service

Sep 04, 2019

When I booked a flight ( Ref No:GGAQWI) I also booked the meet and greet service for my sister who suffers anxiety and has never travelled by herself. I was extremely disappointed to learn that the service was never received. My sister was looking for someone for help, don't offer a...

Virgin Australia Airlines / dropping bags disk at sydney domestic airport

Aug 20, 2019

Virgin Australia AirlinesOn the 19/Aug/2019 domestic flight No VA 539 booking reference VHWIFV, I checked in online and I choose 2 exit seats with a cost of 80 AUD and all was confirmed, when I reached to the airport I do baggage tagging and Printed boarding pass, when I reached to the drop baggage disk, Mr Felix...

Virgin Australia Airlines / staff verbally abused me and my 8 year old with autism.

Jul 29, 2019

Flight cancelled 15 mins before boarding cause pilot timed out. Told to wait in a 2 hour que to book a new flight for the next day. When I approached the original gate boarding desk attendant to explain this what not possible as a single dad with an autistic child, I was told, "Everybody ha...

Virgin Australia Airlines / customer service - seat placement on flight

Jul 28, 2019

Hi, I was on the Cairns to Melbourne 1pm flight yesterday. Our original flight was cancelled & we were put on a later flight which was fine. When we arrived to check in the lady told us that as the flight was full we were sitting apart as we were not a couple because our names weren't...

Virgin Australia Airlines / forgot an iphone at the airplane and nobody cares

Jul 20, 2019

I forgot my Iphone in the flight from Townsville to Brinbaine and despite several calls and emails. nobody cares and I do not get any feedback. As soon as we left the airport I called and to report the forgotten iten and they told me to check again the next day as the airplane was not...

Virgin Australia Airlines / boarding procedure

Jul 16, 2019

Flight VA810 from sydney to melbourne 7.15 am Tuesday July 9 2109 I was boarding this flight with 3 friends at 7 am...there was a man boarding immediately ahead of us and also someone behind us i.e. we were not the last to board, though admittedly running a bit late. We were not seated...

Virgin Australia Airlines / flight va0467 08:00 Perth to Brisbane 1st June 2019

Jun 02, 2019

Virgin Australia flight VA 0467 08:00 Perth to Brisbane 1st June 2019 - COMPLAINT My wife, Yvonne Felix (age 78), and I, Charles Blanshard (age 67) were scheduled to fly from Perth to Brisbane on flight VA 467 at 08:00 1st June 2019. We arrived at Perth Domestic airport and checked in on...

Virgin Australia Airlines / no options for vegan or vegetarian meal for the complimentary meal

May 26, 2019

My partner and I purchased a flight from Melbourne to Vanuatu with virgin and we are extremely disappointed with the service of the on board meal options. We are vegan and vegetarian and we don't get to choose this option for our meal. We have to pay extra on top of the flight price if we...

Virgin Australia Airlines / damaged suitcase

Apr 24, 2019

On a flight to from Sydney/Brisbane/Rockhampton QLD Thursday 18th April 2019, one of our suitcases was damaged and a swivel wheel came off, I purchased a new Samsonite suitcase for the return journey on Monday 22 April, upon landing we noticed that the security lock mechanism was damaged...

Virgin Australia Airlines / baggage

Feb 20, 2019

Virgin Australia AirlinesTo Whom it May Concern, I Matthew David Sproul was flying to Melbourne from the Auckland Airport on the 20th February Wednesday morning at 6:30am. My Flight was VA 164 seat 10a ticket number 7952153594025Y and my Booking Reference was ROQTKH. At around 4:45 at Auckland Airport I...

Virgin Australia Airlines / velocity membership / missing points

Jan 25, 2019

I have for the past four weeks been trying to retrieve about 700 missing points. I have had to call VA membership only to be on hold or waiting and each call taking well over 30 minutes, meaning I have to schedule time in my day to complete these calls. I keep getting told that my issue...

Virgin Australia Airlines / baggage services

Jan 22, 2019

My luggage did not arrive on my international flight, VA104 from Wellington NZ, to Brisbane Australia on Tuesday 22 of January 2019. I waited at the baggage carousel until the conveyer belt stopped and the message was displayed on the digital carousel sign saying "all baggage on carousel...

Virgin Australia Airlines / business class

Jan 13, 2019

Virgin Australia AirlinesGood Morning My name is Elizabeth Haythornthwaite, and yesterday I purchased a business class flight from PERTH to Melbourne- Flight VA680 I purchased a business class ticket to enjoy a pain free flight which would accommodate my health needs due to knee injury. I was horrified to find that...

Virgin Australia Airlines / communication

Jan 07, 2019

Booked online which I provided my contact details of mobile number and email address as that's how I received the booking details. Departure flights out of Port Macquarie to Sydney weren't until 540pm. Went to leave the hotel at 9:58AM as we had planned out our day when I received a missed...

Virgin Australia Airlines / charges for my 3kg item on flight va164

Jan 03, 2019

When we left Melbourne flight delayed over 2hrs and gate changed 3 times from Gate 4 to 19 then gate 3. Now our return flight has no gate number we are left in limbo with an hr to leave. I was under my weight quota and wanted to add an item 3kgs and was charged $130 for my $20 item to be...

Virgin Australia Airlines / damaged suitcase - refused to cover repair/ replacement cost

Jan 03, 2019

The damage started when travelling Brisbane -Wellington and worsened on flight wellington- Sydney- Brisbane (our direct flight the day before was cancelled by Virgin Australia) one week later. Phoned airline at airport and also notified the airline manager (Carla Wilson) in Wellington...

Virgin Australia Airlines / check in service in sydney

Dec 18, 2018

I have no obligation to inform any airline that I suffer psychogenic non-epileptic seizures as there is no medication or medical assistance required. However as a curtesy I do inform airlines that I suffer PNES and I also have a ‘safe to fly certificate' from my GP. At Sydney airport I produced...

Virgin Australia Airlines / lost luggage

Dec 11, 2018

Re. Lost luggage VA227132 I flew from Cairns to Christchurch (via Melbourne) on Sumday 18th November and my bag did not arrive in Christchurch. I was without my bag for the full 2 weeks that I was in New Zealand. I was advised that my bag arrived at Christchurch airport on the 22nd November...

Virgin Australia Airlines / in flight service

Dec 11, 2018

I was very thirsty and i asked for a cup of water but was told to wait for the meal to be served together with water. About 45 mins went by I was still not served meal nor water. If you want to improve your service please serve water at the beginning of the flight before serving meal...

Virgin Australia Airlines / airline

Nov 29, 2018

Virgin Australia Airlines22 Ada Place Ultimo Sydney NSW 2007 30/11/18 Complaint regarding flight VA 141 22nd November 2018 I travelled on flight VA 141 Sydney to Auckland on 22nd November 2018 seat number 21C - see attached boarding pass. On the printed ticket it states a departure time of 1000 and an arrival...

Virgin Australia Airlines / price matching

Nov 28, 2018

Virgin Australia AirlinesWas about to make a booking via an another associated company. But decided to try get price match thru you since I'm a volicity member([protected]) I was told this couldn't be done even though I had proof a flight price. Please see attached photo of flight times and price it also shows the...

Virgin Australia Airlines / terrible service on virgin airlines

Nov 18, 2018

Wednesday 14th November. I was due to catch flight 0834 departing Sydney to Melbourne at 11 am and arriving 12.35 and leaving Melbourne and due in at Launceston at 2.15 pm. This was cancelled early in the morning I got notification I left at 2.30 pm from Sydney and arrived Late at 4.15. no...

Virgin Australia Airlines / check in at adelaide airport

Nov 16, 2018

On the 7/11/2018 at 4.30am my husband and I checked in for our flight to Perth which left at 6.40am flight VA 713. The service counter was free from anyone lining up to check in so we decided to go to the counter instead of the self check-in machines. The woman at the counter asked me sternly...

Virgin Australia Airlines / changing / removing from scheduled flight

Nov 15, 2018

I wish to make a complaint this morning in regards to my connecting flight from Melbourne to Hobart today. I was on the 6.05 am flight VA204 from Adelaide to Melbourne. When we landed in Melbourne at 7.54am and just before disembarking from the plane, there was an announcement that passenger...

Virgin Australia Airlines / excess baggage fee

Nov 12, 2018

I was traveling from Sydney to Melbourne in 12/11/18 3pm flight and checked in with my husband with one suitcase weighing 27kg. Because we had one bag we were charged $70 even though we were technically 21kg under the combined weight of allowed luggage . We believe this is grossly unfair...

Virgin Australia Airlines / veteran proposal

Nov 05, 2018

My wife and I are Velocity FF members. We object to the proposal to honour "veterans" on Virgin Australia flights. This is an American cultural practice, not Australian. Even the term "veteran" is American. The returned service men and women of Australia are honoured in different ways e.g...

Virgin Australia Airlines / unsatisfactory advice

Oct 24, 2018

First complaint made Saturday 9pm. On Saturday 20 th October I was to be on a flight from Canberra to Sydney at 4-05, on arrival at the check out I was advised that the flight would be delayed till 4-40, due to the storms( I advised the attendant that I needed to be in Sydney for a family...

Virgin Australia Airlines / flight change

Oct 14, 2018

I was booked on Virgin Flight VA688 From Perth to Melbourne... My mind has not been where it should be as my sister is about to pass away from Cancer in the next week or two. I read the E Ticket as the flight leaving at 3.00pm Saturday 13th October... but it was actually 1.00pm.. 13.00pm ...

Virgin Australia Airlines / customer service at check in and on phone

Oct 09, 2018

I arrived at check in over 2 hours early and requested to purchase an upgrade to business class the customer service agent at check in said I would have to call to purchase an upgrade and checked me in. I then called the number he provided and they told me I could not purchase an upgrade to...

Virgin Australia Airlines / self serve check in cause of delay issues

Oct 09, 2018

My two brothers and auntie were not able to drop off their checked in bags on time and missed their original flight yesterday morning due to the self-serve check in problems of my brother, Jericho Tabu. Their actual flight was VA 211 from Melbourne to Adelaide, 7:05AM to 8:00AM, October 8...

Virgin Australia Airlines / rain damaged suitcase and contents

Oct 05, 2018

Virgin Australia AirlinesTo Customer Service Department Virgin Australia. I am writing on behalf of my partner Annette Shone who along with five other family members traveled on the following flights from Canberra, Australia to Queenstown, New Zealand on 04 October 2018: VA633 - CBR to SYD VA163 SYD to ZQN All...

Virgin Australia Airlines / flight from denpasar bali to sydney

Oct 04, 2018

My husband and I recently flew Virgin from Sydney to Denpasar. On the outbound flight my husband had a window seat (he is a little claustrophobic) but there was no window! Just a plastic panel and the seats were very tight. I am 5'2" and 55kg and found it difficult. We spent the entire...