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Philippine Airlinescheck-in luggage (specifically the wheels)

I would like to file for a complaint due to the negligence from one of the check-in baggage attendant from PAL which is stationed in Terminal 2 Hong Kong International Airport last June 18, 2018 at 3:30pm. While I was weighing my luggage for check-in, she immediately pulled my bag for tagging but the wheels got stuck on the conveyer belt and the rubber got destroyed. I called her attention and she brushed me off and allowed me to sign the waiver for fragile tagging. May I know if PAL can replace or repair the damage that brought this complaint? Thank you.

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    Philippine Airlinesbaggage delayed and damaged

    During my trip with my wife, from Dubai Fri,  May 04 to Porto Princesa Sat,  May 05, passing true Manila, I faced many inconvenients
    The flight from Dubai to Manila was delayed and probably for that reason our baggage was not boarded in the flight to Porto Prices.
    Therefore when we arrived in Puerto Princesa our baggage was missing.  

    We went immediately to claim the missing bagages and a "Baggage Irregularity Report" was prepared by Philippine Airline staff that fill in only partially the form and refuse to provide a copy to us.

    After our indication and insistence, they contacted Manila Airport and receive the confirmation that the baggage was in Manila and was planned to be send with next flight.

    Therefore Philipphine Airline staff committed to call us as soon the baggage was received and that they will take care to ship to our Hotel.

    We never receive a call and after 2 days and several calls from our side, we were able to truck the baggage that was assigned to Recaro to bring to us but we were requested to pay 1000 PHP when we receive on Monday,  May 07.
    In particular my baggage has been found damaged
    When I flight back, in Manila I raise the issue in Manila Airport to the philippine airline office that prepared a claim and provide the printout to me, instructing to send an e-mail attaching all documents and the bagage photo to [protected]
    I sent the e-mail as instructed, I sent also to
    [protected] but no any reply or reimbursement has been received

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      • loydi Aug 13, 2020
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Good day complain ko lng tong baggage ko damaged kbibili ko lng wasak agad flight ko from dubai intl airport ng 10 august 2020 arrival manila ninoy aquino intl.. pr659.11 august.. nireport ko n po pro wla pang replay s email ko.. [protected] pls.. p imfo ako kung ano dpat gwin salamat po.


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      Philippine Airlines — Refund

      Refund Application NBR HIA 1801585 Passengers: Timoteo P de la Paz Aurora E de la Paz Filed at PHILIPPINE AIR...

      Pasay City

      Philippine Airlinesendangering lives of the passenger

      6th of june 2018 pr720 manila - london. We're supposed to arrive 19:30 in london heathrow airport but instead landed 21:57. It may seem not much of the difference but we have almost exhausted our fuel circling around the air for more than an hour before russian airspace border. The pilot only announced after an hour has already passed. The flight path shows the traces on how much we went around same spot for the time elapsed. How could a passenger planer take off from it's origin without reviewing the clearances needed throughout the whole trip? Russia as being largely part of the flight, how could it be overlooked or missed, when the pilot is getting the clearance confirmation we are already in the air and we could be air strike or shot down if we have gone a tad bit in the russian border without securing an airspace clearance. My heart is wrenching and my stomach is churning as I am in the flight with my baby. I am completely nervous wrecked. After another hour or so the pilot made another announcement "we won't make it to london" I almost have a heart attack as it should not be how you make your passenger feel at ease. The pilot continuous and say "we need to stop over in hamburg, germany as it's the closest technical team pal to assist them as the plane needs to refuel".
      As we landed in germany, we are dealt with the technician on the ground, passengers were told to stay inside the plane during the procedure, I have not seen an airplane having it's fuel done while passengers are in the plane. I tried to keep myself calm the whole flight even if I know pal have endangered our life for doing a risky stupid decision to take off without securing the airspace clearance beforehand. I tried to be calm so that the other passengers won't be provoked in to panic. The flight attendants are generally unfriendly and snobbish, rather than making passengers feel better.
      I have been in contact with their helpline in facebook asking how to make a formal complaint and it seems the information and assistance are being withheld and to be [censored] before they provide information.
      It was a traumatic experience for me and my baby. I would like to file a legal lawsuit against pal and use the media to get their attention that shall affect the airline quality rating

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        • Complainant20091 Jun 12, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Mrs. Lediminda dC Dalagan,
          Your above complaint does not contain any data (flight IDs, boarding pass, e-ticket, any reasonable prove of damage) or any irrgegulation on the part of the air carrier .

          I am not a member of the Philippine Airlines.

          manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
          e-mail: aryan(at)
          kindly substitute anti spam @=(at) for request for a possible complaint .

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        Philippine Airlinesmissing baggage

        I had a flight Manila to Jeddah last May 18, 2018. PR662. I checked-in two baggages. When I arrived here in Jeddah, only 1 baggage was there and the other one was missing. I made a complaint in King Abdulaziz International Airport upon arrival and told me that they will let me know if my bag arrived. I messaged Philippine Airlines Facebook webpage and they are always saying sorry for inconvinience and they will be updating me if they found my bag already. Everyday I am making followup with the Saudi Airport and PAL facebook webpage but still no news where my baggage is. It is been one week since I lost my baggage today. Until now still no update. It is very unacceptable and I will make sure that I will make the higher authority knows this. How come a 4 star airline cannot find my baggage. My flight was a direct flight. What a disappointment.

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          Philippine Airlinesover charged without considerations

          last 20 paalis kami flt mapan Vancouver Via PAL 5 kami 2senior mom ko at auntie and my 2kids 5yo and19mos old naka pagcheck in sa counter nakapasok kami immig then waiting kami bording. while waiting we heard na nag aanounce sila kung sino ang pwede magpa off load to trvel onother day for something in return iether ticket or whatever kasi marami pasahero. less than an hour boarding time na. timawag kami at kami ang mauna dahil may bata at nakawheelchair na dalawa. upon inspection nakita nila na yung anak ko na isa eh may red eye on his right eye which it got irritated sa boarding gate na dahil kinamot nya ng kinamot alam mo na bata which is the reason kaya kami ma off load sa flt dahil soreeyes daw di naman pwede bumyahe 2 senior na wala ako at di ko rin naman pwedwng iwanan ang anak ko. they bring us to quarantine at sabi ipagamot daw muna bago bumyahe. and we got of loaded all of usthe thing is nung kukuha kami ulit ng ticket sa PAL they r not giving us anymore consideration they are charging us 30000 each.ang tanong napapaupload sila nag volunteer itong 2 senior kasi ako lang inaaaahan nila...dapat may return ako kasi minor de edad ang Bata at ako ang parent

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            • Complainant20091 May 23, 2018
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Maaari mong maunawaan mula sa header, na ang mga reklamo ay tungkol sa mga serbisyo ng eroplano, hindi tungkol sa mga damdamin sa hindi natukoy na lugar. Pagbati.

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            Philippine Airlines — medical illness ticket refund

            Dr orders prevented my aunt from flying on her reservation day, account of dialysis. Iwas denied full refund...

            Philippine Airlines — pal employee

            I would like to report an employee named Nikky Pineda who is a flight attendant of Philippine Airline who...

            Philippine Airlinesflight cancellation

            London to Manila. We booked flights for Thursday 7th June. 3 weeks before our flight date we have been told that the flight is cancelled and we either have to fly a day later and miss the wedding or a day earlier and have to take unpaid leave and deal with work complications because of it. If we had known before we would have chosen a different airline, however 3 weeks before the flight date flights have sky rocketed in price and suitable flights not available so is not an option. What's more the flights we now were cheaper at the time of booking so we have now also overpaid for a flight we did not want. No compensation or apology from Philippines Airlines so far. Very poor service and terrible reliability.

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              • Complainant20091 May 15, 2018
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                In order to understand / or to believe / the main data shall be provided:
                *full e-ticket,
                * any notification on the cancellation
                which are absent total.
                The air carrier shall provide the service in case of the defined cancellation.
                There are no evidences of fault of the Philippine Airlines in such description.
                If you do not know, how to submit the complaint,
                you can hire the professional for a small remuneration.

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              Philippine Airlinesplane to small for long flight

              To Whom it May Concern,
              My Family and i just got back from a vacation in the Philippines, The Plane
              we were on coming back on was Great! it was a 777 the one we flew over
              on was an air Bus 430 15 hr Airbus are for short flights not long ones !!!on it was pure hell the seat were hard very uncomfortable and the Stewardess very unfriendly, just so you know we paid full fare for our tickets we were so disappointed in the plane over so please change this or we will no longer take your airline to go home the flight we were on was flight 112 and 113 I just wanted you to know this so you could fix it Please !!!

              Meyer & Emily Jones

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                Philippine Airlines — damaged luggage

                Date of the incident: March 29, 2018 Flight: PR 104 Business Class: A We would like to report our luggage...

                Philippine Airlinesegregious cancellation charges

                I booked a domestic flight using the PAL online booking for August 14, 2018 for myself, wife and 2 year old daughter. For personal reasons I had to cancel. I contacted the PAL refund department on April 9, 2018 to initiate a cancellation refund. The total cost for my booking was PHP18, 583. I was informed that the refund fee for cancellation would be PHP 4, 000 for each passenger for a total of PHP12, 000. My total refund would be approximately PHP2, 600. I was charged over 60% of the cost of my booking for refund fees. I was stupid for not checking the Fares and Penalties of my booking. Sure enough buried in the quagmire of PAL's Fares and Penalties section I found the totally ridiculous Refund Fees for cancellation. After a week of emails back and forth with the Refund Department I was finally issued a paltry refund. I will never again book a flight with PAL for as long as I'm alive. I strongly believe they intend to squeeze every penny they can out of the customer without regard to customer satisfaction. They are the Flag Ship carrier for the Philippines. I would choose Cebu Pacific over PAL any day.

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                  Philippine Airlines — baggage not received

                  Hi Goodafternoon ask ko lang about sa baggage ni Mr. Hansrudolf Hipolito arrival nya is flight PR105 April 11...

                  Philippine Airlinesdelayed baggages

                  I had a connecting flight with pal via davao to manila under pr1816 last april 01, 2018 at 14:35. Several times the crew reminded me that i will receive my baggages in abu dhabi, my last destination. Unfortunately, upon boarding in manila via etihad i checked the crews if my baggages have been transferred and unfortunately they said negative. I had no choice but to take my flight ey423. They just advised me that upon arrival i will file a complaint about this issue.

                  This cause too much inconvenience, my baggages have consumables for which for sure i will not be able to enjoy anymore. My medicines are there.

                  I received an sms this morning that my baggages have arrived and it will delivered. I thought it will immediately be delivered as they said they will make the necessary action within 24hours. I skip my job today waiting for my baggages but until now, its 14:36 nobody tried to call me for the delivery.

                  This is very much stressful.

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                    Philippine Airlinesflight denied boarding situation

                    Dear Sir/Madam:

                    We are sending you this email to officially lodge a complaint against one of your staff who dealt with our flight (please see Attached) during this difficult and stressing time of catching our flight back to Hong Kong. My whole family and I booked a returned flight and we expect that we will not encounter such fiasco. We are aware that from time to time they are some un avoidable circumstances that flights maybe cancel or delayed to weather or engine problem and others: i.e. bomb treat.

                    As a big and successful airline, that is why we choose to fly with knowing all will be handled properly and for us not to worry about the problem we encountered about over booking. The over booking was not explained to us properly and why in this modern age of computer this issues/problem arises.

                    Although your company compensated us-that was not the answer to all of this.

                    Firstly, there is no amount of money the inconvenience that your staff and the airline were given to us.

                    The staff where rude and does not know how to handle and talked to the people who are in distressed. You cannot blame the passengers if they would lost there temper because of lack of explanation on the part of your staff.

                    Instead of explaining to us what happened-they are throwing the blame on us for not checking on line or even arriving to check in earlier.

                    As I mentioned it was not the fault of the passenger the mess the PAL made in doing the booking.

                    We arrive plenty of time to check in.

                    Secondly, Out of frustrations, this experienced was posted on FB and I only stated the fact.

                    One of your employees who go by the name of Tiffany Lovely Yang wrote a reply on my comment. However, the problem on her reply was rather than being apologetic and tries to rectify the fiasco of the booking and checking in she made it worse for us.

                    Her comments are UN acceptable, she replied not in a professional manner.

                    As an employee of company well established like PAL-her un professionalism cannot be ignore. Her answer of trying to put the blame on us missing to have a sit on the plane is out of order. For her to mention that we should have pre booked and paid for in securing sit in advance and come earlier than those who secure a sit on the plane is out of question

                    As mentioned before -we paid for a ticket so we expect to have a sit allocated to us flying back to HK. Those who choose to pay extra are there prerogative.

                    To accused us my husband of yelling to her telling that Hey, Miss what do you think us Domestic helper and even stating we are not cheap and I worked in an office is something that will never utter. We do not care who you are, where you come from and how rich or poor you are. At the end of the day, we all worked for living.

                    Seems like she is trying to accuse us of looking down on people, maybe she is the one who has a problem with those who works abroad.

                    I have enclosed a copy of her reply on the FB and will wait for your prompt reply.

                    Best regards,

                    Sheryl Bucsit

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                      Philippine Airlineslost baggage and slow return of baggage

                      I flew from Bozeman, Montana on 2/20/18 and arrived in Manila on 2/21/18 on PR421. My bag with all my clothing and medical supplies was not there on my arrival. I reported the lost baggage with Philippine Airlines in terminal 2 upon my arrival MLPR94461. I called several times by phone to check on my bag status on 2/22 and each time I called I was given different conflicting information regard the status of my bag. I tried to search the bags status on line and the site shows my bag is still in Japan at HND since 2/22 2:30 PM. It is still stating that my bag is still Japan and it is now 2/23 6:48 AM Manila time. this bag should have been updated and put on the next available flight to Manila and if it was put on flight 421 on 2//22 the system should be updated! I called Delta claims this morning and they Gave me the reference number that I have included in this report. I was not given this number when the bag was reported lost.

                      I want my bag back as it contains medical supplies that I need to maintain my health. It is very distressing to be far from home with the very real possibility of becoming gravely ill. I also had to purchase some clothes to hold me over. I would like to request a full refund of my fare as compensation for my distress and my expenses in dealing with this loss

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                        Philippine Airlines — airline tickets

                        Hello I purchased airlines tickets for jan 26, 2018 friday for cebu to clark at 14:15 economy cla...

                        Philippine Airlinesnot responding to letter of complaint after 3 months


                        I put in a complaint to Philippines Airlines back in November, I had an initial response with a reference number and saying they would look into it and that is the last I heard anything. That was 24 November 2017.

                        I have been emailing weekly, have tried to phone but have been told I have to email them. I having no response at all in months!

                        What can I do? As I am in UK and there customer service department is in Philippines I cannot do anymore than what I am doing.

                        Please can you help? We had a terrible time due to the airline and ruined a holiday of a lifetime so want some sort of compensation to cover extra costs we had to pay out in excess of £600 plus we lost several days of our holiday which we want compensation for.

                        I have all the documentation and proof required if you can help me. I cannot attach the documents as it is a scan pdf file.

                        Please help

                        Kind regards

                        Hannah Lane

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                          Philippine Airlines — ticket fee refund

                          My father and mother in law book a flight at agent ssmdc Rosario, Cavite from Manila to Bacolod. Sched...

                          Philippine Airlinesmy property has been damaged

                          You people forced me to check in my brand new acoustic guitar because apparently they're not allowed as carry on which makes no sense because i've seen people bring their guitars as carry on all the time. Your employees guaranteed that if in the event that my guitar were to be damaged, your company would replace it. Take care of this issue, I am outraged!!!

                          my property has been damaged

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