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The pa I lottery app is clearly and horribly rigged to set up players to lose and they are stealing ridiculous amounts of money from people every day! At this point I have had it with this scam of an application and I demand that all of my deposits be refunded in full. This has occurred over the period of months playing at this place and I have gathered copious statistics that prove their odds presented are fully inaccurate and that it is literrally impossible that the losses i have taken would happen. Its actually more likely in terms of statistics that I had been struck by lightning twice then lost as many games as I have.

May 31, 2019
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  • Lo
      Jun 11, 2019

    I agree. Isn't it nice how they let you win at first, and then once they have you hooked no wins whatsoever, and also so many wins when you bet 10 cents !!! Wins on bigger amounts NEVER!!!
    I have actually filled a claim with the PA Attorney General, but of course they forwarded it to the lottery commission. I get a call from the security person at the lottery commission, and it is just blah blah blah. Who on Gods green earth
    lets the lottery police themselves? I know it is gambling, but don't you think you should win once in awhile?
    Same with their scratch off tickets, and Keno just a plain rip off. They track your phone so they are letting people
    win that they want to win!!! Same thing with I lottery, sign in, let them access your phone etc. etc. They know who they want to win, can we all say Collusion!!!

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