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Philadelphia Office
700 Packer Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148
Wilkes-Barre Office
49 South Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
Harrisburg Office
1200 Fulling Mill Road, Suite 2, Middletown, PA  17057
Clearfield Office
1000 Leonard St., Clearfield, PA 16830
Pittsburgh Office
1424 Western Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Erie Office
4802 Pittsburgh Ave., Erie, PA 16509

Lehigh Valley Office
555 Union Blvd., Suite 5, Allentown, PA 18109

Complaints & Reviews

scam site, will not release the funds you win

Scam! Will not release the funds you won until you waste all the money in your account and use their "bonus" credit. So only after you waste all money are you allowed to deposit something into your account. But by then you've wasted all your money so there is nothing to deposit. PA IS THE WORST!

Crap site, crap graphics and "chat" doesn't really want to help because they know its a scam.

Lottery pay by credit card

My name is Robert Hurlburt my phone number is 380 8705 area code 717 well a month ago or two I confuse or misunderstood the way to play online I have call to see if they reimburse my credit card they gave me the okay but I just realized I have not received my funds back on my credit card 2178 are the last digits of my social security 17603 Lancaster Pennsylvania Street 2846 dell Lane. I will much appreciate to stop to trick and keep your word by reversing my phone back to my credit card

can not collect winnings

The PA ilottery has constant excuses as to why they can not pay me my winnings. First I was told PayPal wa...

the way it's ran

I live in a town in washington county that has 5 lottery retailers and when I or someone else try to cash little 500 dollar tickets in we have to call all of them to see if they have money to pay this is very degrading to the customers that play the lottery, the lottery is a business but they don, t run it like one. If I called the bbb or the state hotline and say a business is not keeping the signage play here pay here the state and the tv news would have a story its amazing that the retailers want the business and so does the lottery only when it is good for them I think the retailers get 5% on all sales that good money for having no investment for equipment or supplies, pa the second most biggest gambling state can, t pay it winners! Poll fifty winners see if its same everywhere

the ilottery app withdrawal

When I play through the app, it is taking an extended amount of time to receive my winnings no matter how small the amount. I am waiting a week or more for funds to go to my bank. I never had to wait this long in previous years of using the app. This has been ongoing with the withdrawal delays for the better part of 3 months or more. I'm extremely frustrated by this. Only when I contact the customer service, do I get my refund. I will wait a week, get frustrated, send an email, and then it finally is approved. I get that they are busy, but this is unacceptable to wait so long for funds over and over. I will say, however, that the team does respond in a timely manner and very politely every time I email. So I commend them for that. However, something needs done with the lengthy time we have to wait on withdrawals. Thank you

  • Si
    Sirpauly Feb 06, 2020

    I know how you feel, that’s what I am going through right now. I don’t think it would be so bad to wait but they are keeping me in the dark and that is what’s frustrating.

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debit card/ credit card reader for pa lottery in store

Everytime I go to near by and neighboring stores to buy my tickets I always try and use the debit card reader...

bonus scam

For a rarity I actually hit more than a few times my bet. (I play a little most days and regularly play most of their games.)
I was 98% to converting my bonus to cash, so I knew I only had to bet a little more for it to convert. I played approximately $20 more (no more wins even on the same games that were just paying decently...that rare streak was over) and looked at the bonus conversion bar again. Now it said I was 80% of the way to converting. That is not possible unless they rigged the system. Now I know I have to abandon my $24 bonus or play everything to $0 as usual.

lottery retailers not paying out

I am a loyal pa lottery player. I am sick of the retailers in my area (carbon county and Northampton county ) lottery retails refusing to pay out any more than 100 dollars. Your website says 2500 dollars. If they can not pay out they should not be able to be a retailer. As I am reading other complaints this appears to be the same all over. The 2 worst places are Jerry simco beverage and the gas station at route 209 and the pa turnpike. But they all should be held accountable.

  • Zi
    zippi Jan 03, 2020

    I won $ 1000 on fully loaded and had a hard time cashing it. The lottery retailers all had excuses
    not to pay after six attempts i finally got one to pay out. ( you play hear we pay here ) Ya Right!

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My name is Joshua Levinson i won a prize on the and ive waited the time frame they told me...


Bought $50 in ilottery webcash (bought webcast because you get a bonus dollars $12.5 to be exact) my mistake. I was playing a game for a while won lost then hit a bonus won $360. So happy went to cash out and I have 260 in cash and and 180 in bonus money. If I cash out 260 I lose that 180. Now I'm upset.. I call and get the run around about having to play a total of 500 to max out bonus guy says if you don't want to lose that play 203 to exhaust bonus then it will unlock the others and you play with what you have left and hope to win... So I do... Now I lost 203 go to cash out and I have 120 in cash and 160 in bonus so now I'm down even more call back another cocky guy gets on saying that there are 2 bonuses on account... I said how? He follows with yesterday's webcast bonus was never exhausted now you must play 625 to get money out of bonus... You can never completely exhaust your bonus money because bets only go to ten cents anything under that stays there. So my 6 cents that I could not play in bonus money cost me 360 win. It's a scam never except bonus it makes it worse...


The pa I lottery app is clearly and horribly rigged to set up players to lose and they are stealing ridiculous amounts of money from people every day! At this point I have had it with this scam of an application and I demand that all of my deposits be refunded in full. This has occurred over the period of months playing at this place and I have gathered copious statistics that prove their odds presented are fully inaccurate and that it is literrally impossible that the losses i have taken would happen. Its actually more likely in terms of statistics that I had been struck by lightning twice then lost as many games as I have.

  • Lo
    Lotsey Jun 11, 2019

    I agree. Isn't it nice how they let you win at first, and then once they have you hooked no wins whatsoever, and also so many wins when you bet 10 cents !!! Wins on bigger amounts NEVER!!!
    I have actually filled a claim with the PA Attorney General, but of course they forwarded it to the lottery commission. I get a call from the security person at the lottery commission, and it is just blah blah blah. Who on Gods green earth
    lets the lottery police themselves? I know it is gambling, but don't you think you should win once in awhile?
    Same with their scratch off tickets, and Keno just a plain rip off. They track your phone so they are letting people
    win that they want to win!!! Same thing with I lottery, sign in, let them access your phone etc. etc. They know who they want to win, can we all say Collusion!!!

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  • Dz
    Dzmat Jul 28, 2019

    The absolute WORST! They should be investigated for the the iLottery App. It is horrible the worst online slots i have ever played $800 and not one win. Nothing, couldn’t even get it up to $300 to Recoup some money. FRAUD!! Never again, I deleted their app and I am done playing their stupid monster game, Jungle Tumble, Grump cat and they rest of their TRASH!!!

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ilottery online gaming

I requested a withdrawal request and they are playing games and refusing to pay me. I upload drivers license, bank statement voided check letter from bank that the debit card they are requesting no longer exists. I sent screen shots of 7 different accounts showing my name address and debit card.
I finally told them to return the money to my account and I would play it out and close my account. They refused saying once you request a withdrawal you cant reverse it.
So I am out a lousy $100 and they play games. A complaint to the comptroller is in order.

lottery games

Misrepresented application of wild ball purchase. This customer is in possion of qunto tickets dated april 21...

[Resolved] I lottery

I tried to cash out winnings. Though the same account that funded lottery. Paypal... They refuse to do this. They told me that the only way to get my lottery winning from the ilottery was to start a checking account somewhere. I contacted paypal and they have no problem handling winnings. Yesterday they took my winnings and put them back in account so I could lose.. I have hours of trying to get my lottery winning from this deception.. Now my account is frozen. I have to pay tax on money they wouldn't let me have.. Perfect.. Goes to show you that winning lottery is not the answer

  • Updated by Mancat123 · Mar 17, 2019

    This is not resolved

  • Updated by Mancat123 · Mar 17, 2019

    Im being taxed on money I never could touch.. withdrawal without authorization. Told THAT lottery does not issue checks to settle winnings.. I have currently 1950.00 frozen.. im locked out of ilottery and also VIP area

  • Resolution Statement

    I am currently locked out of ilottery and also vip.. I called the local office in Wilkes Barre. I have copied transcripts and all email. They refuse to pay. I am also calling the state police. Small games of chance. Wilkes Barre didn't return my call and promised that they would

pa ilottery

Upon setting the account they asked for a lot of personal information, like social security number, driver'...

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$3 "twisted" scratch off game

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Hi good morning, i mailed a few winning tickets (4), and have yet to receive my check ? I'd like to know what's the delay right now ?
I buy tickets all the time, and mail them in all the time when unable to physically redeem these ticket . This is the first time, i didn't receive my winnings, and free tickets when I've one. my number is [protected]

lottery distributor

Lottery machine operators at the upper darby beverages 7000 marshall road. Upper darby. Do not operate on a...

the new ap

There are problems with this new version you really should have worked out them out before forcing us to use...