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Pella Corporation is a leader in designing, testing, manufacturing and installing quality windows and doors for new construction, remodeling, and replacement applications. We have been recognized for our leadership in energy efficiency and sustainable business practices. With Pella, you not only get outstanding quality and energy efficiency for your new or replacement windows and doors, you also get the experience and service of local Pella professionals who are proudly committed to your satisfaction.

Complaints & Reviews

outer door shade

Since August I have been trying to obtain a replacement shade for my 12 year old triple pane exterior patio door. I have triple pane throughout my home. I am not looking for a free shade since I understand that the warranty has expired. This particular shade has already been replaced twice. The only alternative that I've Been given is to purchase one for $780!!! For a single shade! Such an exorbitant price for a single shade makes no sense. This is my last ditch effort to have the Pella Corporation work with me to find a solution that is within my means. I love this window system, but fear that the financial consequences if this continues to affect the 16 other windows that have such shades. I look forward to your quick response.

patio door 12 foot

Hi Mr. Yaggi,

I hope this email finds you well. Congratulations on your success with Pella Corporation. The reason I am writing is because I am having a big issue in my world here in Tucson, AZ. First, my apologies that I have to write to you and bring you this problem. The reason I am doing this it's because I have run into a road block here. A quick synopsis, I am building my retirement home in Tucson. My builder ordered Pella windows, I did a lot of research and I was sold with your product. The order was placed in Oct of 2019 with the Pella sales representative in Tucson. We received the windows as expected. However, we did not receive the 12 foot Patio door. We were told by the sales rep it would be a week late. Then a month, so on and so on. The sales rep has blamed it on Phoenix, AZ and the Phoenix office blames it on Tucson. We have been told it was shipped, but the truth it was never shipped. The communication, between Pello and us is zero. No one has given us any updates. My builder calls the rep and he states one think, however the phoenix office states another. This is very un-acceptable. I was a big fan, now I don't know if I would recommend Pello. To this day, we have not received a Patio door and its Jan 15th, 2020. My house work is not stopped due to Stucco cannot be applied, tile cannot be installed and we cannot lock the home due to the opening. This has effected the building in all matters. My builder Travis Even [protected] with Bezalel Builders has called Pella every day. No one seems to be communicating. I am a first responder, and I have never seen the un professionalism and finger pointing. We paid close to $4, 000 for this window and still not seen it.

I understand you have a very busy day, I am asking if any way possible you can have someone look into this. We would like our door we paid for, and continue with our build. This has delayed the build and made the home very cold to work in. I would also like to see if you can compensate due to the extra delay and equipment we had to purchase for this issue. I am not asking for monetary, but for a deep discount. This is unacceptable.

My contact information is below. Also my builder information.

Order Information:
Quote Number: [protected]
Order # 011
Date placed: 07/18/2019

Rolando Main
3610 E Andrada Rd, Vail, AZ 85641

Travis Even

pella proline sliding glass door

My Pella proline sliding glass door is rotting.
I bought 2 of these units in 1993. One unit rotted and was replaced by Pella in 204 at a cost of $2, 000 plus.
I just found that the 2nd unit is also rotting. I contacted Pella and a sales person came out and documented the damage.-3 weeks ago. I have to follow up with the salesperson as well as the Grapevine TX office but no one returns my calls, emails or texts.

pella proline sliding glass door
pella proline sliding glass door

patio sliding door unit with transom

I purchased a Pella fiberglass replacement sliding door unit with transom (window over the top of the doors) in April 2019 for $4, 500 from the local Pella dealer. The sliding door panel was warped in the original unit they delivered and installed resulting in having to push very hard and the door banging loudly against the frame when closing it.
Since then, they have ordered 4 replacement door panels from the Pella factory and each one has been defective in the same way as the original - the frame is warped with a bow in the center. I am waiting for the 5th replacement and have become very frustrated with the numerous appointments made then being canceled at the last minute or having another defective product delivered only to have it taken back and re-ordered. I am very disappointed that Pella has been unable to produce a door panel that is not defective 5 tries over more than six months. I bought Pella because of it's quality reputation but have found that they are incapable of producing a product that meets bare minimum standards..

accident from one of your trucks (hit and run)

Traveling on PA Turnpike I-76 when your truck almost ran me in to the barrier on my left. He was in slow lane traveling at a high rate of speed, came upon me the teh truck started veering in to my lane. I had no where to go. He kept coming over and I freaked as hard as possible while honking my horn. He obviously did not notice me. He literally took over my lane as I slowed down enough to catch the corner of my 2 week old new 2020 Ford Explorer. I tried following him flashing my lights. The faster I went to catch up he went faster. I gave up and pulled in to a rest area (MIDWAY Rest Area) on I-76. Incident happened around Mile Marker 155 - 157. His license plate number is Iowa DB2338.
Who do I speak with. Separate and aside from narrowly getting killed on the expressway, he wrecked my side mirror. I was blessed it was nothing more. I could have been killed and or my vehicle totaled 2 weeks after I purchased it. Worst that he took off. My phone number is [protected]. WHO DO I SPEAK WITH. They told me Joe Kendall. 2 calls to him 2 days ago resulted in nothing. I will be sharing on all social media outlets shortly if I do not get a call from someone who gives a damn. It shouldn't take more than 2 days for anyone to get back to me (or anyone) after calling about an accident
Rocco Iacobellis

windows and threats from the owner of this company representing pella

I purchased Pella Windows thru Whitman Windows and Doors and took delivery of them mid September (approx 9/12/2019) or so. Mr. Whitman stated that the measurements of the window...

Pella Windows and Doorslack of customer service

Several complaints.
1. Called your customer service # on SAT before 2pm. per your website. The woman stated she could not take down my complaint on installation as PELLA CORPORATION sells there products to a local franchise PELLA STORE and that Pella door is no longer their responsibility. I didn't buy a Pella product from a big box store or have it installed by an independent contractor. I bought a PELLA DOOR from a PELLA STORE and paid to have a PELLA installer do the work.
2. The Pella customer service operator would not even take down my complaint, she stated "on Sat.s there really isn't anyone qualified to answer that, call back on a work day (yeah, how does that happen when on a work day I AM WORKING) She also said, and I quote, "I'm taking time away from my family, from my grandchildren today"?????? And I'm not? She's getting paid today, I'm not.
3. I ordered an entry door 4 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I missed a day of PAID WORK so the PELLA RETAIL PRODUCT MANAGER could do his measurements and give me a product list for installation. He was rushed as needed to be home for a family dinner as his daughter was leaving for Madison. Nice guy. Good family man. I had confidence that he would properly install the door. BUT no list. 15 calls and texts later and no list. I still think he's a nice guy and good family man. BUT my confidence no longer exists. My opinion is that the PELLA CORPORATION spends lots on money on advertising and little on customer service. My opinion is that the Pella STore sells many products but does not provide the needed employees to actually INSTALL the products they are so busy selling. My fear is that the installation of the PELLA product will not be well done and I will have no recourse as the PELLA CORPORATION already has their money and now takes no responsibility for a PELLA product. I only purchased the product because PELLA would install it. Lesson learned: Don't be fooled by the expensive PELLA name, buy from a cheaper big box store and pay someone local to install. Because that is what is happening here, you just aren't told that up front.

sliding doors with blinds inside

We purchased our home almost two years ago and I was very pleased to have the mini blinds inside the sliding doors already installed. However, over time they have developed small a problem. We first started having small, brownish ball like objects between the window door on the left side. I tried and tried to figure a way to vacuum the area but to no avail. Two months ago, the right side window door has started the same thing. Is there a way to vacuum between the two pieces of glass? Is there anything that the company can do? Since I did not purchase them, I cannot give any info as to when they were bought. They looked new when we moved in October, 2017. Is there anything that can be done? They look horrible.

If you send me an email address, I can send photos from my phone.

Thank you, Linda & Kerry Whitson
106 Graham Court
Boulder City, NV 89005
[protected] (Phone)
[protected] (email)

billing errors and customer service

We ordered replacement windows from Pella, Jacksonville, Florida back in September 2018. Our project manager was Shana Vixama. They installed the replacement windows on December...

pella architect series slider doors are defective.

The following has been posted on every site I can find to post on: BBB, Consumer Complaints, etc. etc.

We purchased 2 Pella Architect Series slider doors in 2011 for primary home. Paid $4K each and another $1, 100/ea to install so total investment was $10, 200. Doors are warrantied for 10 years; glass is warrantied for 20 years. Beautiful doors. Also purchased one for our home in Nantucket. That door is still performing properly. Both doors in primary home are now clouded with condensation in between the panes of glass. See pic. Door in family room has leaked so badly that we now have significant water damage to the solid oak floors. See pic. Rain is leaking right into our home. See pic. Our insurance company responded quickly to mitigate water damage.

Buyer beware ... "labor" is warrantied for only 2 years; hence, if something is found to be defective with the doors; Pella (which touts that their "products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the business") will charge you for someone to come out and assess the situation and then charge you for someone to come out and fix the problem with their defective product.

The person they sent out to assess the situation found that the seals on both doors (both the moving and stationary parts) have failed. For my money, this translates into: Defective Product still under warranty. However, the charge to fix these defective, substandard doors will be $540.00!!

I spoke with Becky and Judy and was told that Pella needs to charge for the labor. Well, of course they do. If they did not charge for all of the repairs they need to do, they would go out of business. Their products are substandard and their "labor" warranty suggests that they are very well aware of that fact.
Now I am well aware of that fact. Hence, I have cancelled an order for 15 double-hung windows and 2 storm doors.

I have been a manufacturer's rep for over 25 years and have had the privilege of working for a company that truly stands behind its products because the products are top drawer all the way.

So, think twice before you do business with Pella. Don't spend thousands of dollars on a product thinking that you are getting the best of the best. With Pella, you are not. You have 2 years of comfort; after that, Pella is standing by to dip into your wallet to help fund its inferior quality. You will pay a premium price up front and then pay again because the product is not premium.

There are other alternatives out there. With Pella, you are paying for the "name" and it turns out the name Pella comes with quite a bit of tarnish!

I was willing to "patch" the floor at my own expense. Not now. Insurance company suggests to replace the entire oak floor and pursue Pella for replacement of floor.
Respectfully submitted,

pella architect series slider doors are defective.
pella architect series slider doors are defective.
pella architect series slider doors are defective.
pella architect series slider doors are defective.
pella architect series slider doors are defective.

sliding glass door with blinds

I bought my house about 5 years ago the sliding glass door has a cloudy film on the inside of the glass there are blinds also inside this glass it's getting worse every day and is embarrassing when I have friends over is this under warranty i thinks it should be replaced by your company. It is definitely a defect on your end I am very disappointed in your product. Can someone please contact me on [protected] my name is Paul turnet

warranty issues and lack of concern from corporate

Several windows that I purchased in 2008 from Pella had defective seals allowing the windows to stay fogged up. I called about this issues in October 2018. Still to this day I still have not had my bay window replaced. The installer would show up with the wrong size, wrong spaces between windows and at times the installer broke the window hardware himself. When I would speak to Larry at the Irmo, SC office he would always say Pella messed up the order and he would fix the problem. But he never did. Finally all of the bad windows had finally been replaced by March 2019 except one. The original bad window (the bay window). Again Larry promised me he got the problem fixed but yet again when the installer (Bill) showed up the window was not right AGAIN. Through out this entire process I asked corporate to help me get this problem fixed and they told me not to contact them, and to keep dealing with the Irmo office.
So as of now I still do not have my Bay window replaced and have no idea when its coming in. Larry apparently broke his leg on vacation so I don't know who to call so I left voice mails with people at his office and have not received a call back. what a surprise!!!
I paid allot of money for these windows and they are under warranty, someone at Pella should be able to send me the right window in a proper amount of time instead of months. I just want my window replaced as promised and end this nightmare. In a few months it will be one year since this has started. A full year to get a window!!!

Sean King

window and door installation

I have ordered three windows and a sliding door from your Auburn Hills Michigan franchise, on 3/25/19 and have not been able to get them installed. A date in early May was cancelled, a new date for June 4 has also been cancelled and I cannot get a clear answer of when it will be installed. I have gone into this purchase because of the good name of Pella, but I have been very disappointed so far. Please advise me of what is happening.

Fred Sendek, [protected]
Order Number 742
Quote Number [protected]

scheduled appointment

On May 14, 2019 Pella scheduled service to fix a window and replace some weather stripping on our front door. There was no specific time for the service, just sometime that day.
At some point, they decided to do it some other day, but did not inform us of the change. Around 3pm my wife called to see what was happening and she was told that it would be next week.

It seems to me that they should have notified us of their decision, either before yesterday or first thing yesterday.

Harold T. Dalcher
111 Hoyt's Hill Road
Bethel, Ct 06801

patio door

We purchased Pella patio doors with the built-in blinds in 2011. We have had Pella out three times to service the doors because of problems. In 2017 they replaced (we had to pay for labor) half of the door because of an issue with the blinds. On the same side of the door, the blinds are broke again. Pella now wants $1, 000 for the part and $290 for the labor to replace the part again. The new part does not come with any warranty. The patio doors are 8 years old and have been nothing but trouble. I will never buy Pella again.

patio door
patio door

faulty window ref. #786389

I had 4 windows replaced in November. The installer mentioned one of the locks was broken. He would get service to order one and have a technician come out and install.

I get a call from Lynda Arturi and she tells me she will order and let me know the install date. About 3 weeks later I get a call from Lynda Arturi and we set up a time. The installer comes out, looks at the windor and says I DO NOT HAVE THAT PART. He says they will reorder and he will come out. Being somewhat reasonable at this point I say it's only 2 screws to install, why don't you send me the part and I will install.

3 weeks pass and I finally receive the part. Unbelievably it doesn't have the screws. I'm frustrated so I call the salesman who says he will look after. He calls Lynda who tells me she will have to order it again. I say this time have the installer come and put it in. She confims a date and time and asks me to confirm - I do confirm and she mentions she will remind me closer to the time.

I stay at home on March 15th for the 10AM installer. I have at this point not received a reminder from Lynda. I call trying to get someone in authourity - that appears impossible using a telephone. I reach a service person in Chicago who listens to my tale but will not put me through to someone in charge. She calls Lynda and I get a call back from her.

Now after all this here is the topping on the cake. It seems Derek the installer is not scheduled today - some sort of glitch in the system I'm told.

Four months and not completed. I am going to make this personal. Lynda is either over worked or incompetent or is trying to cover up. How does she order the part originally and send out the installer without the part - clearly she had to reorder the part so she never had it. As for today she told me she would remind me - she didn't, she didn't even have the installer scheduled.

As to what I expect from this tale. I want this fixed now. I want someone responsible from Pella to call with an apology! - not Lynda!!! As for the salesman he said he would look after the situation and all he did was throw it in Lynda's lap.

Pella can spend all the money they want on fancy TV ads but it is what happens with the customer that your reputation is built.

Jurgen Eichler

windows and doors

I am an architect and purchased a home with Pella clad windows and doors. This product should certainly be good when installed, but performance for clad windows should be measured in terms of decades. My windows were installed in the 90s and have leaked water long enough for the wood behind the cladding to rot in several locations. I contacted their local distributor, Gunton Corp., who sent a tech out and applied silicone sealant where the glass meets the cladding. This is ineffective since there is not enough depth to the sealant to act effectively and will fail. Their tech should know this, but like most residential contractors, he does not understand how sealant works. I have reached out to the company and they are not interested in standing behind their product. Crappy product; crappy company. I would not specify them on my projects and will not recommend then to any clients.

not showing up for service calls!!

Waited 6 weeks for parts to be ordered. Take a day off from work. Be there between 11 and 2. Get a call at 1:30 that they are "tied up" the rest of the day. Reschedule for 3 days later. Leave work early. No one shows. I have to call customer service to find out the tech called in sick and they have rescheduled my appt for 4 weeks later. You screw up twice and I'm now waiting 10 weeks for the door to be fixed. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

carpenter return unused windows

We had a contractor build a sun room for us. He went to Pella Windows someplace and got windows, however they did not have screens. The place told him that when a carpenter...

unfinished installation

On September 8, 2018, I received a quote from Pella.
On September 12, 2018, I ordered and paid for a Series 350 Pella Patio door.
On November 1, 2018, Pella was to install the patio door.
They called two days prior to the installation and said there was a delay and the door
would be installed on November 10, 2018. On November 9, 2018, I called Pella in Rockford Illinois as was told they could not install on the 10th. My new installation date was November 15, 2018.
They came and install the door but did not have all the trim parts to complete the
installation. November 19, 2018, I received a call from the Rockford, Illinois office, I was told the scheduled day to complete the installation would now be December 12, 2018. I live on a walking path, Walkers can look into my unit because and I cannot hang the new drapes I purchased. I need the trim work done so I can hang my drapes. My unit is now exposed to anyone who wants to look in. I also called Pella corporate and I was told they could not help me.
This company SUCKS. They are located in Iowa.

prepaid window part & installation

To whom it may concern, I have reached out personally more times than I can count to the Pella center and left a negative review on Yelp — and will continue to do so wherever...

framing around arched window

Through my contractor I purchased a Pella arched window costing about $2000. The framing around the window was never finished. The surface of the framing is rough with raw edges. My contractor spoke to his sales rep at the Paramus, NJ store and was promised that the issued would be addressed in a week or two. That was more than 3 weeks ago. I would like someone to correct this issue immediately.

I was given a choice between this window and a similar one made my Anderson Windows. I chose my Pella window based on the Pella reputation. It looks like I made a mistake. I am disappointed in the workmanship and the concern by Pella to rectify this issue

I will certainly be sharing this experience with all of my friends and on social media and advising them to not purchase a Pella Window as the company does not stand by their product.

June Cafarella

replaced windows

We recently had 5 new windows replaced in our home. 3 on these new windows were functioning incorrectly. They slid the wrong way. A last year ago we had another 5 windows done in our home. Three of these also failed to work properly. The windows are splendid, but 6 out of 10 of them, like I said, don't function correctly. We aren't too thrilled with the malformed windows. The first time is understandable, but the second time is utterly ridiculous!

Pella Windows — window installation crew disrespectful

A Pella crew is currently at my home in Empire, Michigan installing a 400 lb window. One of the workers was wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with the confederate flag. I told a...

Pella Windows and Doors — pelli windows parts services

I've order Pella window sash replacement it took me couple of weeks to do that, Then couple of weeks after filing the payment information I've try to contact anyone at the...

windows and doors

I have ordered full windows for a new construction and two doors from Pella back on May 4th 2018, I was told the order would be here on the 9th of June that day rolled around then...

traditional strombridge garage door 8 x 7

Item # 579993 Model # [protected]

Pella Traditional 96-in x 84-in Insulated White Single Garage Door.
The hardware was missing the angle supports for the track rails, 8 screws, and 1 right and 1 left end hinges. I emailed [protected]@PellaGarageDoors and they pretty much told me to go back to Lowes. Allix Bishop from Pella Garage Doors, is the person that emailed me back after three days.

Lowes could not open another box to give me the hardware that i needed to install my new door. Can you send me the missing parts.

  • Updated by 54Hat · Jun 28, 2018

    I need the missing hardware to install

window screens

To whom it may concern,
You were suppose to drop off replacement screens on site and they were never received. I called the delivery driver and he said they were dropped off at the garage which they weren't after checking. Please email and call me back at [protected] and [protected]. We would also like someone from the Pella service department to install the remaining door wall screens and window screens to avoid future call backs. As stated in our previous correspondence we have one window leak in the master bathroom that we would like addressed.
Thank you for your help,
Kyle Lamanen

single point accountability???

618401 2 designer series windows -- one south side, one north, both bottoms rotting between the 2 panes. The only possible reason is that the seal failed between the glass and the frame...

water damage on the outside sheeting below the windows.

618401 I have notice rotting on the widow framing . After removing the siding directly under the windows the sheeting is all rotted. My pella windows were installed in 1998. All of the...

unavailability of your product at lowes

We went into our local Lowes store in Stillwater Okla to purchase a storm door for our home. After looking at our options between Pella and Larson. We decided to purchase your...

windows don't open

I purchased around $8000 worth of your windows. Within two or three months two sash springs broke and someone was sent from Pella to replace them. This has happened to 5 or 6 of the windows out of 8 that I purchased. Now I have 4 windows that will not open due to this known issue that has happened from the beginning and the windows are out of warranty. The house is a remodel that has taken 4 yrs to do so some windows were never opened and broke the first time I tried opening them. To pay a lot for windows that don't work is ridiculous and I should have demanded that they be taken out and my money refunded. They are the cheapest made windows I've ever seen and not worth a tenth of the money I spent. I am so upset about this because as a 73 year old retiree, I have no job giving me a big income to just eat these windows. I would like to have my money back and you can have your windows. You flew someone down to Florida to fix them several times but they just keep breaking. I have documentation via Lowes and paperwork that was left by your repair people.


When my husband and I built our home we had Paella windows and doors through out our home, Our French door handle is broken, we call for replacement parts. We got a price of $300.00 or more just for a handle replacement.
I will not recommend using Paella to my friends or family whom are building and or remodeling their homes. You would think since we've spent so much money on your product that getting replacement parts would be reasonable.. That is not the case with Paella.
Thank you for your time.
Very unhappy customer.

Pella Windows & Doors — a leaking pella window and no help from pella

I have a leaking Pella window (a fixed arch) that I reported to the Haverhill, MA service manager, William Borque back in April. Since then I have not heard anything from Mr...

Pella Windows & Doors — windows and screens

I purchased brand new windows from Pella in the summer of 2014. In 2015 I noticed that the screens on three of the windows where broken and called Pella Customer service they...

Pella Windows & Doorspella - bad installation and atrocious customer service

DON’T use Pella. I purchased eight windows and three patio sliding glass doors from Pella for over $17, 000 (before discounts), which were installed in November 2014. When the black PVC trim on the patio sliding door warped, I found out that Pella had knowingly installed a defective product. According to a Pella Senior Logistics Supervisor “When PVC is painted brown or black, it was[will] absorb so much heat that it will warp ...” Pella knew the PVC trim would warp and installed it anyway.
After I made a warranty claim in November 2016, it took over six months for Pella to complete the repair. They brought the wrong part to the first appointment, and after a month, when I contacted them to inquire on the repair’s status, I was told that it “fell through the cracks” and the matter would be escalated. Pella then canceled the second repair appointment because they did not have enough material, and the third appointment was canceled because not all the repair material was painted. Pella finally installed a replacement material on the fourth appointment, but the material did not work. So a fifth appointment was scheduled to repair the trim, and then a sixth to paint the repaired area.
When I contacted the General Sales Manager of the Pella store where I purchased the windows and patio sliding doors to discuss some of these issues, he was, in my opinion, adversarial, disrespectful and rude. His responses gave me the impression that Pella was not going to take any responsibility for its numerous mistakes.
In summary, (1) Pella knowingly installed defective material; (2) Pella’s customer service on this warranty repair was atrocious; (3) I had to take personal time off work numerous times (which I can never get back) trying to get this repair completed, which was delayed over and over due solely to Pella’s errors; and (4) it took more than six months for this repair to be completed as a result of Pella's mistakes. Pella’s marketing materials state that "At Pella, we're committed to doing things right..." However, my installation and their customer service was not "done right."

pella - bad installation and atrocious customer service
pella - bad installation and atrocious customer service

Pella Windows & Doors — horrible experience with door installation

I recently ordered a PELLA sliding patio door. First of all, the sales person led me to believe that my door would be made to "fit" the door opening, meaning the size of the door...

Pella Windows & Doors — pella door and installation

4696 Had a Pella door that was originally installed when the house was built. It leaked and eventually the metal skin on the top of the door ripped. Pella did send a replacement door...

Pella — Storm doors and blinds failed

34671 2 year old double doors with blinds. Door knob didn't work from the start. They sent a repair person, but it is still fussy. The Blinds between the panes were sticky from the...

Pella Windows & Doors — Installation and customer service

two years ago we contacted a sales rep at Pella windows here in Montreal, we needed to install one door and one window in renovation project. The sales rep came and took the...