Paypalcannot withdraw my own money

H Aug 17, 2018

-on the 3rd of June 2018 I emailed PayPal that I was unable to use my existing funds to pay for purchases or withdraw the money.
- I have in total contacted them 16 times for assistance
-I have followed instructions received in 13 replies from them, including calling them to provide verification
-none of their suggestions have helped
-I wait very lengthy periods of time for responses
-their suggestions are useless
-I get contradictory emails from them
-I am advised that they will refund my credit card followed by another email saying I was given incorrect information in previous emails
-bottom line they took the money from my credit card so why can't they put it back?
-3rd world type service!
-Its 2.5 months of headaches and I still don't have my money!
-I have heavily lost money in exchange rate fluctuations in the last 2.5 months whilst I wait for service
-Pathetic customer service!

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