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Price quadrupled when charged to me!

I was promised the price of $9.95 and $39.90 was taken from my account electronically for regcure software...

[Resolved] No support, no refund

Here is the address for refunds but good luck!!!! I did not have any. Registered my RegCure on Sept27,2007...

RegCure destroyed my computer

I had been experiencing a slow response from my new Windows Vista laptop for a few weeks and found RegCure on...

Melbourne Internet Services

Bogus software, reports false probems and then does nothing!

1. Overcharged. price was $29.95 but credit card was billed $35.19. 2. Product does nothing but report...

Misleading and damaging program

On 08-18-2007 at 12:40 PM, I downloaded an evaluation version from - this guaranteed 100% safety and recommended itself intensely, accrediting some 84 expert developers. On the strength of this I installed and ran the evaluation version - this detected some 1 500 registry errors of various types, a promising result. After this exercise, the program "summary" indicated that "0" that is "zero" changes had been made and nothing had been corrected - this was completely acceptable and I strongly considered purchasing the program - attempting this was however a frustrating trial as entering all my information and double-checking it before submission led to its declaring a non-existent error in this information, and stating that the credit-card transaction could not be processed. Triple-checking the information and resubmission led to the same result - this makes me strongly suspect that this process is a deliberate scam designed to obtain my credit-card information, permission to withdraw finance and to proceed doing so in an illegal manner.

The worst was to come - as the evaluation version, far from "not having made any changes" actually destroyed EVERY file association in my registry - this traumatic event which cost me hours of work, as I have program development material for a scheduled meeting within 24 hrs of this, could not be reversed with a system restore - it had to be corrected individually in relevant programs' global configurations, as also manually in Window's file association pane. I have under pressure of work not yet been able to complete this lengthy forced repair.

My feelings after this are totally poisonous towards this crowd of "experts" who in the forced damage to my file system, in accurate synopsis, amount to not much more than amateur dilettantes in the damage their program does. I will go so far as to actively warn all our students, our fellow lecturers, and anyone involved in computer work at all, seriously against the danger this program poses, as also the clear non-functionality of their transaction software which displays all the hallmarks of seductive theft.

Regcure and its developers can go to hell as far as I am concerned - I would not touch this "100% safe and guaranteed" program with a barge-pole and will warn everyone I encounter against it - this including our extensive international associates.


Frank Valentyn,
Tech. Mgr. De-Stress Refuge Wellness Centre / Centaur Communication Systems

  • Ta
    Taters Jul 12, 2008

    I agree, but disagree totaly. It does more damage than that. You are right. It's useless. It's FREE with a HIGH COST if you want it to work. Some others are AVG 8.0, Spybot: Search And Destroy, and many other PC safety things. And don't trust Windows Genuine Validation, if it appears and you've PAID. If you pay about 6, 000 pounds for a computer, and WGV comes up. They're scamming, ifyou've bought it in a shop. Peronaly I don't trust safety you download off the Internet, or Windows, or about 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the Internet. It's always the "free" ones that say you have X viruses.

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[Resolved] Gave me a 'Trojan' virus!

I downloaded the Free scan from the Regcure web page. This promised to sort infections but instead, it gave...

[Resolved] Can't find a way to cancel my service

I have had Regcure for almost a year, that is how long I purchased it for. I wanted to cancel before the year was up but could never find a place on Regcure that deals with cancellation. I don't feel Regcure does a good job and I wanted to cancel and try someone else. It never fixed anything you could have it scan and it would say it fixed a hundred or any number of items and then you can rerun the scan and it will find even more each time you run it even back to back but finally my year is almost up and I received a message to renew, but it still shows no where to cancel or not renew. It is up on July 15th of this year and I am afraid they are going to renew again. If anyone knows the address to cancel I would like to know. Thanks

  • Updated by Laura · Jul 07, 2007

    Hello Inez

    Thank you for your question.

    If you are experiencing difficulty with the RegCure program, please send an email to [email protected] and someone from our technical support team will be delighted to assist you. Most often repeat errors are due to empty registry keys which are recreated by Windows.

    If your issues were due to invalid or incorrect entries in your Windows Registry, we are confident that RegCure will alleviate these problems.

    If RegCure is up for renewal and you do not wish to renew, you can simply remove it from your computer using the Add/Remove programs function in your Programs menu.

    RegCure licenses are for a 1 year term, and they are not automatically renewed. This is entirely voluntary on your part, so please do not be concerned that another payment will be deducted.

    Please let us know via email to [email protected] if we can be of further assistance to you.

    Kindest Regards
    Paretologic Customer Support Team

  • Ja
    jacque maples Nov 30, 2007

    I just purchased this and cant find a way to cancel it, it really must be a scam or you would have a place to cancel if you need to and cant get help to do so..

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  • Ce
    Cesar May 10, 2008

    Hi guys i would like to cancel my regcure payment, because when i was going to buy it, it said 29 dollars and something, and now it say 39 dollars an something, and i dont like the program because my computer is still slow, so please guys i wan to cancel my payment, i paid by paypal, so please i need your asnwer as soon is posible, tell me what information do you need to cancel it

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[Resolved] Software corrupted startup files

I purchased RegCure on 5/19/2007 which promised to optimize my system and correct any registry errors. Internet searches always lead to RegCure so I purchased, installed, and utilized the software. Following the next startup an annoying Error 1706 appeared that took considerable effort to clear, it just kept poping up. The error as it turned out was related to my HP printer. RegCure had erroneously disassociated a startup file resulting in the printer software not functioning correctly, in addition to the Error 1706. Finally after uninstalling the printer software the problem was fixed, this took hours to resolve. Finally, to test whether the errors were the result of RegCure, like an idiot, I ran it again and again RegCure found hundreds of registry and other problems, this was following running the program a few time before. I allowed the software to fix the so called problems and the same Error 1706 occurred demonstrating that it was RegCure. Another issue occurred which I don’t know if it was RegCure or not since I was so focused on the initial error was a hang up during startup of Compaq’s Hotkeys. Since I don’t need or use the Hotkeys I deleted from the startup and that issue was solved. Other than these errors and problems I have not noticed any differences in optimization.

I did delete RegCure (no issues since) and sent an email describing the problem and asked for a refund. RegCure responded thanking me for “My Question” ??? I considered my email a statement. As of this moment I have no response but hope to hear something soon from RegCure.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jul 16, 2007

    Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for your feedback about RegCure. Please know that it is not our intent to cause you frustration. Every computer is different so it is impossible for us to give exact information on this without knowing your system.

    Registry items listed on the error list can be invalid when associated with non-existing folders or files. However, some entries may be valid. It is recommended that you only remove items that you know are invalid.

    RegCure is one of the safest removal tools on the market and it is rare that it will remove something that a user requires but it can happen. RegCure does create a backup and restores easily if something is found to be awry after a cleaning.

    If you have requested a refund or technical assistance and have not yet received it, please send another email to [email protected] and include your order # and or technical support staff will be delighted to assist you.

    Kindest Regards,
    Paretologic Customer Support Team.

  • Cl
    Clinton May 20, 2007

    Yes I will be asking for a Refund also, Regcure does more damage to a computer than a trogen. Totally has damaged my video card's registry entrys I had to do a full format. It also deletes needed windows reg files.

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  • Pe
    Peter Dalton Dec 23, 2007

    RegCure did NOT fix the presence of SYSMON.EXE. How could it? The program puts itself in the Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSysmon folder of its own and insinuates itself into your default PJG browser to save all its (many) screen snapshots. Frightening stuff.

    I eventually received a refund.

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  • Ly
    Lynnea Polizzi Jul 30, 2008

    To whom this may concern;
    I installed the software on 7-21-08 and on the 23rd I started having problems with my computer and the one program I use all day everyday I can't use. I need some help ASAP...I can't enter anything into this program which is causing me to get behind in my work. I am the CFO of a company and can't preform my duties when my computer is not working properly due to software I downloaded in hopes this would protect my computer not stop me from working. I leave work at 5:00pm eastern time and arrive in the morning at 7:00am. My number if someone can call me is 386-774-8244 x: 223. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could call me and walk me thru getting my computer back to normal.
    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter.

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  • Br
    bridget moore Nov 11, 2008

    if my reg cure isnt working properly by tomorrow i would like a refund

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  • Ca
    carol Feb 16, 2009

    I too downloaded reg cure and it froze my computer. I tried to call answer. I answer until a day or so. i cancelled my order but they refused to refund my money. i never used the product and had to pay to get my computer reconfigured. I would appreciate a refund if anyone from reg cure is reading these comments.

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  • We
    wendell May 26, 2009

    I as a IT Tech have found many times running RegCure does not like HP Printers, , it always remove what seems to be a file called number 1 and I have to put hp driver disk in to reload this file and then it's ok, , running regcure creast problem again upon reboot..possible others have had this problem. hope this helps someone

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  • Ke
    kevin_m Aug 19, 2009

    I to have RegCure[RC] and have had problems with my HP all-in-one printer after running the RC scan. I try to use my HP to scan/copy a document and receive an HP-CUE overflow error. I restore registry back to before RC scan and no longer receive HP-CUE overfow error. You can add HP reg keys to RC "ignore list" so you don't have problems with HP, not a small task as there are many reg keys to go thru after running a RC scan.

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  • Si
    Simerpreet Oct 05, 2009

    yaaaaaaaa same problrm with me
    never buy regcure
    it is really more than a trojan
    i m unable to scan with my hp all in one
    plz anyone dont use it

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  • Cu
    cunning Dec 06, 2009

    I downloaded the regcure free trial, cleaned like 20 errors and shut off my computer. The next time I turned my computer on my entire desktop did not load. I had to restore to a previous time point. I would suggest fixing registry issues with rediget. Google registry errors and rediget. Regcure scared the crap out of me.

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Waste of money

I had a problem with my laptop. A common system file called "svchost" which is associated with a lot of trojan viruses was showing acpuase of 90+ %. After running my anti-virus and spyware software the problem remained. Not sure what to do I googled for a solution. Regcure promised to fix my "svchost" problem or my money back. It didnt fix the problem, which I later did simply by turning off Windows automatic updates, and after submitting this to them I have ad no reply.. I have since learned a lot about Regcure, that it nothing like what it purports to be. Dont buy it!

[Resolved] Messed up my computer

I used the free download of Regcure. It surely worked for them!! I can no longer even to get my Norton Antivirus to work properly. Also, I can find no way to uninstall this product. Please don't mess up your computer, like I did, by believing everything you read.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jul 17, 2007

    Hello Kathy

    Thank you for your feedback. Every computer is different so it is impossible for us to give exact information on this without knowing your system. Registry items listed on the error list can be invalid when associated with non-existing folders or files. However, some entries may be valid. It is recommended that you only remove items that you know are invalid.

    RegCure is one of the safest removal tools on the market and it is rare that it will remove something that a user requires but it can happen. RegCure does create a backup and restores easily if something is found to be awry after a cleaning.

    RegCure supports restoring backups of items that have been removed from your registry.

    To restore one or more backup files:

    Click the Backup button in the Main window.
    Select one or more backup files.
    Click the Restore button.

    For Windows XP, you have an additional option you can select to ensure that a system restore point is created every time you perform a scan and remove. If you have Windows XP, click the Settings button in the Main window of RegCure and select the Create a system restore point option. A system restore point is created and you can access it by going to Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.

    You can send items to the Ignore list during step 3 of the scan process. The items are not removed and RegCure will ignore these entries in upcoming scans.

    To send items to the Ignore list:

    Click the Ignore link next to any item.
    To view items in your Ignore list:
    Click the Settings button in the Main window and click the Ignore List tab.

    You can remove an item in the Ignore list:
    Select one or more items.
    Click the Remove Selected button.
    Refer to the RegCure help file for more information (click the Help button in the Main window or press the F1 key).

    To remove the RegCure software simply use the "Uninstall" option found under the Start Menu -> All Programs -> RegCure -> Uninstall RegCure.

    Kindest Regards
    Customer Support Liason

  • Pe
    Peg C. Dec 11, 2008

    We have a number of issues on our laptop (Norton360 is broken; can't unstall, can't reinstall; various downloaded programs' setup.exe files will not work; Nero was working fine and stopped; cannot reach various servers online (iTunes Store download server, etc.) ; various browsers no longer work - only IE and Opera work, etc. We installed and ran RegCure. Every couple of days it finds 100+ empty registry keys and activeX issues. I fix, they come back. Tonight I ran a scan and fix about 12 times. I cannot fix the last 4 or 6 empty reg keys even though it says fixed. I ran it 12 times in a row including at least 3 times with wireless turned off so netw not an issue. I have tried to download both Spybot and Hijackthis and neither setup.exe will work so cannot download. I am foiled at every turn. I figure I have a virus or a supervirus and Norton360 is disabled so I'm disastrously exposed.

    Does anyone know what fixes these issues? Why would RegCure tell me the empty registry keys are fixed and an immediate scan shows they are not? How do I find out which reg keys are empty? Please email if possible. This laptop (HP, Vista - which is a NIGHTMARE) is 11 months old and I want to pour acid on it and set it on fire. Thanks,
    Peg C.

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  • Re
    regcuresux Mar 22, 2009

    afrter using regcure my computer no longer works windows is missing files and drivers so yes i am pissed

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  • Ri
    ricky rivera May 30, 2009

    i want to reinstall regcure coz it's pretty useless by the thing is like glue! how many times did I tried to reinstall but this bug simply does not want to get out of my laptop!!! what to do! I think of suing the company behind regcure!!

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  • Ka
    KarmaIsComingForYou Jul 08, 2009

    I uninstalled regCure after I was informed by a prompt that my subscription was up… That’s funny; I was under the impression that I only had to pay once not annually! Anyway, after I uninstalled the regcure with the uninstall software my screen started to flicker. It continues to flicker..and eventually stop after 10 to 15 minutes ALL DAY! It’s like regcure is still running but nothings there. I have a new slogan for them .. RegCure … the crappy gift that keeps on giving.

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Fraudulent business practices!

Charged me $39.90 when their site said $29.90. My registration expired in one day and asked for another...

Haven't received my Regcure license number!

I have bought Regcure over the internet 24 hours ago. I am still awaiting my license number in order to...

Regcure Software killed my PC!

I went on the Internet to find something to improve the poor performance of my computer. Regcure promised to...

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