Advanced Tech Support Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Tech Support / advanced tech support payment through safecart

May 29, 2017

I purchased Advanced Tech Support computer service through Safecart with a credit card. The following month, my credit card invoice showed a charge of several hundred dollars from "Safecart" that I did not recognize. I called the credit card company to reverse the charge. They processed a...

Advanced Tech Support / Breach service contract

Mar 03, 2016

I purchase a 4 year contract for $800.00. My account terminated after 3 years. The 3 year plan was priced at $760.00. I negotiated a 4 year term and actually paid $800.00 as agreed. Of course the employee I spoke with then no longer works there and there are no notes in my file to support...

Advanced Tech Support / Specialist didn't repair my laptop

Apr 03, 2014

I contacted the specialist from the company Advanced Tech Support. I had some problems with my laptop, and they promised to repair it within several days. I received the laptop back, but all problems remained. I contacted the specialist, but he refused to return money or repair it again...

Advanced Tech Support / Bad customer support

Mar 02, 2013

I ordered Advanced Tech Support 2/15/2013 - $220 for 1 year. I also bought MalwareBytes Pro - $50. They promised me that all my laptop problems would be fixed and that it would run better than it ever has, and that they would keep it tuned-up for a year. They performed a tune-up and scan...