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Resolved Cannot install

I thought I was downloading Free version and in the end wound up being charged for the Full version for...


This company is a total scam, waste of time and money. Don't do it. The diagnostics are crap showing 1000's of errors that are not there. The program does nothing, just looks like it is working. You get a call from someone in India who will "take control" of your computer and fiddle with it, making it worse (I ended up taking mine to COMP USA to remove the fiddling) and it will NEVER work right again. They try and sell you years of service at outrageous prices, lowering to try and get your business. I had to wipe out my harddrive and reinstall. They should be jailed.

Also, Paypal did not protect me like I thought. I lost my 29.95, even after issuing a compaint, and paid $178.00 to CompUSA to repair my computer.

  • Di
    Diane Gifford Jul 02, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I thank God I read it before I bought it! Thank you!

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  • Je
    Jenlouise Jul 30, 2012

    This company stated clearly that it can fix the West Yorks Police UKASH virus which wrecked my computer. I tried it and it doesn't. Spyhunter fixed my computer when all others failed so I advise you to buy this instead.

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  • Mr
    Mr John Doyle Aug 17, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I payed throught paypal for speedyPC Pro but paypal payed safecart £8.12 more as a safecart is an online payment processor for many different software publishers so in totel I have payed, out around £40 pounds that is GBP what a lot of not nice people this lot are.
    I have tryed to get my money back but all I get is the website is under maintenance.

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  • Sh
    Sheriann Dec 09, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I paid 29.95 for Speedy PC Pro, to clean the registry up on my computer. They did get control of my computer, and showed me files they said would crash my computer, and proceeded to offer me another online offer for 250.00 !! I told him i only could afford the 29.95 and that i thought they said they would fix my registry for that cost! I paid the 29.95 only, and my computer still has the same problems, I also felt they were not to be trusted and called back and asked how many months did i pay for, they said 6 mths. and i asked do u have me on a automatic renewal? !!! YES, they said we do, and i told them to PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM THAT!!! SCAM!

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  • Sa
    sal66 Aug 11, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what registry cleaner is good ? I'm glad I saw this site because there are other sites that rate it a 10 out of 10, so who can I trust ?

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  • Sj
    SJamesSS Sep 08, 2014

    Total scam. Made my computer worse. Hard upselling.

    Oscar Vieda was the guy I dealt with. dont use them, Scammers.

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Resolved Automatic Renewal

Unlike if you purchase by credit card, purchasing ParetoLogic via PayPal does NOT give you the option to deselect automatic renewal. So 12 months after buying you get stung for more money. On buying you get 2 emails. The important one with the registration key has a line at the bottom explaining about the automatic renewal and the receipt from SafeCart has more information, provided you read it.

Having paid by PayPal it's impossible to turn off the automatic renewal via SafeCart and no renewal email was received.

It's either a genuine mistake or a con, not sure which, won't be buying from them again.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jun 18, 2012

    Hi Nigel,

    I believe I already responded to your post on Facebook, but I'd like to ensure that readers here have the same information.

    Automatic renewals are offered in the sales cart at the time of the initial sale, and can be selected or de-selected there. Prior to the renewal, several emails are also sent to the email address on file to confirm. This email contains links that allow you to cancel immediately.

    Our Support team can refund your renewal payment, and ensure that no further renewals are made. You can reach them via our website:

    Thank you again.

  • Jo
    Joan Rochford Mar 23, 2013

    If you wish to cancel the automatic billing with PayPal account, here's how:
    1. log into your PayPal account
    2 Click "profile"
    3. Click "My preapproved payments" under financial information
    4. Select the merchants name or e mail address
    5. Click "cancel" or "cancel automatic billing"

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  • Jo
    Joan Rochford Mar 23, 2013

    1 log into your PayPal account
    2 click my profile
    3 click my approved payments
    4 find the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel
    5 select merchants name or e mail address
    6 click cancel or cancel automatic billing

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Resolved Locked up Computer Wanted more $

On Thursday March 8, 2012 I order from this company for $29.97 When the operator could not get into my...

rip off


  • My
    Mywag May 10, 2013

    My experience is similar to Katy from Texas, with the exception that now it is May 2013, and I am being billed for something that I tried and decided to opt out of the expensive service, after agreeing to pay for a onetime use of the software for $39.99. My problem is: right now I am being billed 2 months in roll for the same amount, and I am not even among their registered members, so who do I complain to in order to stop the billing, besides stopping the payment? When I applied for the free download, I was led to a service company in Tampa, FLA. There, a young man tried to sell me the expensive clean up package, that would save my computer from complete failure, which I was able to decline after, after a long very persuasive end of the world talk, I got a one time cleanup. I wrote to them disputing the charges, but got no reply.

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  • St
    stukapilot May 15, 2013

    Run from this service for your life! I was shopping one night online for software that would keep my registry strait and my computer running good. I stumbled upon this Speedy PC Pro. I saw a rating that it was good and got the job done so I took the bait. I paid the $39.99 or whatever it was thinking that this would be all I would have too pay and I'd have the software I needed, WRONG!!! Once I paid, I was immediately hooked up with a high pressure salesman who net-op'ed into my computer showed me all these errors and told me that if I did not have these fixed at once my computer was going to crash for good. Keep in mind this is a brand new computer and my computer seemed to be running normal, with the exception of a few errors here and there typical of any Microsoft product. So against my better judgment I paid $180.00 for a tech to net-op into my computer where he spent the better part of FOUR HOURS poking around on my computer to allegedly "fix" all these problems. Well, 4 hrs later when he was done, I ran the software again and had MORE errors in my registry and my computer in general than I had before I paid the $180.00 to get these fixed by one of there IT specialists. I don't know what kind of scam these trolls are running but I immediately called them and demanded my money back. After being on hold repeatedly with them for over 30 minutes while they were "checking with their supervisors" they sent me an email with an official approval for a refund. TAKE MY ADVISE. SHOP AROUND THERE ARE GOOD PRODUCTS OUT THERE THAT WILL DO THE JOB THAT I NEEDED THIS SOFTWARE TO DO I JUST GOT IN TOO BIG OF A HURRY AND PAID THE PRICE FOR MY IMPATIENCE AND FLAGRANT STUPIDITY. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT LET THEM SELL YOU ANYTHING. ALL THIS IS A HIGH TECH WAY TO GET YOU THE UNWARY CONSUMER INTO A HIGH PRESSURE SALES TRAP. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

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Resolved I was charged for a license renewal I did not authorize

I purchase a product from this company about a year ago, when my computer was crashing. It never helped solve the problem. I never authorized another purchase, yet I was charged $19.97 on my credit card. I want a refund since this was an un-authorized charge. I will notify my bank today that this is a fraudulent charge.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jan 23, 2012

    Hi Hugele,

    ParetoLogic customers sign up for our “hands-free” automatic renewal so they don’t have to worry about remembering when their programs are due to expire. The automatic renewal service is offered on the original product purchase page, where it can be included or removed from the overall purchase.

    We provide a complete satisfaction guarantee for all our products and services. If you would like to refund a recent automatic renewal purchase, you can certainly do so.

    Please visit our support page ( for assistance. A support representative will be happy to speak with you via phone or email in order to refund the automatic renewal service. Please have your order ID ready, or the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

    Thank you.

  • Pa
    Pachaka21 Jan 20, 2013

    I, too, had this happen, although I asked for a refund last year. So this year, I get charged, without an email saying, hey, I could possibly bounce your account from a charge from a year ago. That is very tacky. A reminder email is a must for a good company!

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  • Fr
    Francisco bonilla Aug 25, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am francisco bonilla from mexico, I bought in 2014, and my problems on laptop were worse
    I uninstalled reg cure and no more used pareto productos.
    But this year they charged my Credit card without my authorizatcióI am francisco bonilla from mexico, I bought in 2014, and my problemas on laptop where work e.
    I un instale registrado cure and no more used parto productos.
    But this y era the y cha red my Credit cara wi tho utilizar my autorizatión.
    Explaining this situatión them, is the same not to do.
    Althoug they Know i have not used their system, they said " you have 30 das for your claim"
    Claim something i didnt asked? Something that the y didnt earn?
    Explaining this situación them, is the sabe not to do.
    [email protected]

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Resolved Cannot stop unauthorized license renewal charge

Paid to register RegCure a year ago but later removed it from my system because of problems it was causing. Today I was sent an email saying they are automatically charging me for a 1 year renewal and the link on email to cancel renewal does not work.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jan 09, 2012


    The automatic renewal service is offered at the time of original purchase, and it can certainly be cancelled if that is your preference.

    I'm not certain why your PC is not able to open the cancellation link, but the ParetoLogic support team can assist in cancelling your automatic renewal service:
    Support is available via phone or email.

    Thank you!

  • Pa
    paperdetectives Jan 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These scammers of Paretologic also took my money in 2012 with an automatic renewal of PC Health Advisor which I never bought nor authorized. I had only done a onetime purchase of their worthless Regcure quite some time ago. They apparently kept my card details to abuse them. They are also required by law to send you an invoice preceding any renewal, if they think it is due, so you have the option of cancelling before a due date. Just do a chargeback with your card company mentioning 'unauthorized use' and refusal to fix this, file a complaint wi6th the authorities in Canada

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Resolved not as advertised

We ordered and installed Speedy PC Pro online and had to call a sales number (India) to "activate"...

Resolved I did not authorize this membership

On November 6, 2011 I purchased Paretologic's PCHealth Advisor and the XoftSpySE Anti-spyware through...

Resolved fraud

Who gave regcure the athority to take money from my visa account for renewing my account with regcure. Fraud I call it. am looking into it.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Nov 25, 2011

    Hi Phil,

    ParetoLogic customers can sign up for our “hands-free” automatic renewal so they don’t have to worry about remembering when their programs are due to expire. The automatic renewal service was offered on the original RegCure purchase page, where it can be included or removed from the overall purchase.

    We provide a complete satisfaction guarantee for all our products and services. If you would like to refund a recent automatic renewal purchase, you can certainly do so.

    Please visit our support page for assistance. A support representative will be happy to speak with you via phone or email in order to refund the automatic RegCure renewal service. Please have your order ID ready, or the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

    Thank you!

  • Al
    Alonzo Dec 29, 2008

    On Monday 12-29-08 I tried the RegCure PC Optimizer free version, I downloaded and gave it a try. To get it to run it must be registered.
    To register it I was told that I had to pay $29.95 to make it work. I clicked on the register button and not only did the take the $29.90 they took an additional $9.95 more for the paretoLogic privacy controls that I didn't agree to. So I started checked the complaints on both companies and got the phone number of a customer that had been stung just like me. I immediately realized the money was taken out of my Paypal account by of $39.90 with out my authorization. The money came out and I want it back, I am trying to the companies to end this horror.

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  • To
    Tom Bennett Apr 23, 2009

    C-Net said they were the best.
    RegCure offered $10 discount "now only $29.95
    RegCure billed my credit card $39.95
    this is a simple fraud.
    If they will lie about one thing what else will they lie about.

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Don't buy it!

The program cost more than I expected through not reading the fine print. {my fault] The program runs once or at the most twice & then refuses to run again. Contacting Paretologic 4 times to date brings a quick response & the problem goes away until I try to run it more than once or at the most twice. They are most apologetic & ostenibly helpful but it is not getting fixed! They have also agreed to refund the money if I want. Don't buy it! It is a total waste of money & what to me is more important a total waste of time contacting them.

Resolved unable to install a filecue license key https://buy, pid=18&key=[protected]-A4B3A-6E0Fc

Recently downloaded Regcure which I had previosly used to reinstall it, could not make the license number work, Called [protected] and a very helpful lady steered me through the process easily and quickly, I did have a lot of trouble finding the number to call, It should come on the order ??? altogether a good resolution, Thank you Paretologic.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Mar 24, 2011

    Hello Rita,

    Please contact our support team for assistance with your FileCure software.

    The link above contains our support phone number, chat links, and our ticket submission system. Once you have contacted us, a support representative will be happy to assist in getting your software installed and registered.

    Thank you,


Resolved Not recognising registry keys

I had to reboot my computer and when I tried to install Anti Spyware and Privacy Controls they would not recognise my registry keys. I tried the support link on the paretologic page but it would not open. I have tried this many times. This is the only part of their site that does not work. I have tried emailing other parts of their website but to no avail. My email address is [protected] and I would be very grateful if a member of paretologic's tech support could email with a solution. This is not very good after sales service to a customer who has had their products for a number of years. Many thanks.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Mar 18, 2011

    Hello Frank,

    Our support page is currently active and online, and I am unsure why you are unable to access it. We will investigate this issue to ensure that it does not occur for other customers.

    I have gone ahead and forwarded your email address to our support team, as per your request. They will contact you shortly and will be able to resolve this license key issue.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.



Resolved Does not Work!!!

I installed this product 22nd February 2011, within 45 minutes it screwed up my PC. It takes about 5 or 6 attempts at starting the product before it runs. I immediately requested a refund of my purchase price, so far NO RESPONSE.
I next found that as I had paid by PayPal it had inserted (without requesting or confirmation) 2 re-curring annual billing payment mechanisms into my PayPal account. Anybody using this product BE AWARE of this nice little scam. You may uninstall it but have you cleared out any re-curring payments from your PayPal account???? I'm unsure wether this can be done on a credit card but worth checking anyway.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Feb 28, 2011

    Hi Buddhabaker,

    We offer a complete, 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so we'll be happy to assist with any issues that have arisen, or provide a refund if that is your preference.

    Can you confirm that you submitted your support request via our official support page:

    The link above also has instant chat and a phone number, if you would like to speak to a customer service representative right away.

    Regarding automatic renewals, ParetoLogic customers can sign up for our “hands-free” automatic renewal so they don’t have to worry about remembering when their programs are due to expire. The automatic renewal service is offered on the original product purchase page, where it can be included or removed from the overall purchase.

    You can cancel automatic renewals at any time, and our customer support representatives will be able to assist with this.

    If you would rather cancel it manually, you can do this too.

    First, you can create a SafeCart password to access your accounts. (“SafeCart” is ParetoLogic’s payment processor, which is why their website is used for account setup, and appears in the instructions below.)

    1) Go to
    2) Fill out the form with the details from your original ParetoLogic purchase
    3) Make a secure password
    4) Enter your password again in the "confirm password" box
    5) Click "Create Account"

    Now that you have a SafeCart account, you can log in and cancel automatic renewals by following these steps.

    1) Go to and log in using the password you just made
    2) Click "Edit" next to the name of the ParetoLogic program you want to cancel
    3) Click "Unsubscribe" directly above "Product Names"
    4) When the "Are you sure?" warning appears, click “OK”

    The product will no longer automatically renew.

    Please let me know if you need any assistance, or if you have any questions - PM me any time.



  • ParetoLogic's response · Mar 14, 2011


    The ParetoLogic support site does appear to be live:

    Are you able to access the site now?

    Regardless, I'll pass along your email address so that a representative can follow up with you.



  • Ih
    I hate institutions Mar 12, 2011

    Hey Kai, the site you listed for tech support does not load up today march 12 and I have been to your website there is no phone number listed to contact you, as a matter of fact thats the only part of the site not working. Of course you must put all you attention to the part of the site selling the product because it works just fine. I must agree the pc health advisor takes for ever to load up, but I am trying to contact you to get a liscense key i paid for. I need assistance and have questions. my email is [email protected] Now ill be sure to update this page on if you actually try to help me out, or if that reply to Buddhabaker was just a ploy to future potential customers, that you actually do perform customer service at your company. Thank you hope to hear from you soon, but not counting on it.

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Resolved cannot remove popups

ParetoLogic "File Cure" continues to intrude on my computer asking for Renewal when I have no intension to renew this "Product". I have looked through all of the normal ways to delete popups or applications and cannot find a way to DELETE paretologic's file cure.

  • ParetoLogic's response · Jan 31, 2011

    Hello Docs,

    Please click the link below for instructions on how to uninstall FileCure via the Control Panel:

    Should you encounter any further issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance:



  • Qu
    Quantummmom Apr 13, 2010

    My son sent me a video file that I could not open so I looked for a way to open it and came upon the Paretologic File Cure. They act like it is just a free download but when I did not buy it and tried to delete from my programs my e-mail, which I gave them...duh, became unusable. None of my emails will open. What a crock. They act like they will help but only ruin your computer. DO NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS!!! The blankety blanks have ruined my email that all of my friends and colleagues have. They should be put on every message board to put them out of business!!!

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How much of a fraud they are!

I didn't spend any money on this stupid program, thank God!

I dled something for free on the web. I honestly don't even remember why, or even which specific program ..but, since they apparently push computer software I suspect that it was bc I was looking for a decent firewall/anti-virus program(s). I found it to be a useless program taking up space on my computer! After a couple of days I was fed up and, amongst running other maintenance on this infernal machine, I uninstalled it and largely forgot about it.

But, that didn't last very long! Almost immediately I started getting Windows error messages that read something like...

"Error loading C:/ProgramFiles/... ParetoLogic/uuS2/UUS.dll"; the following several months I have received, roughly, two hundred of those messages, all of them the same and at about an average of one a day! What I want to know is how do I get rid of these stupid error messages?!!

What program is even trying to access them?? And how do I make it stop!? I suspect that a portion of the program was not uninstalled when I, tried to, uninstall the entire thing and so it lingers on, like some sort of a ghost of its former self. As far as I can tell, it isn't harming my computer in any way, it's just really, ... REALLY, really annoying!!

Anyone that has any idea(s) on how to shed my computer of this insipid little thing, please, respond!

Thank you,

  • At
    Atlanta Redbird Oct 14, 2010

    I am experiencing the exact same thing. If you find out how to get rid of it, let me know!!!

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  • Mo
    MorpheusOne Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Someone, apparently, from Paretologic responded on here, to this complaint, and posted something that has, so far, seemed to fix the problem. I don't know if you noticed their message but, here it is!

    1. Please click Start, then All Programs.
    2. Now go into Accessories and then select System Tools followed by Scheduled Tasks.
    3. Please search the list of Windows Scheduled Tasks entries, and remove any associated with Pareto Update or ParetoLogic Registration.
    4. Right-click these items and select Delete to remove them. This should resolve the issue.

    It's only been like two days ... so, 5 seconds after I send this reply to you, Atlanta, I could get the same error message. So, I can't really vouch for the validity or the credibility of this as a solution bc it just hasn't been long enough, and since the resolution came from an apparent representative of Paretologic, well, ...ANYTHING from them, or even from someone saying that they are Paretologic or a representative of them, is questionable to say the least!

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This company hides the fact in their end user license agreement (which only pops up when you're downloading the software) that your purchase will become WORTHLESS after just ONE YEAR! YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT FOR ITS INTENDED USE!!!
They will KILL your purchase after one year and you will not be able to use it anymore unless you fork over more cash!
This is like buying a DVD movie and after one year, it won’t play anymore unless you shell out more cash! What kind of deceptive practice is this??? No where on their web site do they tell you that your product will be useless after one year! NO WHERE ON THE WEB SITE ARE YOU TOLD THIS!!!

  • ParetoLogic's response · Dec 06, 2010

    (Ce message a été écrite par Google Translate)

    Bonjour Marc,

    Nous serions heureux de vous aider. Pour vous aider dans votre achat ParetoLogic, s'il vous plaît contacter notre équipe de soutien:

    Ils seront en mesure d'aider avec un remboursement, ou de tout autre élément que vous pourriez avoir besoin.

    Je vous remercie,


  • ParetoLogic's response · Feb 06, 2012

    Hi William,

    ParetoLogic offers an automatic renewal service, available at the time of the initial purchase. Customers can easily cancel the service at any time, if that is their preference. I understand that you are experiencing some difficulty with this, and we can certainly assist.

    I have forwarded your contact details to our Support team, who will get in touch with you shortly.

    Thank you.

  • Th
    Theresa Clements May 16, 2009

    i ordered the product to clean up my computer but never could not get it to work because I never got the license reg.

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  • Mp
    m pompu Jun 20, 2009

    same thing happeded to me, they cant find that I paid for this product, that was supposed to cost $39.00. then they wanted an activation fee $9.95. my credit card was charged $148.48. after several attemps to contact them got me nowhere I phoned the credit card company and complained. they are looking into it for me. The company that charged my card was Softwarebell. wth is up with that?

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  • Ho
    Horace C. Roberts Nov 04, 2009

    I ordered a renewal of my license for RegCure PC Optimizer on October 30, 2017 for a charge on my VISA credit card for the sum of $49.92. The program downloaded and I also downloaded program updates. The program does work and, instead, gives an error message. I filed a similar complaint last week but I have not yet received a reply from you. Please provide another download for this program to my above listed e-mail address. My SafeCArt Receipt ID for this order is PTLC-U301009-92EVM.<br />
    <br />
    Thank you, '<br />
    Horace C. Roberts

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  • Re
    Rev. Douglas E. Legge Nov 18, 2010

    my MBNA Visa card account shows the following item
    29 jul 1o 30 jul 10 CLKBANK.COM_YNREJJLX 800-390-6035 £26.78
    This was a software registration fee for Paretologic, but the software was never registered by them. I claimed a refund, but they said they could not trace the transaction. Can you please chech the transaction details for me.

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  • Bo
    BOVY Marc Dec 04, 2010

    Ma carte VISA de ma banque ING est débitée d'un montant de 48, 33 euros en date du alors que je n'ai jamis fait appel aux services de paretologic de manière payante. Je l'ai téléchargé car ce programme m'était offert gratuitement.

    Merci de demander à cet organisme de me rembourser de cette somme et de ne plus jamais me débiter de ces montants exhorbitants.

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  • Wi
    William Vickers Feb 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have unsubscribed to all of Paretologic products. on several occansions and they keep trying to renu a sbscription. Thes and all charges from Paretologic are unauthorized. I expect a complete refund and taken off their customer list. I have deleted all off their programs, especially since theu do not work.

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  • Wi
    Wizardofozone May 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't even get me started about those worm making money grubbers ... forgot to stop my autopay to them and saw my money flying away a week ago ... I trashed that 'Health Advisor months ago ... Decided that since they had my money I'd try it one more time ... It does nothing in my opinion ... even Cnet has few entries of it and no comments that I can find . But deleting it is worse ... It never showed up even in the Revo listings ... and deleting it from the regular windows program suddenly made on every boot up an " APP HAS FAILED TO UPDATE" message ... the explanation on the screen was 'appcrash' so I went into search and finally found yet another Pareto listing ... I deleted that and still the crash pop up keeps appearing ... the letter 'P' logo they use is in the upper left of the pop up and now I'm starting it's really their own message, not the valid and similar windows pop up. ... I can get nothing in search at all ... how do you get rid of that failure to update app message ?

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do not want product

We tried to download product and it did not work; then we found we had Norton Security Suite and did not need the RegCure PC Opimizer and they tacked on the Privacy Contorls product. The total came to $39.94 and we are asking that it taken off our credit card.

Receipt ID PTCL-U160910-50LAD

My name is: Mikel Fields

Thank you

File Cure

The Microsoft support site refered me to Pareto Logics File Cure to resolve issues I have with type .bkf files
So I was directed to there site with the implecations that file cure would resolve the issue. I purchased the product for around $20.00 ran the program only to find out that I had paid $20.00 to be refered to another software company who wants $140.00 for there product to aledgedly resolve my issue. Why call a product "File Cure" when in reality it' essentially a sales forum that I had to pay $20.00 for. Clearly the product did not perform as implied.

Faulty Product but I did get a refund!

I had similar problems with RegCure from Paretologic. It did not fix my problem and actually caused other programs to fail. I uninstalled the program, contacted Paretologic and SafeCart for a refund. Like other posters I got no reply. After 48 hours I e-mailed PayPal about the problem. They contacted SafeCart and within 24 hours I got a reply from SafeCart saying I'd be receiving a full refund. A few days later the refund appeared on my credit card. So there is hope if you paid with PayPal. Check it out, and good luck!

  • Gr
    greymom2 May 19, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They took me just last week for $500!!! The technician told me I had all these viruses and malware - showed them to me on my own computer, and I fell for it. I can't see that my computer is running any different than before; if anything, it's slower. Unfortunately, I paid for these *services* with a credit card and feel I have no recourse. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them.

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