Papa John'sthe manager named 'adan' (idk if that's his real name) and some chubby white american worker

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0 stars. THIS PLACE IS RACIST. I make an online order and go in to pick up. This chubby white American lady took forever to help me out because she seemed to busy and the whole place seemed unorganized. First, she makes a mistake on my order and mistakes my order for another asian guys order because we have similar last names. And then she promises me credit for the same thing I ordered and when I tried ordering today, some rude barely-speaking-english Latino, calls himself the manager, picks up and as I'm trying to explain to him he thinks about it and I tell him that the lady got mixed up with my order because we both have asian last names, CHO and CHOI. I understand it looks alike BUT NO IT DOES NOT SOUND ALIKE AND IT IS NOT THE SAME YOU RACIST [censored]. As soon as he looks my information up and hears that he starts laughing and asks me what's wrong with my order. I told him 'I didn't order yet' and he says 'yes but what's wrong with your order?' and by now I'm getting mad telling him I told him the whole situation and he asks the same question 7 more times as if he's frustrated with me with what I'm trying to tell him and as if I'm trying to get something free. And so now I'm angry and I don't get my promised compensated pizzas because the lady bulls*ted saying she was going to give me credit when she did not to save her own butt. And also this guy who calls himself the manager named 'Adan', (I don't even know if that's his real name cause he seemed so unprofessional and as if he did not have a care in the world.) continues to laugh after everything I had to say because I got upset at the fact that the lady didn't put my credit in after she made her dumb mistake. What kind of customer service are they running here? It's a [censored] show with a bunch of clowns. This is absurd and will not be tolerated at any workplaces EXCEPT this Papa John's where they hire incompetent workers like these guy who can barely speak any English as a manager and a worker who can't even own up to her mistakes and can't do basic work. I will be contacting Papa John and will be doing a follow up on the feedback form and will get my money back.


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    TheManager Aug 04, 2019

    Stfu. Calling people chubby and barely speaking English makes you a dick. Go fuck your self.

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