Papa Johns Storedelivery driver took my money!

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My family and I ordered from Papa Johns Store At 4535 Falls Road tonight almost $30 worth of food. I had just gotten a $50 bill changed for my meals for the upcoming week, and I had the money with tip a total of $32 ready for the delivery person. When this person came I mistakenly gave him the $50 and not The $32. I realized this and ran out to try and catch him. He was long gone. Now you and I both know that these delivery drivers check what you give them and if its short come immediately back to bet what they were owed. I once didn't have the correct amount and realized this when the driver came back and gave him the amount that was due plus a tip. When I called the store I talked to the driver and he said he would see what he could do, I then talked to the manager and unfortunately he said at the end of the night the drivers would pay what they owed the store and the rest over that would be their tip. He said it was my word against the (untruthful) driver. You and I both know that this driver will not of course be over on what he collected. This was a stupid mistake on my part one which I will never do again, but just had to get this one out there to let everyone know watch what you give the pizza delivery guys, because if you make an honest mistake its your loss. The right thing for this driver to do would have been to come back and ask if I really meant to give him this much money, this would have caught the mistake and I would have even given him more of a tip for being honest. I work with independent contractors for one of the oldest and most respected courier companies in the Baltimore, Maryland area and our people would have never done anything as dishonest as this. My brother gave his life in Vietnam 40 years ago this March for the freedom we all share including the dishonest Papa Johns Delivery Staff. The Manager could have also handled this incident a little different.

Ripped off In Baltimore.


  • Ch
    Chris Jun 21, 2007

    I assume a $2 tip for a $30 meal is a typical tip for your type. That is only a 6.7% tip. Consider the dangers and expenses involved in pizza delivery driving, the wrecks that can occur while you are on the job, the increasing price of gas, the amount of miles involved in delivery driving, not to mention the frequent oil changes and replacement of tires and numerous other things that can happen to your car or yourself while making numerous deliveries every day. I know you have to give waiters a bigger percentage of the tip, at least 10% right?, and they aren't risking their lives bringing you your food. I also assume that you didn't say, "Here is a $2 tip for ya". So he would not have known that you didn't mean to give him a generous tip for his services. Also, it is understandable to accidentally give a guy say $42 dollars, which would be 2 $20's and 2 $1 bills, a total of 3 bills, instead of a $10, $20 and 2 $1 bills, also a total of 3 bills. However, you are claiming you accidentally gave him one bill when in fact you meant to give him 3 bills? I am sorry sir, but your story doesn't add up. I think you are just sour for making the day of a delivery driver who WORKS FOR THE TIPS, not for his hourly wage which is never above minimum. Also, calling up a store and claiming that you gave the delivery guy "too big of a tip" or "he stole money from me" is absurd. Would you also do that at a restaurant? Even if you would, the response would still be the same. You cannot "refund" a tip. *sigh* I am not trying to be mean. I just want to let you know, not all deliver drivers are dishonest, if you don't tell them exactly what amount you are giving them how are they to know that you didn't mean to? I was a delivery driver. I have gotten $15 - $20 tips before, very rarely, but I have, and didn't question it. Just understand that pizza delivery drivers, and any delivery drivers in general, deserve a big tip, even more than waiters and waitresses. This is coming from a guy who was delivering a Web delivery pizza order in which the tip was $2 and on my way to their house had a car accident, totaled my car, and was hospitalized. Totaling your car for a $2 tip hardly seems worth it, doesn't it? But that is the danger each delivery guy faces every time they deliver you a pizza. So be generous with your tips man, and quit badmouthing delivery drivers for one lousy experience, they are saving you time and energy... and possibly your life.

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  • La
    Laura Jun 28, 2007

    As a Papa John's delivery driver in Texas, I would like to agree with Chris. I'd also recommend going to the site for more information on tipping and the duties performed by delivery drivers.

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  • Ke
    Ken Sep 03, 2007

    First of all, what does your brother getting killed in Vietnam have to do with pizza delivery? And second, you gave a $2 dollar tip. Wow. You think you can spend that $2 dollars there - tight ###.

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  • An
    Andy H. Sep 26, 2007

    I have delivered for many years and if someone gives me a fifty dollar bill and the total for the order is $32 dollars then I dig out a couple fives and 3 ones and thank the customer for ordering. If I get a tip I'm happy. If I don't get a tip I'm angry but move on. Someone else will make up for it, guaranteed. The driver should have counted out the customers change at the door and left it up to the customer to make the final decision. Also, with the ever increasing delivery charge that the companies charge, some customers assume it's the drivers tip. I blame the companies for misleading the consumers, which ultimately affects the driver's tips. I heard a pizza place in Florida has a $7 dollar delivery fee. What a crock a crap.

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  • Valerie Aug 04, 2008

    Delivery time of about 1 1/2 for just 1 pizza. They said because they were busy! When I called to complain the lady only offered $5 off of next order. I think I've ordered like 2 or 3 times and they were all slow with the deliveries but this time being the slowest!! Don't think I'll order from there again!

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  • An
    Anonymous Oct 13, 2008

    I am a delivery driver and i have to say i have gotten a worse tip than $2. As a matter of fact just tonight i got a tip of $0.30!!! I was upset, but i said have a nice day and i went to my car and left. Some people do think that the delivery charge is for the driver. That is not true. At my store they charge $2.50 for a delivery charge. Now my point of view is that, that $2.50 should go to the driver, but it doesn't instead i only get$1.15 for mileage reimbursement, which isn't much at all. Not to mention that they only pay $4 an hour when im delivering anyways. And when i am in the store i get minimum wage which is $6.79 here. So being a pizza delivery guy or girl is hard so like laura said go to to really understand what we go through. We basically live off of tips.

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  • To
    tomandlou Feb 06, 2009

    We ordered a current special they were having: 1 large deluxe pizza and 1 large with 2 toppings. We did it online which we've never had any problems with in the past but this time we placed the order at 7:15pm. I called back at 8:15pm because they said due to the rain they were busy. Ok I understand, but then the manager Marco Novello said it would be 10 mins. When I called back at 8:30pm he said it was late because on the order I indicated "pick-up". I said why then did you charge me $2.25 for a delivery fee? He then tried to backtrack and say he thought I was another order. Well needless to say when the pizza finally arrived at 9:15pm - 2 HOURS AFTER I PLACED THE ORDER...I sent the driver back and refused the pizza. I called my credit card company to dispute the charges. Will never ever order from Papa John's again. Domino's just earned a new customer.

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  • E7
    e7bin May 11, 2009

    I don't care about your brother- I wouldn't complain about my local pizza place until it's something they actually did incorrectly not my mindless handling of money. Customers who think they're money is god and that i should kiss ### even though they give ### tips to my drivers and cause me more money than they spend by demanding refunds get poor service either consciously or unconsciously. As a manager i would have surly questioned the driver but i have no right to search their persons for suspicious fifty dollar bills how much they make at the end of the night is none of my businness- This is a unfortuanate occurrence completely initiated by the customer not one of my drivers trying to pay his child support and rent. =/

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  • Wo
    Wouldn't you like to know Aug 15, 2018

    @e7bin That is easy for you to say because you are a manager. It does not help you when you yourself have come home from the hospital and you are disabled and you have just lost both of your parents and you give your Papa John's delivery driver 50.00 dollar bill thinking it was a 20.00 dollar bill and a 10.00 bill and then a 5.00 dollar bill for a 31.00 order so there was a total 65.00 dollars given to the driver and that would have left a 4.00 tip the papa John's is only right up the street so don'the sweat me over the tip amount. This driver new I was in the hospital and I told her both my parents had died. Anyway to make a long story short. The driver made 20.00 dollars to much and the rest of that money was going to be used for my electric bill and was given to me from a family member because my dad had passed away. She already new this. Makes your company look like shit. Makes you look like an Ass.

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  • Nc
    ncc74656m Sep 17, 2009

    I'll start off with saying that you are right in principle, the guy should have brought you back the difference. This is why I agreed with you, but only for that reason. That said, here comes "blame the victim" time.

    You need to be responsible for your own money, and know what you're doing and giving. No amount of blame that he deserves covers your own mistake.

    Basically, the guy really should get at least 10% of the bill as a tip, I think it's just fair. He does less than a waiter does, but personally I still tip delivery as if I were tipping a waiter, maybe just a little less enthusiastically (I typically give 20% to a waiter, or better if the bill is really small or service was top notch). So 10% is a minimum.

    That said, basically what you gave the guy was $19 extra. Now, depending on where this guy comes from, and how long/far he had to drive, you're not considering that to bring that extra $17 back (based on your paltry $2 tip!) he would need to spend an extra $2-3 easily to bring that money back to you. So you should in fairness be asking for no more than $12 back.

    Here's the preachiest part of this, and something I shouldn't be pointing out given my own history, but if $12 makes or breaks you, then you need to reconsider ordering pizzas. It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno.

    Clearly, you don't need to give this place any more of your business, but you should really think about whether this guy deserves as much blame as you think he does.

    Granted, I'd have brought back the money, and I'd have even pointed it out when I took it from you. Even if I'd somehow made it back to the place, and it was a reasonable distance, I'd have proposed exactly what I just told you. That is, give me the original tip and an extra $5, and I'll come drop off the $12 to you. If not, and you want to come get the $17 from me, that's your call. Otherwise, it's not my problem.

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  • Th
    Thinkb4youspeak Oct 02, 2009

    I LOL at chris's post. What the hell I've done pizza delivery through Bronx and Brooklyn in Nyc and you make it sound like were terrorists going on suicide missions. I didn't live off tips either I got payed 10$/hr and .75$/delivery for gas. It is not that hard to be a pizza delivery driver its actually the laziest AND funnest job I have done so far. Who cares if people give you small tips or big tips you sound like those angry virgin waiters who look at me like I just cheated on them with there wives when I give them 7% tips off whatever I payed. It isn't the customer's fault you work for a ### pizza company who pays you garbage. Don't take it out on innocent customers, for your natural anger toward your cheap ### boss or whoever you talk up to.

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  • Th
    Thinkb4youspeak Oct 02, 2009

    Also by the way Chris I giggle at your rage from your car crash and blaming someone's 2$ tip. You need to grow some balls little boy and take that rage on either the horrible driver that crashed into you or your horrible driving skills.I am pretty certain your customer didn't set up a hired driver to crash into then tip you 2$ so he can piss you off even more. I can't stand waiters and other jobs who live on tips to blame the customers with so much inner rage. Either shut the ### up and suck it up or get a better job and ditch your boss who refuses to pay you jack ###.

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  • Na
    NatefromDallas Oct 03, 2009

    To Thinkb4youspeak...Who the hell makes $10/hr delivering pizza. You must work for some small shop that has an insanely high hourly rate.
    Every pizza delivery job I'm aware of pays less than minimum wage and it is understood that your tips will push your gross income over the minimum wage requirement.
    There's no way you're a pizza delivery driver - I'm willing to bet that you're just some chump who stiffs the pizza guy wanting to throw his 2 cents in.

    The facts are:

    Pizza delivers DO depend on tips.
    Pizza drivers DO risk their lives every time they jump in car to take you your, of course its not like they're trying to take down Al Quieda single-handedly...but there is a significant element of risk involved with spending 8 hours on the road everyday in all types of weather.
    Pizza drivers DO incur significant costs as simply part of their job requirement. When you put 30, 000 miles on your car every year there are many expenses such as gas, tires, breaks, oil changes, belts and hoses, repairs and general wear and tear which significantly reduces the life or the car..

    Please...appreciate your pizza delivery guys for what they do. It's not a glamorous job and I'm sure its not a life aspiration for most of them but it a job that's requested by society and makes your life just that much better since you don't have to go out to get food when there's a foot of snow on the road and they've shut down the highway.
    A few bucks isn't going to kill you...otherwise you wouldn't be spending $30 on dinner right?

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  • Pa
    Papa Johns Driver Oct 30, 2009

    Papa Johns just changed our pay to $3.00 per hour when we are on delivery and $7.25 when we are in the store waiting for a delivery. We depend on tips more now than ever. I never would of guessed that you didn't mean to give such a big tip because we do get big tips sometimes but when you compained a NORMAL driver would of returned with your change or the manager could of gave you a free pizza. Next time call and asked to talk to the supervisor of all the store if you don"t think the manager handled it correctly. A PJ driver.

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  • Al
    Alhallow Dec 02, 2009

    a good driver, in most instance, will make the out-sized tip known to the customer. but, a large tip on a large order is not uncommon. that having been said, your crappy 2.00$ tip is, well, crap. perhaps you should do pick -up, and u will save about 2$ on the shady delivery fee. (the drivers dosent get that either)!

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  • Rr
    rrpostal Jan 27, 2010

    How the hell did you think a single bill was $32? That's the biggest problem. Yeah, he should have given tyou back change, but after a day of delivery I can see myself taking it and putting it in my pocket thinking "don't ask for change, don't ask for change" and then happily zipping off wit ha few bucks. You are acting like he took a hundred instead of a ten. THAT is another story and couldn't be seen as a decent tip. It's been years since I delivered, but a $20 dollar tip isn't really like robbing a 401k. There is no reason at all to bring vietnam or anyone's honor into this equation. That's kinda tantamount to invoking Goodwin's law. At best this is a minor incident where you somehow thought a $50 was $32? Heck, for all we know, you could be wrong! Maybe the kid wasn't lying ands you're3 the crazy guy who's accusing him for nothing. We really can't be sure.

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  • Am
    amh11 Jan 30, 2010

    First of all, $2 on $30 is a horrible tip. You should be ashamed of that kind of tip if you can afford to own a house. Most of us cannot do that.

    Second, Papa Johns drivers just suffered a substantial paycut, and we need the tips to live.

    Third, if someone hands me over the amount, I assume the rest is a tip. If it's a huge tip, then that's great. If I ask if they need change and they say no, then that's it. I will not drive back out to their house to give them back cash which they handed over to me. Don't be stupid. ^.^

    Also, we have 3 war veterans working at our store. Having a family member who was in the military doesn't make you special when it comes to tipping.

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  • Za
    zadika Feb 03, 2010

    Didn't anyone notice she said ALMOST $30 worth of food? If I bought $26.50 worth of food, I would put almost $30. Her tip was over $2 for a order under $30. Her tip was probably more than 10%. If the order was almost $30, the tip wasn't TWO DOLLARS

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  • Za
    zadika Feb 03, 2010

    But I do hate when people bring in the reasons why they are entitled to better service. The Vietnam thing was ridiculous.

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  • In
    insurancesalesman May 16, 2010

    Yes you should have gotten your money back. I have to say this though. You didnt even give the guy a 10% Tip? Are you kidding me? I mean 15 to 20% is standard when you even go out to eat. This man drove his own car, and used his own gas tp bring your pizza, and with gas prices the way they are you gave him 2 dollars on a 30 dollar order. You should be just as ashamed of yourself as he shoudl be for not being honest with giving you the overage you paid him. Thats ridiculous!

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  • In
    insurancesalesman May 16, 2010

    Zadika it deffinitly wasnt genius. Do the math. It was almost 30 he said. He gave 2 dollars. thats 10% of a $20 order, so no, it diffenitly wasnt. Besides 10% is a slap in the face in todays day and age. This is 2010 and not 1990.

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  • Ro
    robdawg Jun 25, 2010

    I called to order pizza on the phone like i normally do. I had just recieved the phone i was calling from and when he asked for the phone number, I gave him the number I thought it was. He repeated it back to make sure and again I said, "I believe so, but I'll be glad to check to make sure. Give me one second." He replied with, "I don't need a believe so, I need a real number."
    I then told him not to worry about the order if he was going to be that rude. He told me, "Even better."

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  • Pi
    PizzaGuy2222 Aug 30, 2010

    This is ridiculous.I work for a pizza delivery place and there is no way I would drive back to a customer to bring them back money. That is your own fault for not realizing things like what president is on your money. I would have looked at what I have recieved from a customer and gone in my pocket to give them change wherein to things could occur 1. They would tell me to keep the change or 2. I would ask how much they would like back. This also seems like it is both of your faults and you are acting like it is the restaurant and the drivers fault only. I can say from experience that your driver goes through way more than you can imagine on the way to bring you your pizza such as no gate code at apartments, traffic, pouring rain, wrong addresses, cars with no ac and thats just on the road. At most chains they have you cut the pizzas, box and bag the orders, pack in your sides and sauces, cook your wings, fries, or cheese sticks, answer the phones, dispatch deliveries, wash dishes and prep the pizzas for the next day. Pizza delivery drivers do deserve the same tip as a server if not more. You just don't see them do anything other than show up at your door with the food so you assume that is all they do. They go miles while servers go feet thats the only difference.

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  • 1w
    1wildfire1 Sep 14, 2010

    If you think you are putting your life in danger by doing the easy job of walking up to a door and pressing the door bell, get a different job. The are many thousands of people surviving on min wage who do not even have the option of tips. Be grateful you get any at all. I sure wouldn't tip you. Go to school and get a career. Don't [censor] about not being able to afford school, get loans!

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  • Pa
    papajohnspa Nov 27, 2010

    @1wildfire1, i would say about 70% of the guys and girls i work with at the papa johns i work at are college students, and yeah i guess the other 30% are not all american winners but its those 30% of people who make life livable for people like us. I work at a delivery driver, im only 19, im going to school full time. If you would ever try to say anything to my face about working there as a college job i would probably punch you in the throat. we all have bills that need paid. And yes it is dangerous because you never know what crazy wack job is going to answer the door or who may be in that alley at the same time as you. I get nervous when i go to the lower east side all the time... And to those of you who dont tip, heres a suprise we know who you are and we could give a rats [censor] about your food. Yeah, we talk about you and nobody wants to take your order, if we take multiple deliveries and yours should in all rights be first, but other drivers who have been working there for months longer then me tell me that you never tip and want your exact change back, well suprise your getting your order last even if your only a mile from the store. We dont care about becasue we dont respect you, if we know you tip, we triple check to make sure your order is correct, we might go a little faster to get it there, and if theres a shortcut over a slightly bumpy road, well dam im going to take it to get your food to you as fast as i can in the hopes you order again and i get another tip from you. And no we just can't go and get another job, its not that easy, i applied to this place 5 months before i got a call, and in that time i applied to over 30 places and only got one or two call backs. think im unqualified? sike, i worked register at my previous two jobs which paid half of minimum wage AND were seasonal, ergo i diidnt go back again). I am a full time college student holding 19 credits, while working about 30 hours a week and i have the skill to balance both. I have won numerous awards in school activities as well as being deeply involved in my community. I ran my highschools technology dept when i was in 10th grade, because i knew what the hell i was doing... So hows about you take your pompous [censor], which was most likely handed a simple, high paying job that requires no life, no brain activity and go screw yourself becasue you most likely didnt go to college, and i would bet that your an old bag who just hates kids. You probably also hate black people you [censor]...

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  • Fi
    Filmme Jan 31, 2011

    Ordered pizza at 6:30 pm it is now 9:15 and no delivery still waiting called store to check on pizza as there was a pinch and i mean a pinch of rang and rang ufor 5 minutes until it went busy tryed calling 7 different times same thing. no one answered i only wanted to check on the order to see if we should grab something else to eat..but was not able to even find that out so yeh i am pissed when there is no one to talk to...order from pappa johns again do not think so..

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  • Ka
    kandice517 Mar 10, 2011

    A $2 tip?? That's BS!!! I was a delivery driver for Papa Johns for about 4 months and had to quit because we got paid the same amount as waiters and waitresses and the only way I could pay my rent and pay my car was through tips! (which most people never do) It's you're own fault for being so stupid and not paying attention to what you were doing! If only people realized how crappily paid we actually were and how late pizzas were not our fault, but the fault of management and inside staff, they would think twice before giving us such crappy tips if we're lucky enough to get one at all!

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  • Su
    susuu Mar 10, 2011


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  • Cm
    cmc5636 Mar 29, 2011

    thats what you get for only tipping two dollars...your an [censor], and you deserve it. You have probably been screwing over people you owe tips to for years, I am glad you lost money...I wish it had been more.

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  • Co
    Complaint4 Jun 12, 2011

    We received our order from the Falls Rd Papa John's and the pizza's crust was burned black and it was so tough that we could only eat the toppings on 2/3 of the pizza. We also ordered an applepie along with the pizza, but instead of an applepie, we received a cinnapie that was also burned - top and bottom. We are very displeased. The last four times we've ordered from Falls Rd, the pizza has been progressively getting worse. The convenience just isn't worth it. We will never order or promote Papa John's ever again.

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  • Ta
    tabeks Aug 10, 2011

    I ordered two cheese Papa John’s pizzas for my family including grandchildren, waited over an hour for delivery and received one with (yuck) anchovies, which made everyone want to vomit. I called and was told it was going to be a “very long time” before I could get another one delivered (it was already 9:30pm), but I said yes, the grandkids are hungry! I asked for the Papa John’s manager and was told he would not come to the phone, and the person that I talked to couldn’t hardly be heard, mumbled and slurred his words, I’m hoping they know how to wash their hands when handling food.

    And, I am getting the replacement pizza for free, whoopee! Did they think I was going to pay for a replacement? I won’t ever order from them again, they have permanently lost my business, and I will make sure to let everyone I know about the lousy service we received at Papa John’s. No thanks, Little Caesar’s is cheaper and tastier, so I’ll keep the savings and say “up yours” to Papa Lousy Service!

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  • Br
    brysizzle79 Sep 11, 2011

    Sounds to me like you got what you deserved for being a tightwad. I deliver for PJ and I would've asked you before I left the door how much change you wanted back. But after seeing how much you were going to tip the guy I applaud him for assuming you weren't a complete idiot and thanking you for the $20 tip.

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  • So
    sorrentino3444 Oct 31, 2011

    Im willing to bet that you also handed the money to the driver and turned around as if the transaction was over. I deliver. If someone does that I assume that they want me to keep the change. I actually always reach in my pocket to give the customer their change unless they do that, most of the time they say no I don't need any change and I thank them. The truth is you should have looked at what you were doing. To the haters who say if you don't like your job then find something else talking to the drivers complaining about crappy tippers. I AM TRYING!!! There is nothing out there. Everybody is overqualified and willing to work for nothing. I have an associates degree and graduated top of my class but it means nothing these days. Hoping to get a job at UPS and put in my dues so I can be a driver there one day. Anyways, please tip your drivers based on distance not 10% of the bill. It takes the same effort for me to deliver 10$ worth of food as it does 80$, It costs me the same .40$ mile to drive either way. If you tip 3$ and live 6 miles away, I payed .57$ to bring your food to you working for 4.25 an hour and only getting 1.33 reimbursement.

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  • Bu
    bubtub24 Nov 02, 2011

    9 time out of 10 the tip is included in the over priced pizza..

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  • Pr
    Priscilla Rouletgregg Mar 02, 2012

    I have place four separate orders for pizza from Papa John's Pizza restaurant # 2903 located at 1421 E Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104, (626) 808 9889, last order placed on 3/1/12, at 7:44 pm. my order ID # is 000000156030416; restaurant order # 0060, my authorization # is 044322, reference # 69169 batch ID 159;
    The pizza was cold, dry and did not have bacon, pineapple and was plain and so dry it did not taste like anything. The previous pizzas i have order have been just as bad, why is it that i cannot get just a pizza that can represent a dicent pizza to eat. they are just so bad i cannot eat them. my money is just waited and the pizzas just go in the trash. My name is Priscilla Rouletgregg 626 4224241

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  • Kn
    KnowItAll1072 Mar 10, 2012

    Hey ###! (bubtub) the tip is not included in the price...the delivery fee goes to the store, which pockets the majority of that, only s small fraction goes to the the fricking box or CC receipt where it states..."Delivery Fee is not a tip for the Driver"

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  • Ty
    tyren jones Jun 27, 2012

    Ordered pizza hour ago and bring wrong pizza 20 dollars shot. They want fix and I have to order somewere else. This is not the papa johns we like. So please look some were else for pizza.

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  • Da
    damrahonu1 Sep 08, 2012

    A promo code came in my email from CHEGG since I recently bought some textbooks from them. I had the promo code in my email. The promo code appeared in my email and it wasn't getting applied on the website. So I decided to call their customer service for technical assistance, a rude lady STEPHANIE answered my call and said that the coupon has already expired (8th Spetember 2012) and it never came in email ( I have the proof from Chegg email- attached here-9/10/2012 as expiration date and today is 9th September). I attached everything in this email and expect that they treat me with respect or otherwise the way the employee STEPHANIE disrespected me could lead to
    A) Never buying from them.
    B) I will think over taking this legally. They need to learn a lesson to answer their customers in a polite way.

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  • Ca
    carrie Jun 08, 2016

    i asked for a well done pizza didn't get it once again. called back this time and felt like i was being told that i lied because the manager kept saying if you asked then it would have been placed in the computer. now i work for another pizza place and know sometimes things are forgotten but never do i or my employees second hand the customer as if they are lieing we apolize and give them what they want. this is not the only time something like this has happen like this to me from papa johns there was one night i called at 10:45pm and they already shut the ovens off. then the manager i talked to tried me with no respect like i messed his night up for calling which that had about made me not call anymore but i thought one more time and then i get treated like this tonight.i hope something is done and if or when i decide to call back i get what i order and treated like a customer should get treated

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  • Er
    Ervin Olson Jun 16, 2016

    I ordered 1# Large Original crust pizza & 10# inch six cheese cheese sticks on the Internet .I paid for it with my credit card .It was 6:00pm and I said I will pick the food up at 7:00pm.Thank god I printed a receipt.When I walk into the restaurant I asked for my order and nobody new anything about the order .I showed the young man the receipt
    and he said they never received the order.He said if I wait 25 min.he would make the food for me.I had my wife and son waiting for the food so I waited.This is my first time I have ever tried Pappa John's and I would have to say I was disappointed in the service.He did not even offer anything to make up for there mistake and making me wait.

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Jun 16, 2016

    Better late than pregnant, I always say.

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    If you see dozens of complaints about a certain company on ComplaintsBoard, walk away.
    One of the largest consumer sites online. Posting here your concerns means good exposure for your issues
    A consumer site aimed at exposing unethical companies and business practices
    ComplaintsBoard is a good source for product and company gripes from especially dissatisfied people
    You'll definitely get some directions on how customer service can best solve your problem