Panera Bread / refusal to accommodate a request based on advert on door

Water St, Lexington KY, United States Review updated:

This is an unusual situation, and I realize that my assumptions about perks afforded regular customers may be at the heart of this complaint.

I eat something at this Panera two to four times per week. I am known here. Most of the staff is very pleasant. Today, 5/13/19, I visited and saw a sign on the door for a new coffee product that was ground on the premises. So I had an idea: having accidentally bought coffee BEANS instead of ground on special at the grocery yesterday ( they do not have a grinder), I asked the barista if I could bring the beans in to be ground. Accordingly, she posed this question to the manager, who said no.

I spend much money--money I do not have--at this place because the ambience is conducive to reading and writing, and the food is decent if kind of expensive. Never having worked in food service before, I saw no reason for the mgr to shoot me down. Perhaps there is some public health related explanation not immediately obvious to me. If there is, I apologize. That seems valid. However, none was volunteered.

I felt like cancelling my order and walking out. I didn't want to be an [censored], tho, by causing the entry level staff extra work. But when taken in conjunction with the low key attempt to extort credit card customers to tip the people who take their orders, I was peeved.

I want to know why what seems like a simple, easy to fulfill request was denied. That's all. Since that dreaded and dreadful tip-extortion thing so annoys me, though, I choose to no longer feel like a [censored] person when I say 'no'.

May 13, 2019
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      May 13, 2019

    You were told no because they have no way of verifying the chain of custody of those beans. I wouldn't trust you with a sourced product I could not verify. As @Bearfear said, health concerns are paramount. They apply to all patrons. Not just your goofy entitled self.

    You special little flower, you.

    If you are spending money you do not have, you are creating even further strife. Might I suggest the next book you read is on basic budgeting?

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  •   May 14, 2019

    OMG WTF is WRONG with you??? Grind my beans. Im here four times a week!

    You entitled [censored].

    Go to bed bath and beyond and buy your own damn grinder.

    You should grind your beans AS you brew the coffee. Even in an airtight container the mounds and mounds of pulsated coffee beans become stale.

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  •   May 14, 2019

    Whose money are you spending if it isn't yours???

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