Panda Expresslack of selection at 3 pm on a thursday

K Sep 14, 2018

I was in my way home from work on Sept 13, 2018 and decided to stop at the Panda Express at 1200 Central Rd, Mt Prospect, Illinois. There were 4 workers, 2 cooking. Two in-house diners. I went to place my order - there was no Chow Mein noodles - wait 4 mins...there was no Chicken and mushroom - wait 7 mins...most of the other platters were empty and the girl taking my order tried to tell me chichen and green beans was comparable to chicken and mushrooms. I left. I just got off a 9 hr shift and the last thing I want to do, is wait around for food. This was not the lunch hour.. This was not end of the day...I will never go to that location again. It is questionable that it is 3 pm and 2 cooks and platters are empty. What were they doing? I did not see anyone there over the age of about 20...I will no longer be going to that location. I have gone to the location at Woodfield Mall - that place is always crowded and there is almost always a line - I have never seen empty platters...So what is wrong with this place on Central Road..?

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