Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) also known as travel flychannel


My name is Muhammad Usman and I live in Toronto, Canada. I booked and purchased tickets from also known as flytravelchannel as on April 17 2017 and paid on the same date. However, on checking PNR as on July 15 2017 I saw that my tickets have been cancelled. After inquiry from travel agency sales manager Mr. Muhammad Shahid he said that PIA has cancelled your tickets while when I ask PIA they said that the ticket was purchased and cancelled on the same date travel agent not by us.
Mr. Shahid Sales Manager cell number [protected] UAN : [protected], [protected] was saying that you have paid and let me inquire and I will issue your tickets and finally as on July 21, 2017 he said that he fares have gone high and he can’t do anything.
I feel cheated and humiliated by travel agency faremakers. My brother has also filed complaint at their customer service helpline and talked to Customer service manager Mr. Usman contact # [protected] but he was not even picking my calls. I am felling severe stress and headache.

In the end they provide us tickets with 2 additional layovers.The travel agent did indeed provide us with a so called "ticket". Instead of our direct PIA toronto to karachi flight he gave us the ticket Toronto-Brussels-Abu Dhabi-Karachi ticket, despite PIA tickets being available. He forced us to take this ticket and would not refund us our money so we had no option but to fly on this hellish flight with small child. Needless to say our experience was horrible, our trip was full of shortage of halal meat, entertainment system not working and rude staff.
How can you let such a travel agent become authorized to deal with you. Dont you have any respect for your brand image. How can such a travel agent become affliated with you without having his licence revoked. How can PIA stand by and watch clients become ripped off by this travel agency. I have spoken to many clients of this travel agencies who have had a similar experience. They lure clients by providing them with direct PIA flights, cancel the ticket within 5 days and proceed to bully clients by not refunding their money and forcing them to accept [censor] flights that are cheaper than what they are paying for it.
The reason I am contacting you so late, is because the travel agent Mr. Shahid would cancel my ticket again if I complained against him. Yet with my hellish flight over, I can firmly say that his dealership with PIA should be cancelled unless you want more complaints against him. I know they are no rules and regulation in Pakistan concerning this, and you will probably not do anything. But i have made it my personal mission in life to contact every single governing body IATA, travelling associations and anti corruption agencies to ensure that the travel agency Travel Channel International Private Limited also known as should not operate as an agent for PIA because they are corrupt.

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