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sexual harassment, racial discrimination, harassment and retaliation

Part 3...Shortly after firing Mr. Jones, Kaye Todd was transfered back to store 1207 from 1392 ...

part 2 of racial discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation

Part 2...Now with the false statements given by Chris Harrelson, James Leslie and Nathan, copies where...

racial, sexual harassment and discrimination

Several documented reports of sexual harassment, discrimination, racial slurs and retaliation made/and known...

stay away

I have an issue with the Assistant Manager: "Rick" . This past weekend I went to Oriellys to get a thermostat and relay for my car. I was told by the dude there that this is what he would recommend because my car is old fashioned.

I got home and find out this is not good for me. I cam back and he told me that returns on electric components strictly prohibited. I could n't believe it. I am now stuck with a new thermostat and relay that I will never use. The treatment I received sucked! You guys do not stand behind what you say.

buyer beware

Would'nt honor lifetime warranty on brake pads. Said they only covered them for factory defects.Did'nt say that when they sold them to us.Implied that lifetime pads were a better buy than 1 yr pads because of not having to purchase pads again. Also would'nt honor warranty on rotors.Very rude people in the store. Went to Auto-Zone and bought new parts. Buyer beware!!!

  • Sh
    shad0w_ninja May 02, 2011

    It does depend which pads you bought. There are limitations on some of the lifetime warrany pads based on the manufacturer, not the store.However, it is the fault of the employee for not being knowledgeable on the certain pads while they were stressing the "lifetime" warranty. Also, on all Lifetime pads wherever you purchase them, they also carry the unwritten note attached that if your pads went bad to the calipers being at fault, nobody will warranty them out either. Just a little FYI. Also, from previous experiences, if you read the back of your O'Reilly receipt it does have explanations about warranty, refunds etc, just so you know.

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  • Ce
    Cedonulli Jun 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They sold me the wrong fluid and destroyed my steering system. Now I cant do my job or pay my mortgage. Funny thing is your heading---Pat Santon their district m manager at 360-261-2199 said QUOTE "Its a BUYER BEWARE thing" Their customer service said I should have known if the product was correct and not taken the word of an employee. NICE! So I guess their policy is really BUYER BEWARE.

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charged $ on refund

O'rieilly Auto parts sold ignition coils for GM 3.8L v-6.

Looked on internet and said these coils are for Honda, (had less resistance than OEM) The GM OEM version has higher resistance and high performance versions have even higher resistance.

Returned items to O'rieilly parts store, manager at Franklin Park did return transaction took back coils, but processed the transaction as a charge to card rather than refund. Did not notice until later, this is when I new manager was a punk!

Had to go back to the store and deal with assistant manager later that day.

bad experience

I had a bad experience at the Rochester Indiana O'Reily store a year ago and I told the attendant that was my last day inside the store in which she replied Ok.I tried to return a wrong part and learned about O'Reilys policies. I simply won't go back. There is a Napa Store across the street and a Auto Zone just down the street whom seem to like me buying from them. I simply do not understand the attitude of todays business that view the loss of one persons business as part of doing business. I do alot of my own Auto work maybe they are right I really do not matter that much in the over all big picture.

discrimination / unfair treatment

My name is willis l. Price. I am a former o’reilly employee by my own choice. I began working as a delivery...


I went into O'reilly to buy a headlight for my vehicle. while talking to the store manager, he claimed he didnt know what bulb I was requesting. I even went out to the car and point it out to him. He still claim he didnt know what I was talking about. Corporate America is ###ed, to hire someone like him. My mother alway said maggets flock together.

What the *** are we coming to. Customer service has went to the gutter. People who take your money treat Customer like ***. Give me a break, pllllllllllllllllllease. She-She Stop shop of Kansas City.

back to the stone age

I moved from SoCal, and I live in the central coast area of Calif now, but I used to have local access to Autozone, who I liked. I had to revert to Kragan, who was not all that great, and they now are Orielly, who, in at least my opinion, ***. I am a very talented and experienced technician and manager, and the service I receive from the two stores in my city is piss poor.

Wrong parts, sometimes no parts, and low technical knowledge to name a few of the issues I have experienced. (I buy a LOT of parts from these guys.)

They tend to over-ride opinions with that "...we know it all..." attitude and it is frustrating to get the wrong advice when you know it is absolutely wrong. Getting some parts is a pain because the personnel just 'know' it has to be something else, or their computer "...does not have it under that name..." (Ask them for an air cleaner gasket)

I had a counter person insist to me that the distributor cap for my 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 w/5.9 Magnum was the clip-on one she handed me and not the screw attached one I knew it to be. (I had to walk out because "...Mr. This IS the right cap...")

They could not sell me a 14lb radiator cap for my tractor! ("Sorry, but every radiator has a specific cap to fit it")

Their biggest problem is that the computers are always down. It is a roll of the dice that I can even pay for my parts!! Poor to say the least.

bad customer service

I always go to the O'Reilly's in Swainsboro when I need a car or truck part. I have literally spent thousands in there buying parts for mine and my family's vehicles. They now have 2 country bumpkins working in there, Scotty and Bobby. They act like they are high or something! Beaver and Buttface. As soon as you walk through the door you immediately want to walk out because they are giggling like two hippies high on ecstasy. I went in anyway because I figured that they were talking about something before I walked in. They weren't. Everytime I spoke they looked at each other and started laughing. I'm not the only one that they've done like that. If O'Reilly's wants to keep lucrative business they need to hire better help and put Scootie and Booty on the go!

  • Ma
    MarcS23 Nov 14, 2009

    I think that O'Reilly's as a business is a great place but I don't think they realize the impact of having our loved ones constantly at work can be overwhelming for their families. I am overwhelmed by the fact that everytime I turn around there is a meeting being held. Most are not held in the same town where we reside so it requires traveling. I am upset because the job becomes top priority and there is more to life then just constantly working no matter if it pays the bills. Family also matters. Where does all this work pay off if there is never anytime to enjoy the fruits of your labor. To just have one day off a week and sometimes not even that. I never understand why they can't get with the program of having video conferences so that there is less money spent on travel and where people don't have to once again leave their families behind. I only get to spend time with my love one while they sleep because they are constantly working and I just think that if O'Reilly starts really acting like they care about their employees then people would appreciate working there more and wouldn't constantly be thinking about finding another job. Some may say "well someone would love to have your job" well the reality is just because you have a job doesn't mean the you are in a stable condition to just feel comfortable and with all the work that they do why are people still stuggling to pay necessary bills. Especially for Salaried workers I feel that they are used for so many reasons and it really is not fair. They take up overtime when a store doesn't have enough hours or employees cause the store is not making enough money, they have to do inventory at different store all hours of the day and all of this is really for free. They pay the lowest for regular work hours then I guess you feel better because of commission but after taxes are taken out you are right back to making a check that would be made by someone that works the front counter. I just think that the business world is so messed up that they so much care about their business that they forget that their employees are a very important value to the company making the money that they do. They just need to get it together and think about they are a family business that cares about caring on the legacy for years to come well we are families to that care about our loved ones and feel that they are not getting treated right. You either give more time or more money but I guess you want both.

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sold us junk

My husband went to O'Reilly Auto Parts Store in Tuscumbia, AL and bought a bttery for our ford ranger. We put the battery on the truck in their parking lot and that did not help.

He took the battery back in and told the man it was not the battery and wanted a refund so he could buy a starter. The man told him that the battery was used and he would have to prorate the battery so my husband dedided to keep it.

My husband even bought a starter from that does NOT work and they will not take it back either they say he doesn't know how to put one on, so we are done with them.

  • Pa
    partsfinder1 Mar 31, 2010

    Usually when a battery does not fix the problem, a starter does not fix the problem, then you obviously have another issue. I sale parts for a living and it is common practice for me to narrow the scope as far as I can. If an electrical part has been installed it cannot be returned as new. It's like going to get a gallon of milk, drinking half, and asking for a full refund. It just does not work like that. I would suggest checking all of the grounds, wires, and connections. From there I would suggest having the components checked to make sure they are all working properly. This includes the battery alternator and starter. Before you attack the company itself, go through what it could be before you assume they sold defective parts. Thank you and good luck with this.

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employee lacks knowledge of parts

Employee was trying to install a front signal light on a truck and was cutting into the wire harness just to make the incorrect part fit.
I told him that was the wrong part when he was cutting into it and he said he knew what he was doing!
By the way, he's the owner of the white mustang that's pictured on the wall. Go figure!!:)

product/no return

Attending a funeral in Nebraska during blizzard conditions, we purchased a set of chains in Branson before...

sold me wrong parts

I own a 1991 Nissan Sentra that needed new cv-joints. Im in the military and use the shop on post to do these kind of things easily and cheaply myself.

Anyways I go to Oreilly's to purchase new half shafts at 59 bucks with 45 core charge. Take them to the shop and begin the install. The Driver side goes without any real hitch, but the passenger side wont go in at all. I bring it back to oreilly's with the core from the drivers side.

The manager looks up the part for me and says well "she gave you the wrong parts, and the one that is on the Driver side right now is the wrong one too". So I say I will go take it off and return them, and also purchased two of the "correct" shafts.

I get back to the shop to remove the wrong one, and surprise surprise, it wont budge at all...ever...not even after taking it to a transmission shop. They did however look through the opening on the other side of the transaxle and were able to deduce that I definitely needed a new one because the splines and gears were torn up and a few things broke off...and...and...and!

Anyways what was a $100 job now a $953 job with a new transmission.

(the lady asked me year, model, engine size, ABS or not, automatic or manual) She didn't ask what speed it was and gave me parts for a 4 speed when mine is a 3 speed.

It ruined my transmission...and my wallet.

  • Be
    bessie rhodes Jul 29, 2011

    so wat happen it just happen to my son we were sold the wrong parts need new engine who can help us 2007 dodge

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  • Be
    bessie rhodes Jul 29, 2011

    same thing happen to us son went into parts store end up with the wrong parts now he needs a new enigine parts store manager was helpng us but corp office said they would not pat for a new engine .we are talking about spark plugs 2007 dodage ram truck got spark plugs for dodage van

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rude service

I shopped at O'Reilly Auto Parts store for an electrical part. I specifically asked about returns and was told that it was 30 days as long as it was not installed.

About 4 days later I decided to return the part and was surprised that the lady at the counter said I need to see a manager for the return.

About 3-4 days later I showed up at the store at about 5pm and was again told that the part could not be returned until I spoke to a manager.

I finally showed up at the store when the manager was around and he told that that I cannot return the part since they do not accept returns on the part once it is sold. I mentioned about the first visit and he said that does not mean a thing. He ACCEPTED that the part did not look used but he would not let me return it.

He would not give me a copy of the returns policy and asked me to leave the store and do what I may the part could not be returned. He also did give me a number to their corporate office on my insistance.

I called the number and to my surprise was one of the SEX HOT Line. I found the number of customer service and the rep was helpful and called the manager and to my surprise the manager told her that the part showed visible signs of abuse (after telling me it looked unused).

I was however offered a store credit and I took it. A BIG THANKS to the customer service rep from corporate. The manager told me that I could use it at any O'Reilly store in the country and I left. I am not going back to that store again.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you stay away from this chain. Try Auto Zone or NAPA which has a far better customer service reps and very helpful folks.

  • Sc
    scott_j Jan 20, 2010

    I am very sorry you had to go through that I am a Store manager in O'Reillys and I would have been more then happy to have takin care of you customers are the most inportant part of are who we are today and with out them we would not have are jobs I do hope that someday you will try us again! dont think that the way one person is how we all work. I give the best customer service I can eveyday that is are culture!!

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  • Pa
    partsfinder1 Mar 31, 2010

    This is not a normal customer service occurence in many of our stores. I am sorry that you had to go through tthis. The returns policy in on the back of every reciept. We do not accept electrical parts that have been installed but should have been handled better than it was.

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  • Io
    Iowa Oreilly Employee Oct 19, 2011

    I don't think encouraging others to ban Oreilly's due to one incompetent manager is fair... 90% of our employees are willing to help customers to the best of our ability...

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  • Jo
    John Q. Publique Sep 21, 2015

    You don't think it's fair for this person to voice their experiences with your company? Really? Sorry, but your companies policies are deplorable. And to the other commentor, pointing out that the returns policy is on the back of the reciept does NOTHING to help us. It's too late by that point, as u=you already have our money...!

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awful place

I worked at store 1841 in austin mn. was given every crap job there was trying to get me to quit but i wouldent . the district manager dont like older help and made it very clear to me and others. He has made comments about others like hire the girl she has a nice *** she will draw customers and has treated her and others very poorly at this store.In june i ruptured 3 disks in my back and that was the way to get rid of me . Fired me fought my unemployment, canceled my insurance, and refuse workers comp. Teem oreilly will take care of you my ***. The old manager and me brought this store from nothing to what it was when he left . We were at aprox. 80, 000 mo. He asked for a raise that figured to .17cents per hr . was told no hired a new manager that nobody likes for less than half and sales drop 40, 000 per mo. WAY TO GO OREILLYS. Oreillys CEO people better take a long look at the district manager and manager im not the only one that has had problems its been our store and other stores in his care that has had problems with him. How stupid can you be is everyone lying but him . I can prove everything i say i have it on tape and other people with me on this that work for oreillys and old employees that have been forced to quit cause of what they have done to them. The CEO people wont get ahold of people like me that was devoted to that store they dont CARE about there help or there customers.

horrible customer service

This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Store #3415 and the staff on hand the evening of November 17, 2009. This series of missteps occurred between 5:10 and 6:10 pm. I think its important to note that these experience is such that I will not shop in this store again, and will think twice before giving business to Oreillys in the future.

While I was waiting pateintly to be helped I noticed what seemed like the manager talking on her cell phone around the front of the store loudly while 1 other employees was busy helping other customers, a line formed behind me while she did nothing she then states to whom ever on the end of the line she does not need to deal with people like us.

Then she came to help me and all I wanted was to purchase a new set of wiper blades for my wifes car and get them installed. The woman who seemed like the manager was annoyed and had a really bad attitude it seemed like she didnt want anyone to bother her. She told me that they dont do that after 5 pm I will have to come back tomorrow morning to get them installed. I was so upset that she couldnt help me install the wiper blades but I calmly left the store not seeing a sign anywhere that stated that they only offered that until 5pm. I felt that she was just being lazy when I waited in line for about 10 minutes and she saw me waiting there but she was busy talking on her cell phone. When she finally came to help she pretty much refused to help me.

I want to make this complaint for only the reason that not only will I never go back to Murrays/Oreillys that I always depended on for all my auto parts but I will tell every one I know about the service I received. You see I am in customer service, I deal with customers (many upset customers) on the daily basis. I have never seen such bad service. I am sorry that you and I will not do any more service because of one individual who left a bad impression. I really think that your employee needs to learn how to deal with customers if you are in a retail business if you dont then you will lose a lot of good customers!

If she was that rude then the rest of the stores must be the same. I always have car problems so now my business will definitely go somewhere else. That night I bought a set of wiper blades from Napa Auto Parts just down the road, they had no problem to go outside and install them. I would rather pay a little more money to get nicer people to help me because free or cheap isn't always better obviously.

  • Mg
    mgrinmc Dec 31, 2009

    I am sorry that you happened to get one of the worst examples of our service. However, you stated that ALL of them must be the same. I am in North Carolina and I can vouch for myself and others that this is not customer service, Oreilly's or not. I go outside to crawl under trucks to find the problem, change wiper blades, change batteries, change bulbs, etc. Although it is not for us to do some of these things, I prefer to do so to help the customers. I do not condone any of the ones that work with me to treat anyone any other way. The motto in our store is that you treat the person on the other side of the counter as if it were you. So far it has worked for me. Again, I do apologize. By the way...I am female and a manager.

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  • Sc
    scott_j Jan 20, 2010

    as in the comment from above I am a Manager for O'Reilly auto parts and I am sorry you got treated that way! it was not called for and I dont care what time it is I go out of my way to help anyone. I have even stoped on the freeway on my way home to help to them to the store to get the parts they need and took them back to the car and helped fix it (took tell 12am) but that is how O'Reillys trains us to go out of are way to treat the customer as if they were not just a customer or a sale but as if they were are family! dont let that one bad time make you think thats how we as a whole are.
    Scott- Oregon

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rude manager

The store in cleburne tx has a manager that is rude and uses obsene language and does crude actions i heard how he talks to employees and it is hateful and unnessesary for a manager to behave this way i was very offended and cant believe your company employs people of his nature women that work there are talked to badly and harrased both sexually and emotionally and ive been any there many times when he has brought them to tears he discusses personal things in front of other employees as well as customers and i think it is just shameful something should be done about this.

  • Ms
    MsEl Feb 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1st i would like too know how someone could wk at oreilly auto parts if they have been fired plenty of times from other oreilly stores in missouri...and doesnt even do any physical work.They treat good workers with no respect what so ever...good honest people work at oreilly auto parts in warsaw, mo but not for long unless corporate does something because lord knows district manager isnt going too. all issues have been directed in the right places but nothing is being done ...a very close and concerned customer...please lord help this store shape up and ship out the ones that are not helping the store...

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fraud and cheats

I purchased a Bulldog security system from O'reilly auto
. First thing I had to do was look up directions for installation on the internet. Then I called "Customer Support", to see why the kit did not have all the parts needed.

The tech line representitive informed me that I was an idiot! I was taken aback and asked him what he said to make sure I was not hearing things incorrectly. He then proceeded to tell I was an idiot and did I know how many cars were out there and how hard it would be to include all the parts. I then told him that I needed to speak with his suppervisor, and he responded that what I needed to do was to blow it out my ***.

Being very offended I returned to the O'reilly part store were I purchased the part to see what they could do for me about this matter. They gave me the run around for about a week and nothing was ever done. This is why I say screw O'reilly and screw Bulldog security!