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Hotel stay in NY

I booked a Hotel for 2 days at the Hotel at Times Square thru Due to COVID19 I had to cancel, hoping to rebook at a later time when safe to due so. I have gotten no response from them about a refund or rebooking, cannot get thru to them. One number in the US was dissconnectd the other outside the country and always busy. It should be a crime for someone to make nmoney off a pandemic. They also have numerous complaints on Facebook for the same reason, no reply or contact. What do I do.

Hotel stay in NY

I booked a room for 2 days at the Hotel at Times Square through Due to the COVID19 pandemic my plans were cancelled. I had to cancel the trip. When I tried to get ahold of the website (numerous times) I received no answer or response. One number was in thr US but was dissconnected, the other out of the country and always busy. Due to COVID19 I would think getting a refund should be no problem, I just wanted to wait and rebook when safe to do so. These people are just ignoring me and will not answer. I found numerous complaints of the same nature on Facebook. What do I do? Using a pandemic to steal from someone should be a crime.

hotel booking issue

Jacqueline Fraser Reference 82E8669

I booked with back in June 2019 for 5 nights in Miami Beach 18-23 March 2020 at the COMO metropolitan hotel.

On contacting the hotel a few weeks ago, they advised they did not have a booking.

Firstly told me my booking reference had been changed to the above reference and this was the reason. This was not the reason. The hotel have said they never confirmed my booking at the price I booked with

I have been unable to log onto the Portal to resolve this issue and have had to rely on live chat. No-one has helped me resolve this issue of the portal access so I remain having to send chats.

For the past 3 weeks I keep getting the same reply through chat that have escalated my issue to their operator but this still remains unresolved.

The customer service I have had is the poorest I have ever experienced. All contact is being left for me to make . It is now 5 weeks until my holiday and I still do not know where I am staying. The hotel price gas increased by around £200 per night.

I am extremely stressed and am suffering from anxiety because of this issue. My cancellation period has now passed and I remain beholden to a company that doesn't seem to care about me and the inconvenience they are causing me.

I want this brought to a satisfactory conclusion immediately with either
a) written confirmation from and COMO metropolitan that my booking is confirmed and paid for
b) details of which hotel is being offered as an alternative with a guarantee that if I don't accept the hotel I will receive a full refund.

In addition I expect to be compensated for the huge amount of time I have spent in trying to resolve this not to mention the stress and inconvenience you have caused me.

Jacqueline Fraser

mistake in the booking

Good afternoon

I hereby expose an unpleasant experience that happened to me when I made a reservation on the website, in which I was damaged by over 600 €.
On 01/07/2019 I made, through the website, two reservations of 2 rooms, since we were going with family and we are 4 people, in the hotel at the Novum Hotel Graf Moltke Hamburg, for 2 nights of 05/07 / 2019 - 07/07/2019, where the reserve numbers were 9029E33 and 44D9738. However, I realized only the next day that I was wrong in the dates, because the dates I wanted were 05/09/[protected]/09 09 2019. I was wrong in the month, instead of September, I put July. Aware that both reservations were non-refundable, I requested the same to change them to the desired dates, through the internal communication channel of the site, which was defined the ticket no. QMT-[protected]. They told me that they could not guarantee to change them, but would contact the hotel, state what happened and that when they had an answer they would contact me.
On 04/07/2019 I finally receive an email with a positive reply, saying that the dates would have been changed and attached the two vochers of both reservations already with the desired dates, I quote the email: "Dear PETER BARROS, Greetings from, I'm happy to inform you that your booking dates have been changed as a result of intensive efforts. Kindly be informed that the status of your reservations is non-refundable. You may see your voucher on the attachment. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very pleased to assist you. Thank you for your understanding. Kindest Regards ... "
In this I was happy and rested with the situation. How was I wrong.
In the meantime, besides having received the two vochers of both reservations on 04/07/2019 by email, I also received an email on 26/08/2019, 01/09/2019, 04/09/2019 and 05 / 09/2019 informing that the reservations were confirmed and with the following sentence that I quote "YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR THIS BOOKING. THANK YOU! ".
All right and nothing would make me foresee that there might be a problem with the reservations.
On the day of hotel check-out, on 07/09/2019 the hotel check-out would inform us that we had to pay a room, as they had only a valid reservation for only 1 room. I was perplexed, I tried to figure out if there would be any mistake, however they were very clear to inform that only one of the reservations would be valid, and that the reservation No. 9029E33 was not valid and would have to pay for the room.
Faced with this scenario my only alternative was to contact, through a telephone available for customer support, and several phone calls were useless as they would not let me leave the hotel without paying the room. In a call the call center operator spoke to the hotel manager, the impasse remained and the solution proposed was for me to pay the room, send the invoice to the email provided by, which would later be refunded the amount paid. This solution was immediately emailed, and given the prospects that there was no other solution, and that I would have to travel to Kiel as I was going on a cruise that day, I had no alternative but to agree to that solution. The email, numbered with the ticket QMT-[protected], I quote: "Dear Maria Noble, I sincerely apologize for the shortfalls in service that you experienced for your reservation. and PETER BARROS was confirmed on 4th of July. However, they then resend a notification that the amendment for MARIA NOBREGA is not possible anymore. In this case, please make your payment to the hotel and send us the invoice. We will investigate the problem with our hotel supplier and will cover the amount. waiting for your revert. Kindest Regards ". I paid the amount of 362 € requested by the hotal, and immediately sent the invoice, still on 07/09/2019. In addition, since your call center is apparently located in Turkey, it seems to me, I had to pay € 232.1 for roaming services.
In view of this, I expected that this situation would be resolved sooner. I only get information about it when I contact via the chat site and they always tell me the same, we are waiting for reply. I truly believe that enough time has passed to be repaid.

booking hotel rooms

Otel. com stole my money from my checking account. They offered a special room price/rate for the Sagamore Hotel in Miami. Otel never procured the room but, Otel took money out of my checking account. That is stealing! So, basically the money was stolen from my account via Otel. What is the penalty for stealing in your country for stealing? Please let me know. I need the money back as soon as possible! I cannot afford to give away money.

misleading prices

Dear Team,

I am writing this email with great disappointment. I have been trying to book hotels using your website and unfortunately, every time I see a competitive price, I go to book the hotel and then the price increase drastically.

I am sure you can imagine, how frustrating that can be- I think your web prices needs to be reviewed.

Kind regards,

Alma Begum

hotel room

Booking Number: 242971D Hello. I had originally entered a complaint via the website on the...

no refund despite not delivering accommodation left me standing outside our hotel with no available room and after three months is still refusing to return my money, even after the hotel confirmed to me in writing that they have returned my money to them. They have now just stopped responding without resolving the issue.

The hotel I booked that same morning was overbooked and basically sent me on my way. can't be reached but on a Turkish number or a long wait on a chat. On the chat I did get the confirmation that a refund would be issued. We're three months on now. Ultimately I paid for something they didn't have. My booking ID was E810236.

I'm looking to get a response and an issue of a full refund.

hotel booking # 812d727

I booked a hotel on your website on 30/4/19 to Sorrento. It clearly stated and also did in my confirmation email, that no money would be taken.
I cancelled the same day as I found a room in the same hotel with a balcony.
I was told my card had been charged and it would take 7-14 working days for me to get my money back. I was devastated as I am a single parent on a very low income.
It meant that I had to cancel my trip and lose my flight money as I don't have the money to book 2 hotels. completed ruined my trip. I needed a break so much.
I have no had a refund, I have been to my bank 4 times and am there now.
I'm so devastated by this. I have been talking on live chat to Hillary and she was so unhelpful with no customer service skills what so ever.
I want an investigation launched immediately.
I have seen all the awful reviews online about and wished I'd seen them before I booked.
I have all this stress and didn't even go on my much needed trip.

horrible customer service

This is the live chat, please review and decide for yourself:

Welcome to LiveChat

Support Agent

Tolga 21:32
Hello Loren S Allen. How can I help you today?
Loren S Allen 21:32
High has my reservation nature 1st and last name been updated
Reservation voucher - [OL-[protected]]
It was listed as home home
I called in earlier to make it be changed to Loren Allen
I did not receive a confirmation that the change had been made yet

Tolga 21:34
Have you sent us query about it?
Loren S Allen 21:35
Yes this morning at 12:15 pm Eastern standard time
I was told you would be making the change and sending me a confirmation when complete
I am following up because I did not receive the confirmation email yet

Tolga 21:35
Then, please wait for the email of my collegue.
Loren S Allen 21:35
My slightest tomorrow I'm going to need some verification now

Tolga 21:35
She is not here at the moment. She may have received a reply from hotel.
But, I do not have accesss.
Loren S Allen 21:36
When will you have an answer for me
I get my flight leaves at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow out of the country

Tolga 21:36
Loren, you spoke to my collegue.
Since I cannot see her emails, I cannot say anything.
You can contact us 9 hours later.
Loren S Allen 21:37
Who is the supervisor I'm about to call in you should have a ticketing system and not rely solely on emails I've already spoken to the hotel and they are aware of the issue but your customer service should have some other type of way to track these type of incidents
Your answers are not acceptable
Loren S Allen 21:38
Will some type of confirmation or status update this would not be an issue
You have failed to supply me with any information
So again when will I receive a status update

Tolga 21:39
Loren, we are here trying to fix your mistake.
If you did not have troubles, you should have checked name and last name before you complete the booking.
Loren S Allen 21:40
My mistake?

Tolga 21:40
So, now, you need to wait for update.
Because my collegue is not here. and I do not have access on her emails
Since you did not send a query through contact form, I cannot track anything at the moment.
Please wait for my collegue's reply.
Loren S Allen 21:41
Tioga, I will make note of the response you have given and make sure you receive the appropriate action

Tolga 21:41
I have also sent an email to hotel from the system, they must receive it from the system.
Type in your message here and press Enter to send

hotel reservation

Scam!! Waste of money!! Beware! I have made 2 reservations on 7 and 31 December from OTEL.COM When I called...

rude customer service

I went to check on my reservation and the hotel didn't have one for me. So I tried to contact this company...

the hotel they booked was not the one I booked and paid for

I booked 5* Shangri La Abu Dhabi on their website, the confirmation came for the correct hotel and the correct price (reservation number 921ED88). I then went to speak to Shangri La hotel about the booking and they responded to me that there was no booking for us in Shangri La hotel, rather it was a 4 * hotel named Traders Abu Dhabi that the booking was done for. I checked our booking again and it indeed is still for Shangri La Hotel, so have spoken to various customer service agents who all say they are working on it but I have not recieved any response and Shangri La said that no one from has contacted them to rectify the issue. I would like to be booked in for the hotel I paid for, not a random hotel that they have decided for me.

hotel reservation issue

Sorry as I am not really feeling your "best in customer service" :- (as per your records, in december 2017, I confirmed and paid for the el dorado casitas royale hotel in mexico thru otel. I contacted the el dorado direct regarding my june 30th reservation ~ otel conf #e682043 to be advised that they do not show me in the casita section of the resort, but rather just the el dorado royale. The casita is an exclusive hotel section and is actually a separate hotel next door to the royale. As we are going to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony and additionally celebrate my 55th birthday on july 3rd, I contacted otel on june 12th to advise them of my concern (help desk ticket kaz [protected]). To this date of june 20th, I have received no communication of reassurance back. From otel, but rather closed help desk tickets and waiting on 3rd party vendor of over a week??? I am extremely disappointed and frustrated, as I should be excited about what to pack. Instead, I am stressed about my hotel accommodations for my upcoming vacation next week. If this matter is not resolved soon, I will have no option but to go to social media of my displeasure.

non refundable stay

We booked a non refundable hotel at When we arrived at the hotel they were hosting a huge hotel...

I booked a hoilday with my child and my eardly parents and family but was cancelled by without informing me

we arranged a family holiday which included 3 small children and my elderly parents, ( all includes 9 adult...

horrible company and scam artists

I booked my hotel on July 29, 2017, to August 1st, 2017. When I received the confirmation email that my room was booked, I thought everything was fine, until I looked further and noticed all of the horrible reviews for I quickly called the hotel directly to confirm if I had a room. The hotel confirmed that had never contacted them and that I did not have a room booked with them. I contacted to get a refund. Now, we are at the end of February 2018 and still has not refunded me. I have gone back and forth with a lady named Erge, been assured that I would receive a refund from a man named Alpesh, been royally ignored by the so-called cash-back department guy named Yasin... All of this is crap. I will absolutely advise anyone in their right mind to steer clear of this scandalous company. I have attached the most recent written transaction between me and "customer service". I've been dealing with this company since August 2017... Please don't ever book with this company. With so many horrible reviews I don't understand why they are still in business.

horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists
horrible company and scam artists

failure to send through refund

On 12 November, I booked a room through Trivago for 4 nights at the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof. Shortly thereafter, I received a bizarre-looking confirmation email from a company named stating that I "might not be able to get a confirmation from the hotel if you try to get in contact with them."

This seemed very suspicious to me, so I called the hotel to see if there were even any rooms available for the selected dates. None - they were fully booked. I then attempted to call on +[protected] to cancel - the number did not work and several times gave an automated message saying "This number is not in service." More red flags!

Finally, I able to get through using their live chat and was connected to 'Tolga', who rudely assured me that rooms were available, despite the hotel confirming that there were not. This was not good enough for me, so I requested a free cancellation and full refund. This was confirmed by another representative, Okan Akkus in an email on 12 November, stating "By visiting the 'my Account' page at you can confirm the cancelled status of the booking. [...] Please allow time for the refund to reflect on your statement."

On 16 November, I checked the My Account tab - the booking still showed active and not cancelled. Erge Koyuncu responded via a ticket that "there might have been an update problem in [my] account" and to please wait 7-14 business days for the refund to appear in my credit card statement.

17 business days later on 7 November, I contacted via their ticketing system to inform them that the refund had not come through. No response. I then tried the chat line and was informed by 'Ahmed' that Erge Koyuncu was handling this and was not currently in the office. I asked him to ensure that she would respond when she came online tomorrow; he assured me that she would.

No response overnight and no word, so I contacted them again the following day on 8 November. Again, no response.

I called several more times and (this time!) managed to get through - I was told that they were following this up 'internally' (no proof of that, of course) and that they appreciated my patience.

Finally, on 13 November, I received an email from Yuliya Inan claiming that there had been issues "between the banks sides" and this had caused the refund not to go through. She claimed the refund had been applied again that day and I should wait a further 10 to 15 business days for this to be reflected on my statement.

Following this email, I contacted on 14 November and advised that this was not good enough. I requested a copy of the remittance advice for both "refunds" as well as the contact details for a manager to escalate the issue. Both requests were rudely refused.

I will now be opening up a fraud investigation with our credit card company, as well as posting this review to as many sites as possible.

failure to send through refund
failure to send through refund
failure to send through refund
failure to send through refund
failure to send through refund

refund not received

I tried to cancel after discovering a cheaper rate, and they won't and they charged me a VAT. After trying to get ahold of them with no answer via phone and more than four different chats, I still was not offered any options with 20 days in advance of my booking.
Booking Number : 8E666E2
Hotel Posada Los Alamos
Ing. Hector Mario Guatti 1135
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Nov 20 - 23 Nov 2017


I booked two nights at Lake Tahoe Diamond Resort- check in on 7/29/2016 and check out on 7/31/2016. We got emails from OTEL for confirmation and also sent email to confirm that we are going before we left for the trip. When we got there on 7/29/2016 evening, there was no room for us! After a few months of
struggle with the resort, they finally said that they've already refunded money to However, after dealing with Otel.come
for a few months by chatting online with various agents and submitting tickets, I still haven't seen a dime yet. And to call the customer service phone number they proivded, we have to pay for international phone fee!!?? Otel,
1. Get your customer back for the night that you didn't provide the room !!
2. Get a 1800 number for US customer!!
TRACKING NUMBER : O6-[protected]
Complaint Ticket Number: #4259242 and #4553196